Our club is run by volunteers. We ask each member to contribute in some way. A good rule of thumb is, for each five meets that you run, help out with one in some way, even if it is something simple such as recording finish times or helping to take down controls. As your experience increases, sign up to be an assistant meet director and when you are ready, meet director. We also need officers and at-large members of the Board of Directors. The time commitments for these jobs vary but most do not require much time or many meetings.

In addition to the ideas below, here are some additional Opportunities to Contribute Time to Orienteering in Alaska (this document was presented at the 2016 summer party).

If you are interested in helping, please check the box on the waiver/membership form or contact one of the club officers

Volunteer to help at events

Meet Directors

The key to the club’s success, the meet director plans and carries out a meet with help from one or more assistants. Main duties to be divided between director and assistant(s):

  • designing the courses
  • putting out the controls
  • preparing the maps (either master maps or maps pre-printed with courses)
  • preparing clue sheets and any special instructions
  • setting up the start-finish area(s) including course copying tables if needed
  • providing water and snacks
  • general running of meet and recording finish times
  • tabulating results and getting them to the paper and the web page editor
  • picking up the controls
  • returning all the gear to the VP of equipment or the next meet director.

More on running a meet on the meet director instruction page

Assistant Meet Directors

Assisting at a meet is invaluable to the director and a good stepping stone to becoming a meet director. Duties could range from logistical support to vetting and helping to set courses.

Volunteer for the club Board of Directors

The Executive Board (“Board of Directors”) consists of ten officers plus three at-large members. The one-year terms for each position start and end at annual meetings (typically held in August of each year.) The Executive board meets about once every few months from October to April before meets begin to make sure everything is covered, and sometimes during or near the end of the season to prepare for late season events and the annual meeting. Officers (not “at-large” members) receive a free individual season pass or a 50% discount on a family season pass.

If you are interested in learning more, contact one of the club officers or read the description of Board positions.