Solstice Scraboggle-O @ Ruth Arcand

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Date(s) - 06/20/2018
6:30 pm - 7:20 pm

Ruth Arcand Park


Join us Wednesday night for the first-ever Scraboggle-O! A Score-O on two maps at Ruth Arcand Park with the ability to score extra points with letters (similar to the Scrabble and Boggle board games). One of the maps will be a “Boggle map” and the other will be a “Scrabble map.”

You will collect standard Score-O points on both maps. You can visit the controls in any order and collect points for each control you find. Controls will be worth 10, 20 or 30 points depending on the distance and difficulty. The key is to plan a route that lets you maximize your points in the time allotted (50 minutes).

On the Scrabble map, you will also draw one random scrabble tile (a letter with a point value) from the bag at the control. After returning to the finish area, you can score extra points by arranging some or all of the letters you collected into a single crossword-like arrangement of words. Regular Scrabble rules apply.

On the Boggle map, everyone starts with a full Boggle board (5 letters x 5 letters). At each control visited, you must cross out the letter found there from your Boggle board. So, the more Score-O points you collect, the weaker your Boggle board becomes, effectively handicapping the faster orienteers. You can score additional points for all the words you can find in your Boggle board. Regular Boggle rules apply.

This is a timed event. There will be a mass start at 6:30 pm. You must submit your score card 50 minutes after the mass start. If you arrive at the finish late, you will be assessed a penalty of 10 points per minute that you are late, and you will have no time to find Scrabble or Boggle words for additional points.

There will be two competitions. One with just the Scrabble map, the other using both maps. If you do both maps, you must start with the Boggle map, and you cannot get a Scrabble map until you have either visited all controls on the Boggle map or 20 minutes has elapsed.

How you allot your time will be an important strategy. Ruth Arcand is a small venue. Most controls are within 300 meters of the start/finish area, and the furthest point is less than 600 meters. Each map will have approximately 15 controls.

If you have questions, be sure to arrive a little early for a full explanation.

There will be a free pizza party afterwards at the pavilion

Meet Director: Regan Sarwas