Becoming a Club Member

Club membership is only available by buying a season pass. Membership benefits include the right to vote in club elections and occasional business matters. Paid membership categories consist of individual memberships and family memberships.

  • Individual memberships are for a single adult – anyone over 18 or who will turn 18 any time during the current year.
  • A family membership includes the members of an immediate family – parents and their children, if any.

Becoming a member is easy. Just fill out and submit a waiver/membership form (described below) and pay for a season pass at the next event you attend.  The waiver/membership form has the current meet fees and season pass fees.

Waiver/Participation Form

All participants, members or not, are required to have a completed waiver/membership form on file before participating in their first meet of the year.

Waiver/membership forms are available at all meets.  To save time, print it first, fill it out and bring it with your check or cash to the first event you attend at the beginning of the season.

To reiterate – you only have to fill out the waiver/membership form once a year – prior to participating in your first meet of the year.