Lost and Found

The following items were left behind at meets this year and have yet to be claimed.

Nike Dri-Fit purple shirt

Nike Dri-Fit purple shirt

Misc. lost and found

Misc. lost and found

  1. Nike Dri-Fit Exercise shirt
  2. Water bottle
  3. Water bottle
  4. Bear bell
  5. Camera lens sun shield

If any one of these is yours, please contact Regan (rsarwas@gmail.com). These items will eventually be recycled if not claimed.

Minutes of Aug 16, 2016 Board Meeting

Arctic Orienteering Club
Board of Directors’ Meeting
August 16th, 2016

Call to Order at 7:24 pm

Meeting held at Trond and Cindy Jensen’s home.

In attendance: Trond Jensen, Lia Keller, Dan Billman, Ian Moore, Cory Smith, Dela Grey, Lexi Hill, Regan Sarwas, Shelly Laws, Jill Follett, Anne Billman

1. Annual Meeting

After considering the potential weather, how to attract the most people to the annual meeting, likelihood of meet participants coming to an evening meeting after an afternoon run, the opportunity to socialize and celebrate our orienteering season, the moist condition of people after running an orienteering course, the meet director’s obligations, the availability of indoor venues for a meeting, and the proximity of an indoor venue to socialize, the Board decided on the following events, schedule, and locations.

Annual Meeting: 12:00 to 12:30, at the meet start area east of Klutina Drive. Coffee and donuts – Anne (after-the-fact) will take care of coffee and donuts.

Business: Elections of next year’s Board members, sign-up of meet directors and volunteers, meet director thank-yous (glasses), cumulative season point awards.


Starts between 12:30 and 1:30, must be finished by 4 pm. The meet will be a traditional meet. The meet will be the season championship race.

Social Event

Start between 4 and 4:30 pm, at the Brongas’ home. Announcement of race winners. Pizza and beverages. Dan and Shelly will bring beverages. Pizza provider – TBD. Encourage attendees to bring snacks to share.

2. Incoming Board of Directors Nominations

Trond Jensen is stepping off of the board.

Anne Billman is stepping off of the board.

Mike Robinson has agreed to be nominated to serve as President. All other existing Board members are willing to continue serving in their present positions. Lia will issue a call for nominations and a call will be issued during the meeting.

Anne will help the next Events VP by acquiring permits and Certificates of Insurance.

Discussion of the need for a volunteer coordinator. Agreement to enlist Art Harmon to fill that role. Lexi will investigate some software that helps sign up volunteers. Shelly’s daughter Brittany has offered to help round up volunteers.

3. Potential Bylaws Change

We continued the discussion of changing the club bylaws to allow the annual meeting to be held at any time of the year, rather than just during the third quarter. The purpose of the Annual meeting was discussed (to elect the Board of Directors, to change the bylaws, …). The term of Board members is tied to the elections, so there was discussion about needing to change that also. Regan Sarwas will draft proposed changes and send to the Board, then revise for voting at the annual meeting.

4. Meet Schedule

Trond reported that he has received feedback about the number of traditional meets (too few) and lack of competitive meets.


  • VPs of Events were unable to find enough meet directors to fill all vacancies.
  • Possibility of filling some of those vacancies if the need had been advertised.
  • Errors by meet directors required throwing one meet out of the season points pool.
  • Error by meet directors in not providing full range of courses needed to be used for season meet standings.
  • The opportunity to use the same course for two different classes (e.g., red and green) if participants specify which class they will run in.
  • Need to use meet directors capable of putting on a quality traditional meet for those meets rather than for simpler ‘fun-only’ meets.
  • Appeal of traditional meets to good navigators that can’t sprint/run.
  • Beginner orienteers probably don’t care/understand/notice whether meets are traditional or ‘fun’ because it’s all challenging and new.
  • When scheduling, make as many as possible traditional meets. Fill meet director roles for traditional meets as a priority.
  • Fill summer meet director positions before filling winter and other pre-season meets.
  • For some venues (Abbott Loop), having a remote start for more difficult courses would improve the quality of the courses.
  • Anne will try to check on permitting constraints at UAF experimental farm/Bradley-Keppler Lakes/Crevasse Moraine area.
  • Board members want the record to show that the cupcakes made by Sultana and Siena Noffsinger were excellent.

