Phone app to help with Field Checking Courses

One advantage of using OCAD for course setting is that you can export any OCAD map to your smartphone for vetting the location of a control directly on the OCAD map appearing on your smartphone. Detailed instructions are on the Ocad website.

The post describes how to use a georeferenced tiff file that you can generate by using the export command in OCAD 11.3.10 and higher. Then using a free offline mapping app like Avenza Maps on your smartphone when you are out on the course.


  1. Export your map as a tiff file to your Dropbox account, click “create world file” in OCAD to have the image georeferenced.
  2. Open Avenza Maps on your smartphone (it asks you to link to your dropbox account)
  3. Once you are located within the shown map area, the far left bottom of the app has an arrow for determining your location which is marked as a grey circle on the map.


  • Register for a free Dropbox account if you have none
  • Install the free Dropbox app
  • Install free Avenza Maps app