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Date(s) - 06/13/2018
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Upper Huffman Trailhead


Meet Type: Traditional meet featuring 5 courses of varying difficulty from beginner to expert.  Expected winning time for each course is around 60 minutes.

Start and Finish Time: Start is from 5 pm to 7 pm (individual start) and with finish no later than 9 pm

Location: Chugach State Park

Start location: Upper Huffman trail head

Meet Director: Trond Jensen


  • White 1.9 km – Easy, all on trail
  • Yellow 3.1 km – Easy, mostly all on trail
  • Orange 3.9 km – Moderate difficulty, mostly on trail
  • Green 4.4 km – Difficult, partially on trail
  • Red 5.9 km – Difficult, partially on trail

The courses will access the trails and terrain between the Upper Huffman Trailhead, the Powerline Trail and Glen Alps.


  1. Mapped indistinct trails can be hard to find and difficult to follow; slow down and pay attention if you plan to use these trails.
  2. There are 4 shades of green used to map different degrees of vegetation denseness.
  3. The darkest, solid green is used for mapping of thick Hemlock forest. This vegetation is very difficult to run, sometimes impassible. Runability is often less than 10%.
  4. Slightly lighter green with vertical green lines is used for mapping mostly alders. This vegetation is also very difficult to run with a runability of 10-25%.
  5. The two lightest shades of green typically indicate runability of 60-90% (lightest green) and 30-60% (second lightest green).
  6. The meet director has not had any bear sightings in the area. However, there may be bears, so we recommend you carry bear spray and the mandatory whistle.
  7. Avoid bush-whacking through dense vegetation areas. The vegetation mapping is generally very good. Mapping of easier running areas (white and yellow on map) can generally be trusted but you must pay attention. However, some open areas have more downfall making progress slower.