Meet Finances

If you have any financial questions regarding your meet feel free to contact the Club Treasurer. He is ready to help you!

Before the Meet

  1. Meet expenses – $50 limit 
    Please limit your meet expenses to about $50. This amount should cover refreshments and any other small supplies you might need. Write your name on each receipt and the date of the meet, and, unless it is shown on the receipt already, a description of what the receipt is for. Bring all receipts to the meet and you will be reimbursed at the end of the meet, unless the Treasurer is unable to be there. If you turn receipts in later, reimbursement may be slower. No receipts, no reimbursement. If you bring homemade goodies, bring a written estimate of the cost of your ingredients and you will be reimbursed.
  2. Map printing cost reimbursement 
    Maps may be printed at Great Originals and charged to the Arctic Orienteering Club account. Bring the invoice copy for maps so the Treasurer can track what we are being charged by Great Originals.
  3. Signs regarding meet fees 
    Check to be sure there are still signs in the equipment box describing the fees to participants. We will update the signs if we change our fees.

During the Meet

  1. Meet fees 
    The Participation/membership form and the previously mentioned signs have the current fee structure.
  2. Check the forms 
    Please do your best to check the waiver/membership forms as people complete them, to see that the membership/meet fee/donation spaces are appropriately checked. That will allow the Treasurer to track how much of our income is membership, meet fees, and donations. Financial Information for Meet Directors
  3. Check the forms again for Donations! 
    Arctic Orienteering Club is a 501(c)(3) organization. We gratefully accept donations to the club’s coffers, and these are tax deductible. Membership fees and meet fees are not. If people donate money, please be sure that is documented on the waiver/membership forms in the ‘donation’ blank. The Club will send a receipt for the donation if they include their address on the form; please check for an address.
  4. Watch the money! 
    Please keep an eye on the money during the hubbub of registration and starting times.

After the Meet

1) Meet with the Treasurer 
The Treasurer will come towards the end of most meets and pick up the money.  Please place the receipts for meet expenses and the cash and checks collected for fees in an envelop.  On the outside of the envelop, list the:

  • Date of meet
  • Director
  • Amount checks
  • Amount cash
  • Amount deducted from cash for expenses
  • Reimbursement request (if any) for expenses

If the Treasurer cannot make it to pick up the money, the Treasurer will try to let you know in advance who will pick up the money instead. If, for some reason, nobody comes to pick up the money, take it home and either: hold on to it until you talk with the Treasurer; or deduct your expenses from the cash you received, write a check to the Arctic Orienteering Club for the rest of the cash (and keep the cash), and send that check, other personal checks collected, and the receipts (see below) to the Treasurer at the O mailbox (PO Box 241003, Anchorage, AK 99524-1003).


2) Check the forms 
Give the completed membership forms to the Treasurer as well.

3) Fill out the Post-meet Questionnaire 
The week of your meet, you should receive an email that includes a link to the online questionnaire.