Adjourned at 9:31 pm

Minutes respectfully submitted by Anne Billman, September 2, 2016

Minutes are also available as a Microsoft Word Document

Geolog-O Results

Wednesday, August 31, 2016
Earthquake Park

53 people came out for the glorious end-of-August weather at Earthquake Park, enjoying warm sunshine and almost no bugs. The meet included traditional red, green and orange courses, as well as a Geolog-O that tested participants’ navigation, map reading, and knowledge about Earthquake Park (supplemented by the “Inside the Slide” informational signs). Cory Smith bested the field in the Red course by more than 4 minutes; Brian Durrell was fastest on the green course and Jeremy Johnson on the orange. Hilary Hanson and the Hodes family were just 10 points shy of perfect 170-point scores on the Geolog-O.

Thanks to the following volunteers for helping put on this meet: Lexi Hill as Meet director, Corrie Whitmore, planning and ground truthing the courses; setting Geolog-O course controls, manning the table, buying and bringing the snacks. Regan Sarwas, fixing the map, vetting the courses, setting almost all the controls on the day of the meet(!!), helping set up the tables and returning to take down controls; Mischa and Erik Carlson, taking down controls (thanks to Regan, Mischa and Erik, all were down by 9:30!!!)

Red, 3.1 km, 15 controls


1) Cory Smith, 0:33:25; 2) Ian Moore, 0:37:55; 3) Toby Schwoerer, 0:39:13; 4) Gary Snyder, 0:39:26; 5) Daniel Baird, 0:47:30; 6) Mike Robinson, 0:47:28; 7) Dan Billman, 0:49:05; 8) Art Harmon, 0:51:03; 9) Andy Olnes, 3:08:30


1) Jen Jolliff, 0:56:09


1) David and Jessie Donahue, 1:09:18; 2) Erik & Mischa Carlson, 1:15:19

Green, 2.3 km, 12 controls


1) Brian Durrell, 0:38:27; 2) Dorn Van Dommelin, 0:45:38; 3) Steve Gruhn, 0:47:49


1) Anne Billman, 0:50:42

Orange, 2.6 km, 14 controls


1) Jeremy Johnson, 0:32:45; 2) Springer Moore, 1:12:33; 3) Steve McKeever, 1:25:08


1) Russell & Liam Hood, 0:47:52; 2) Ros Singleton & Hannah Huggins, 1:10:30

Geolog-O, 1.6 km, 11 controls (placed by points; time used to break ties in points)


1) Alaric Baird, 120 pts (0:57:35); 2) Hugh Hanson, 80 pts (1:21:05); 3) Springer Moore, 70 pts (0:24:00)


1) Hilary Hanson, 160 pts (1:12:57); 2) Jennifer Gastrock, 150 pts (1:02:30)


1) Ivan, Lumi and Olivia Hodes, 160 pts (0:56:30); 2) Laura, Brooke and Aly Long, 150 pts (0:54:00); 3) Mike & Ben Pollitt, Beth Fleischer, and Helen and Connor Matchett, 150 pts (1:14:23); 4) AJ, Mary Kate, and Joe Seeber, 150 pts (1:23:21); 5) Jennifer Harmon & boys, 120 pts (1:24:00); 6) Maria, Gianna, Meg, Teresa and Chris Seeber, 120 pts (1:26:40); 7) Thomas Roman & Family, 10 pts (1:38:00)

This was the last points race of the season. Check out how you stand.

Join us Saturday September 10th for our Classic Fall-O and winner-take-all season championship races. Check the link for details.

P.S. We would love your feedback! If you have criticisms, praise, suggestions, comments, or whatever – please let us know.

