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Board Meeting Minutes – December 17, 2014



Meeting called to order at 7:10pm.

Members present: Dela Gray; Mike Robinson; Joyce Goodell; Trond Jensen; Dan Billman; Kathy Farnyiarz; Regan Sarwas; Lia Keller; Ann Billman; Ian Moore; Chris Tomson

Note Regarding Lars Spurkland: His memorial is January 4th at Kincaid. He was the President of NSAA, and a participant in Orienteering. There will be a tree dedicated to him, with ornaments made from picture of Lars. The club will make an ornament and deliver it to NSAA for the tree.

2014 thank you’s and recognitions: Cards were passed around and signed, and Trond will deliver the cards and a Club Glass, and also possibly information on our sport.

Finances. $1000 donated from Healthy Futures for 2015 so kids can Orienteer free. We will keep an eye on operating fees. ASD has high fees; MOA’s fee is usually $1/participant. BLM-fee depends on how much of the meet is on their land. Military, UAA; and APU fees are lowest. Discussion followed regarding varying the meet starting points. Also it was noted by Mike that depending on who you are working with, we may be charged different fees.

Permitting accounts for 20-30% of our expenses, then maps, then snacks.

Season Readiness. We have a few holes in the schedule for directors. Mike has some ideas of people to ask to volunteer. Trond will contact Bill for training on how to put on a ski-O. Ann will contact people to set up meet director training. Mike will again get the “O” meets into the runners’ calendar.

Regan on equipment:

  • Controls: 70-80 controls in good condition. 30 need to be repaired or retired; 30 new available. We have plenty of punches.
  • 2 tents are in usable condition.
  • We have several boxes of misc. junk, and Regan has permission from the board to clean them up/out.
  • AOC has authorized Regan to spend up to $200 to buy new bins and supplies as needed.

2015 Strategy: How does one get into the sport? What works to get someone involved. The most common thread is to bring someone to a meet (bring a buddy). Discussion followed on how to get people to meets, and continue to participate

  1. a. Have classroom training right before a meet; that is, run class-room training and beginner event on same day
  2. b. Have specific event with experienced orienteers to teach newbies
  3. Have “O” cards printed with “1 Free” meet event on it to pass out
  4. Have a third person at the table to help and encourage participants
  5. At the High School O, work on getting these kids to come back. Have o-schedule available at the High School-O.
  6. Specific meets that emphasize training events
  7. Buddy up with newbies
  8. Bring a buddy
  9. Message better to other user groups
  10. Develop partnerships (bikers, skiers, jr. nordic, mnt. runners, …)

Our Yahoo e-mail list is broken. Lia is looking into this. It was also noted that our events are not being listed in the paper (ADN); this should be fixed for the upcoming season.


  • Promo material for AMH, REI, etc.
  • Wallet cards with the schedules
  • Magnets with AOC information

New business tabled until next meeting:

  • Policy on misplaced/missing controls
  • FNBP Trails

Meeting was adjourned at 9:10pm

Next meeting TBD

Board Meeting Minutes – November 12. 2014

Arctic Orienteering Club Board Meeting, November 12th, 2014

Meeting called to order by President, Trond J. at 7:19pm

Members present: Lia Keller, Joyce Goodell, Dan Billman, Anne Billman, Mike Robinson, Dela Grey, Regan Sarwas, Chris Tomsen, Trond Jensen, Lexi Hill, Ian Moore

2015 Schedule:
Mike presented comparison sheets from 2013 and 2014. The 2014 season drew about 1076 participants, which is about 100 more than the previous year. The ski-O meets in 2014 were slightly better attended, possibly due to time of year.

Much discussion of timing of meets, and some switching of dates due to vegetation. Several meets have no directors, but there are several volunteers who have not signed up for a specific meet as yet. Mike will work on the permit for Bartlett-they have a different charging structure and the fee was pretty high. Mike will try and negotiate. We will attempt to get on base this coming year, and/or use Piaʼs as they are good areas. Chris would like to incorporate Jr. ROTC into a meet. It was suggested they come to our meets, and even attempt to run one at possibly Fossil Creek.

We will have a classroom training session early in the season (4-28), and tie it into the Sprint-O the next evening at UAA/APU. Jen J. will be the trainer. Anne will work on reserving the BP Center for training.

We have three field training events scheduled. More discussion on that at future meeting. Trond brought up the idea of having the end of year meeting/picnic a bit earlier and to change it up a bit. Possibly outside BBQ, something a little more diverse than we have had in the past.

