Vet the courses

Vetting typically consists of two tasks performed by someone other than yourself:

  1. Review of course layouts to ensure that the courses follow the course design guidelines.
  2. Field checking to ensure that controls are not hung in a confusing place or an incorrect place.

Ideally, both tasks will be done for every meet by an experienced orienteer other than the course setter. Please contact an experienced orienteer or one of the Club Directors for assistance with vetting.

Our club is lucky to have former members (who no longer live here) to help with course review via email. Dick Hawkins, Dan Ellsworth, and Jim Green are all happy to provide feedback on your courses by email. Contact the VP of Training to get email addresses for any of them.

It is sometimes harder to find volunteers for field-checking your courses, mainly because the potential field-checkers will likely want to participate in your meet. If possible, find an experienced orienteer who will not be participating in your meet and request his/her help. Or arrange to have helpers check courses other than the one they hope to run. You can also use a GPS to do a rough check on your control placement.