Karen & Lia’s High School Orienteering Results

Wednesday, August 10, 2016
Service High School

Arctic Orienteering hosted an event for high school cross country teams, that was also open to the public. A record number of schools participated, giving hundreds of local students an opportunity to practice map reading skills, work as a team and get an awesome workout. A mama black bear and family were other unofficial participants.

School team scores were calculated by averaging the points per group. West High came out on top by just one point. A group from Service, Gus Schumacher, Nic Shaw, and Canyon Tobin, had the highest point value of the day, scooping 730 points.

On the community side, Brittany Hippe and Ian Moore took top honors, with Moore finding all but 2 controls in one hour. Brian Kirchner, Eric Packer, Cole Talbot were the top community team, with 650.

Thank you to all the coaches for bringing and organizing your teams. Thanks to Shelly Laws, Trudy Keller, the Folletts, Regan Sarwas, and Cory Smith for helping with this event and a huge thank you to Lia Keller and Tom Bronga for their hours of help.

School Standings

PlaceSchool Average Score
1West 335.7
2East 334.4
3Colony 309.7
4Dimond 306.5
5South 302.9
6Service 280.5
7Bartlett 260.0
8Grace 248.0

West High School

PlaceTeam Points
1Nic Masek, Finn Walker 480
2Joaquin Monterrosa, Brian Britt 470
3Foster Birnbaum, Declan Dammerger 470
4Jacob Begich, Maron Schrage, Clayton White, Henry Mildorn, Jacob Lowell 430
5Delana Wesen, Erin Sivitz, Jocelyn Waggener, Elizabeth Mans 360
6Dylan Epp, Elias Lindemuth, Everett Cason 340
7Sawyer Barta, Tayfan Ertekin, Cole Jones, Eli Mckenzie 340
8Amber Draayer, Jessie Zimmer, Erican Quiett, Audrey Lawrence, Sariah Christensen, Elle Alderman 330
9Talya Barnes, Beatrix Brudie-Janigo, Valerie Brudie-Janigo, Lily Slaton Barker 310
10William Whittenburg, Gannon Gowley, Brian Hunni, Garb Hoppenworth, Janels Daar 290
11Wesley Eastham, Daniel Kling, Ben Post, Ksiin Storer, Isaac Demmeyer 260
12Izzy Isabella, Hannah Molly, Brittany Grace 260
13Ivy Eski, Kaitlyn Backman, Julia Johnson, Mimi Allen 220
14Will Bittner, Jack Bent, Ethan Owen, Atlians Rosen, Cami Malagoti 140
15AVERAGE 335.7

East High School

PlaceTeam Points
1Beck Haywood, Jaylon Miller 440
2Nathaniel Grahman (East Coach) 420
3Alex Schuerch, Zephan Ozturgut, Kellen Tyrell 410
4Erik Brainerd, Joey Dabon 380
5Darryl Bushnell, Lachian Gerrety 380
6Andrew McNab, Iain Roach 290
7Ashlyn Johnson, Ariana O'Harra, Lorraine Gregory, Anthony Cole 270
8Andrew Hamm, Ethan Smith, Mark Schurch, Ozzy Sopcak 230
9Inha Ra, Brianna Levy, Vita Martynyok, Lina Ireland 190
10AVERAGE 334.4

Colony High School

PlaceTeam Points
1Jin Bowler, Coleen Geraghty 440
2Elisabeth Brwler, Cathelyne Powers 440
3Bradly Grover, Nate Pougher, Drake Halfacre 435
4Caleb Hopkins, Calvin Meier 430
5Levi Hopkins, Austin Edwards 350
6Josh Taylor, Lucas Arthur, Sam Deering, Jeff Lauthrup 340
7Jasmine Mueller, Nikifor Crambie, Ethan Kuzina, Norse Iverson 340
8Kade Torres, Nolan Johnson, Tayvis Kurgo, Brandon Joseph 330
9Aly Kopsack, Lily Sessom, Tracen Knopp, Mellisa Miller 310
10Taylor Malone, Theresa French, Kim Silva 290
11Gavin Block, Alex Ferland, Alex Cadieux, Noah Mclain 270
12Gabe Whisman, Eric Cowan, Nate Kristich, Jackson Peters 250
13Geneva Higley, Madeleine Miller, Alyssa Miles, Serenity Miller 220
14Liem Minder, Chloe Mastny, Julia Colver 220
15Sylvia Yancey, Linaya Goodwin 200
16Amanda Mayer, Bella Block, Braden Ward 200
17Claire Smith, Makaya Rice 200
18AVERAGE 309.7

