Submitting Your Results

Anchorage Daily News (and website)

  1. Having our meet results in the newspaper is the most effective form of publicity for the club. Please try hard to submit results the same day as the event, or the next day at the latest; otherwise, the ADN may not publish them. If, before the meet, you realize this will not be possible, try to find a volunteer to do this for you.
  2. Embed the results in an email to email hidden; JavaScript is required (they want the results embedded, not as an attachment). Their phone number is 257-4335. Please also email the results to the email hidden; JavaScript is required.
  3. The ADN will only accept results in text format, embedded in an email. Do not attach Excel, Word, .txt, or other types of files to your email.
  4. They will not accept results if there are any joke or crude names.
  5. They will not accept results if first and last names are not included. Be sure that participants sign up with both first and last name. If you don’t have a full name, then make a good guess or leave them out of the results.
  6. Please report results separately for each class (men, women, teams).
  7. Please use the following format:
    Ellyn's Wacky Orienteering Meet
    Tuesday, December 21, 2005, at Hillside Trails
    Suggest adding some comments about the winners, unusual/funny occurrences,
    weather, mosquitoes, etc. such as…... Bill Spencer, competing in the 90 minute
    division, raced to the only perfect score in the Wacky-O event at
    Ellyn’'s Orienteering Wednesday evening. Spencer found all 27 controls in an 
    amazing 71 minutes and 18 seconds.  Ian Moore topped the 60 minute division 
    with 770 points and Jen Jolliff led all women with 490 points.
    Thanks to volunteers x, y, and z for their assistance in putting
    on the meet.
    Orange course (7.5-K, 14 control stations)
    1) Billy Bob Smith, 29:59; 2) Jimmy Joe Johnson, 31:06; etc
    1)Cindy Sue Smith, 32:06; 2) Mary Lou Mabry, 33:19; etc
    1) Bill and Sophie Spencer, 44:06; 2) Ian Moore and Jen Joliff, 44:07
  8. This Results Converter spreadsheet (xls) contains a little program (macro) that saves the results in the above format. Use of this spreadsheet is not required but is encouraged, so that everyone’s results contain the same basic information and have the same “look.” NOTE: For this to work, BEFORE you open the file, EXCEL macro security must be set to medium (via Tools->Macro->Security…) and AFTER you open the file you must click “enable macros” when prompted.
  9. Now is also a great time to send PDF copies of your meet maps to the VP of Mapping, so they can be included in the Map Library.