Route Gadget

Route Gadget allows orienteers to compare their route choices and times with other orienteers. It only takes a little extra time to add your courses to Route Gadget – the orienteers will appreciate it if you do. To set up your meet in Route Gadget just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Using OCAD, create a background map for the meet
    1. Select Export from the menu
    2. In Export, select Partial Map
    3. Outline the meet area tightly, using less map area is helpful for the Route Gadget screen, do not include controls
    4. Select 200 dpi and GIF format
    5. Export the file to your local computer
  2. Log in to Route Gadget, the club username and password are required
  3. Once in Route Gadget
    1. Select Add New Event and move to the next screen
    2. In Add New Event screen 1
      1. Under Raster Map select Load new map
      2. Under Results and split times select No results, ask name when route is saved
      3. Under Course settings select Controls/Courses are pointed manually
      4. Select OK and move to the next screen
    3. In Add New Event screen 2
      1. Insert a map name
      2. Select map image by selecting Browse and locating the exported map from step 1
      3. Complete the remaining boxes and select OK
    4. On the next screen select Draw controls on map bringing up the Route Gadget map screen
    5. With the map on the screen, check the Draw new course box in the upper right.
      1. Name the first course, multiple courses can be drawn (Red, Orange, Yellow, White, etc.)
      2. Click in the map at the start. The start triangle will appear o the map.
      3. Click in the control locations in order
      4. After clicking on the finish, select the Save button
      5. At next screen select Back (to add more courses) or End (Manager logout)