Dimond High School

PlaceTeam Points
1Nate Normandon (coach) 500
2George Cvancara, Cameron Sheldon 490
3Aleksander Heil, Nika Lotvakiskola 490
4Elias Darrell, Nicle Jablorski, James Sloh 430
5Jack Anders, Lito Talbert 420
6Will White, Rollie White, Ben Suiderski 420
7Reese Kodama, Scott Morton, Kaye Wright 410
8Sean Swalling, Noah Streit 410
9Peter Hinds, Nicholas VonImhof, Ronnie Fiscus 410
10Pru Powelson, Morgan Crow 410
11Kurtis Brumbaugh, Dallin Gardinor, Nastzeni Tibbits 320
12Micah Barber, Jack Divelbis, Tanner Ohara 320
13Lauren Madden, Braelyn Rogers 300
14Savanna Maxon, Hannah Gruss, Mary Reinbold 300
15Aiden King, Konnor Machado, Joshua Espedo 290
16Amanda Tang, Kelsey Darrel 290
17Emma Ostberg, Kelsey Eagle, Allison Shafer, Alisa Pairmore 280
18Aislimm Akin, Ally Carney 280
19Jorah Barber, Abby Ludkin 280
20Briannah Pugh, Shelby Kelliher 240
21Joe divelbiss, Kaden Denton, Derek Stone 200
22Jenna Epke, Denali Bassett, Paige Flack 160
23Kylie Judd, Sophid Cvancara 140
24Emily Campbell, Milai Gilbert 60
25Ariana Foy, Tropne Brandt 60
26Julia Alfano, Maddi Childers 60
27AVERAGE 306.5

South High School

PlaceTeam Points
1Dylan Jones, Mason Keffalos, Lyle Chamberlain, Sonny Prosser 550
2Dyllan Belay, Kaleb Beloy, Camden Beneter 440
3Sadie Oswald, Madison Smith, Jared Haberman, Kyle McClendon 440
4Daniel Desaulniers, Logan Borger, Alex Bryant 440
5Connor Settle, Austin Williams, Sterling Doner, Kyle Borland 430
6Jordan Osowski, Nick Pieper, Josh Lillo 420
7Wesley Slaughter, Sevrin Parsson 410
8Ian Schmidt, Enzo Brozzi, Sabine Olds, Josh Powers 400
9John Hail, Abbie Osgood, Andrew DePaepe, Wyat Adams, Maddy Mckenzie, Andrew Hull 340
10Kelli Thomas, Abigail Thomas, Emma Ulrich, Hannah Armbrust, Aleah 330
11Brock Stanley, Talon Stanley, Laurel Sulivan, Noah Johnson 330
12Zanden McMullen, spencer Putnam, Jaden Nelson 330
13Seth Chamberlain, Luke Bredan, Sean Tracy 290
14Rosie, Roxy Reyonla, Taylor Buchener, Hayden Johnson, Erin McLeod 280
15Simon Keffalos, Theodore Jong, Jack Demmert, Sarah Wolf 280
16Ainsley Burch, Alea Winkler, Noelle Fradley 270
17Dallas D., Josh W., Ryan 270
18Dylan Collins, Cole Valantas, Jaime Rush 240
19Camryn Maxon, Savannah Curtis, Zoe Mull 170
20Sanne Cassee, Ian Mcleod, Ben Michaelson 150
21Lauren Espeland, Seth Aaslund 140
22SaraBeth Strickland, Cate Droege, Savanna Rucker 140
23Katy Struempler, Maddy Goolie, Alys Korosei 140
24Sebastian Driver, Joshua Young 40
25AVERAGE 302.9

Service High School

PlaceTeam Points
1Gus Schumacher, Nic Shaw, Canyon Tobin 730
2Toshio Matsuoka, Brennan Baumgartner 420
3Jared Reem, Will Shumway 400
4Julia Ditto 390
5Ava Evans, Bryn Waite, Ann Gebauer 360
6Aiden Green, Zander Nygard 340
7Fintan Nakada, Josh Bierma 330
8Connor Smith, Brendan Barry 300
9Dakota Rygh, Dylan Kearns, Matthew Terry, Elijah Carricaburu 280
10Myles Lavalley, Sasha Johnson, Allen Hippler 250
11Rachel Fundeen, Caitlin Gohr 250
12Emma Beeler, Quanna Whittaker, Nick McVay 250
13Nichole Blake, Maria Prez, Clare Howard, Laura Ditto 240
14Hayde Ulbrich, Mitchell Guyer, Gavin Ulbrich 210
15Brooke Baumgartner, Stephanie Leigh, Ingrid Flora, Heide Weinberger 160
16Lorenzo Del Rosario, Ayden Denmon 160
17Wyatt Dodge, Jacob Belander 120
18Rebecca Michael, Bailey Fuller 100
19Gunner Rogers, Matthew Klotz, Ian Gillespie 40
20AVERAGE 280.5


PlaceTeam Points
1Declan Reid, Cameron Westlake, Sheyanne Strain 380
2Tyler Recertn 330
3Ryan Reid, Cameron Pogue, Sarah Tucker 320
4Grace Lilly, Robert Pype, Carolynn Pype, Taylor Sperry, Leola Atkinson 260
5Justin Bath 190
6Andrew Bath, Merrich Shwingendorf, Luke Lilly 80
7AVERAGE 260.0

Grace Christian School

PlaceTeam Points
1Grace Annett, Mazzy Jackson, Sarah Laker 410
2Levi Gionet, Jonathan Whitt, Aiden Cannon, Ethan Isanson 400
3Seth kniegge, Tyler Bartlett, luke Schaezlein 380
4Brooke Plaster, Nikki Overson, Alex Griesbaum 250
5Laura Ellis, Anna MclAughlin, Allie Jarvis 240
6Abigail Bevendge, Elianna Vinegge, Lauren Dean 230
7Tobin Karlberg, Gabe Mertin, Gregor Linstrom, Grace Ganpon, Ethan Isasicson 210
8Hannah de Leon, Annie Snow, Todd Knell 190
9Will Wallace, Tim Lyall, Luke Lyall 170
10Abigail Faulkner, Carlos Keppers, Caleb Lawson 0
11AVERAGE 248.0


PlaceName Points
1Brittany Hippe 490
2Ann Billman 360
3Linda Smith 330
4Joyce Goodell 250
5Ruth Kvernplassen 210


PlaceName Points
1Ian Moore 810
2Cory Smith 780
3Gary Snyder 620
4Mike Robinson 590
5Steve Gruhn 590
6Art Harmon 500
7Dan Billman 450
8Bill Johnson 430
9Dorn Van Dommeler 390
10Benton Campbell 340
11Mark Findlay 330
12Joe Kurtak 200

Community Teams

PlaceTeam Points
1Brian Kirchner, Eric Packer, Cole Talbot 650
2Bill and Ann Spencer 540
3Ariel Hippe and Shelly Laws 440
4Gunnar and Elizabeth Knapp 370
5Erik and Mischa Carlson 270
6McKeever and Zack Gunnill 230
7Issac Bertschi and Heather, Logan and Elias Williams 250
8Eric and Logan Follett 240
9Gus and Gauger Davis and Penelope Garton-Barendregt 230
10Kaden Blevins and Ethan Retzinger 210
11AJ Szewezyk, Cody Boquet, Nicholas Staicer 210
12Heather, Avery Izzie and Josie Jipping and Ann and Ruby Dahl 200
13Springer Moore, Hatcher Smith and Vebjorn and Aksel Flagstad 200
14Isaiah Harris and Sebastian Christianson 180
15Daniel and Alarie Baird 170
16Tami, Keira and Hayden Trotter 150
17Lehua and Errol Otto and Kimber Amundson 100
18Michael and Chris Fraczek 100
19Nive Flagstad and Talia Smith 60

Join us August 17th at Goose Lake. Check the link for details.

P.S. We would love your feedback! If you have criticisms, praise, suggestions, comments, or whatever – please let us know.

Weird-O Race Results

Wednesday, August 3, 2016
University of Alaska, Anchorage

Contestants in Arctic Orienteering Club’s Weird-O on Wednesday had to navigate the normal controls as well as do obstacles that included math, a maze, and pulley’s to get some controls. Regan Sarwas topped the long course orienteering field showing he was fastest, or possibly most adept at weirdness. Lia and Trudy Keller lead the short course with a blistering 26:19. It was a beautiful night with no reported bee stings and two sightings of a red fox.

Long Course (3.6 km, 20 controls)

1) Regan Sarwas, 32:51; 2) Mike Robinson, 33:43; 3) Cory Smith, 34:10; 4) Bill Spencer, 34:53; 5) Steve Gruhn, 35:42; 6) Dan Billman, 37:42; 7) Pete and Paul LaFrance, 38:57; 8) Mark Findlay, 48:53; 9) Rianne and Benton Campbell, 50:47; 10) Elissa Brown, 52:58; 11) Ivan Hodes, 54:18; 12) Scott Kugel, 54:43; 13) Ariel Hippe, Brittany Hippe, and Shelly Laws, 55:25; 14) Dela Grey, 57:17; 15) Springer and Ian Moore and Jen Joliff, 57:25; 16) Mischa Carlson, 58:00; 17) Mike Pullitt and Beth Fleischer, 1:20

Short Course (2.2 km, 20 controls)

1) Lia and Trudy Keller, 26:19; 2) Rob, Laura, Brooke, and Aly Long, 28:32; 3) Anne Billman, 29:30; 4) Gearhart Dekreon, 32:57; 5) Ruth Kvernplassen 34:30; 6) Logan, Elias, and Heather Williams and Isaac Bertschi, 35:50; 7) Ivan and Lami Hodes, 36:00; 8) Chris Tomsen, 37:37; 9) Kathy Faryniarz, Joyce Goodell, and Rita Norton, 39:42; 10) Iona and David Snyder and Patty Trott, 41:21; 11) Beth and Ben Fleischer, Mike Pullitt, and Helen and Connor Matchett, 41:30; 12) Steve McKeever, 41:48; 13) Claudia and Travis Rector, 49:40; 14) Zola and Dean Potter, and Robin Beebee, 54:05; 15) Allie, Maddie, Jen, and Steve Sivils, 54:29; 16) Will, Ruth, and Lucille Taygan and Hailey Wills, 54:30; 17) Linda, Hatcher, and Talia Smith and Lindsey, Aksel, and Niva Flagstad, 58:30; 18) Anna, Lily, April, Laura, and Chris Kanyer, 1:02:01; 19) Dan and Alaric Baird, 75:18; 20) Vivian, Brady, Brandon, and Evelyn Tokar, 1:27:00

Join us August 10th at Service HS. Check the link for details.

P.S. We would love your feedback! If you have criticisms, praise, suggestions, comments, or whatever – please let us know.

Tim Neale

A Celebration of Life will be held Tuesday, August 2, 2016 for early Anchorage orienteeer, mountain runner, and general outdoor fun organizer Tim Neale.
It starts at 4:30 with a run, bike, walk, whatever you’d like to do on the trails; followed by dinner (provided) and sharing of stories about Tim.
At Lydia Selkregg Chalet at Russian Jack Springs Park.

Jodhpur Bike-O Results

Wednesday, July 20, 2016
Kincaid Park

Over 60 racers came out for the season’s only “Bike O”. Dominating the long course was Cory Smith with a wining time of 1:02:54. Showing everyone how it is done on the short course was Bill (I don’t need a bike) Spencer with a time of 50:19. Followed with watermelon and comparing battle scars at the finish.

Long Bike-O, 7.2 km, 17 controls


1) Cory Smith, 1:02:54; 2) Gary Snyder, 1:20:23; 3) Eric Follett, 2:05; 4) Mark Findlay, 2:30:30


1) Trail Tramps, DNF

Short Bike-O, 3.9 km, 10 controls


1) Bill Spencer, 50:19; 2) Steve McKeever, 52:53; 3) Steve Gruhn, 1:02:47; 4) Steve Vindler, 1:07:


1) Diana and David Evans, 1:00:22; 2) Ann and Nick Bruner, 1:13:44; 3) Ivan and Lumi Hodes, 1:31:07; 4) Bill, Sheila, Camille, and Emma Griffith, 1:39:56; 5) James and Gwen Seija, 1:47:55; 6) Regina Wagner and Ruoxi Li, 1:50; 7) Drew and Charese Dekreon, 1:51:07; 8) Richard Parsons, Jacob Nunn,Terry Nunn, 1:53:25; 9) Giselle and Bob Bergeron, 2:07; 10) Jenny and Brad Jones, DNF; 11) Jared and Calvin Gardner, Dean and Abbie Black, Jeff, Malbey, Juliete, and Viviene Daun, DNF; 12) The Kellers, DNF; 13) Rob, Laura, Brooke and Aly Long, DNF; 14) Beth Fielseher, Mike Pollht, DNF; 15) Kennedy Brown, Ellyn Brown, DNF

Next Week’s Ranger-O has been cancelled.

Join us August 3rd at UAA. Check the link for details.

P.S. We would love your feedback! If you have criticisms, praise, suggestions, comments, or whatever – please let us know.

Board Meeting Minutes from June 9, 2016


Meeting at Billmans’ was called to order at 7:20. Members present: Trond Jensen, Joyce Goodell, Lexi Hill, Dela Grey, Dan Billman, Anne Billman, Lia Keller, Shelly Laws, Ian Moore, Chris Tomsen, Regan Sarwas and Art Harmon.

Discussion of having the Annual Meeting on June 22 was re-visited, Ideas brought forward: board members have name tags, make it an early season party and or business meeting; have sign up sheets for participation for this years meets; look for new people to recruit for the board.

What are our goals for this annual meet? Increase participation, recruit board members; increase the pool of people to help with putting on meets.

An idea of setting up a “volunteer” website was presented. Not much discussion.

How do we get more “club members”? Do we charge a fee to be a member, or maybe include it when they pay for a meet? Dan is researching our club costs for starts vs costs for members. There may be a difference in costs to the club.

June 22 “Party” and Solstice O plans: **No dogs at this meet as it is an Equestrian Center.**

Dela is the Director, Anne and Joyce will help with Meet needs. Dan will do name tags, along with white boards with descriptions of the board positions. Regan will provide photos of board members. Anne and Lexi will do some sort of poster of what it takes to put on a meet, and also a poster of the remaining meets for this year with opportunities. Regan will do the food and drinks.

A Board Meeting will be held in late August, dates to be considered are the 16 th or 23 rd . Please have board nominations ready at this time.

It was decided that we will still have the Annual meeting and season awards banquet, tentatively on Saturday, Sept 10 th , several hours following the Fall-O at a separate location.


Discussion of new race clock: First, Hooray! Ours seems to be working again (thanks to Ragan), but a new one is probably in the club’s future. A cheap one would run about $160. Best ones run about $2000-2500. An average one comparable to our current one is about $600. Ways to raise funds for the new clock were discussed, but no plan to purchase in the near future. It’s on the radar, however.

Money (meet fees) is coming in about the same rate as last year. Our participation seems to be up. We had 130+ participants at the “Ballfield” meet on 6-8.

Motion to adjourn was made at 8:23.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Joyce Goodell, Secretary

Minutes also available as Word.