Strategy Session:
The 15 ideas on the print out were all discussed. Lots of good ideas were offered. After a thorough discussion of each, all Board Members were given three “dots” to vote on the main ideas to work on. A compilation of results will be done by Trond, and summarize our priorities.

In brief, some of the ideas:
Get the word out- free for first timers again, bring a friend! Bumper stickers, tee shirts Host an “A” level meet, possibly a Ski-O, but the obstacle may be course design, so-

  • Lets ask Trond F/Bill S to put on a meet director training for ski-oʼs
  • Put on a day camp for kids, or partner with camps already in place, ie: Trailside, Parks and Rec.
  • Reduce the # of traditional meets, and increase the quality, ie: vetting, checking, better advertising
  • Short meets for beginners with helpers
  • Partner with another group for joint effort

Our next meeting will be mid December, please vote you preference on the web. We will continue the agenda at the next meeting, including:

  • Equipment Check
  • “Thank Youʼs” and recognitions
Policy regarding missing or misplaced controls AOB we have pending

Meeting was adjourned at 9:10pm, motion by Dan B, Second by Dela G.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Joyce G., Secretary

Board Meeting Minutes – September 17, 2014

Board Meeting: Wednesday, September 17th, 2014, 7 – 9 pm @ Billmans

Meeting called to order at 7:10, by Trond Jensen, President

Attendees: Mike Robinson; Kathy Faryniarz; Trond Jensen; Jen Joliff; Dan Billman; Art Harmon; Chris Tomsen; Regan Sarwas; Joyce Goodell; Dela Grey

The previous meeting’s minutes were approved by Mike, Seconded by Kathy.

  • Planning for Annual Meeting:
    • Will be held at APU Mosley Center (our first plan) on October 8th. If that doesn’t work out, Mike will arrange alternate venue. The meet will be 45 minutes, 5:45-6:30. Room set up at 6:30. Annual meeting will start at 7 pm.
    • Plan is to have “map” stations, using the new areas mapped this past year, set up in different corners of the room to be used as conversational pieces during refreshments. Dan will provide his meet map from Ruth Arcand; Jen & Cory – Earthquake park, Ian- Mt. O?; Trond –
      Bartlett. Please send to Trond to enlarge into posters.
    • Karen Bronga will be asked by Trond to do the slide show, to run before meeting.
    • Prizes – Trond will donate items from care package from OUSA; Chris – Skinny Raven &
      various prizes; Joyce – Wine Stores; Kathy – Great harvest, and Sport Shop; Bill – AMH; any
      other donations from other sources welcome.
    • Joyce – Thank You cards for donors.
    • Kathy – 30 AOC etched glasses were ordered from Ellyn Brown. 22 are needed for meet directors for all sanctioned meets, and 8 left for special recognition gifts. (Healthy Futures; monetary donors, etc.)
    • The board agreed that the Gift Certificates for Directors will not be given this year due to expenses for mapping, and outstanding expenses
    • Regan – Will do the Annual Meet Results Poster and present awards, and Joyce will get the Snickers and Pizza, etc.
    • Trond – will do a Season Summary including: the three new mapped areas, Jens’ Radio Spot, School Training at the Big-O, New Jerseys
  • Art wants to discuss Youth Involvement. There was then a small discussion regarding Marketing for Mirror Lake event by Chris Tomsen, including Eagle River, the Valley and JBER. No actions noted.
  • Board Positions were reviewed, with the following results:
    • Karen Bronga will step down as VP of Media. Trond will ask Lexi Hill if she is interested in this position
    • Bill Johnson will step down as VP of Equipment, and Regan Sarwas will take the position
    • Jen Jolliff will step down as VP of Training and Ann Billman will take position
    • Toby S will step down as VP of Mapping; Trond will see if Ian Moore or Bill J are interested
    • New People at large: possibly Erik Carlson and Lars Spurkland; need to talk with these people
  • Mike and Kathy: 2015 Schedule
    • Mike did participant Stats for last year and this year. Discussed having meet director training early; possibly hold a weekend meet to include Jr. Nordic and High School Skiers
    • Hold a “Traditional Meet” at APU as an easy meet for new people over short courses.
    • There was much productive discussion, and Mike and Kathy will do revisions on schedule based on input at the board meeting
  • Other Business
    • 10 controls were lent to AK Lands, they had a successful event.
    • Trond discussed having a link to sponsors on web site; what should be the criteria to have a sponsor link on our web site?. Tabled for next board meeting for a longer discussion.
    • Next Meeting is on 10-8-1014, after the “O”.

Meeting adjourned at 9:05.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Joyce Goodell, Secretary

Board Meeting Minutes – April 16, 2014

Arctic Orienteering Club Board Meeting
Minutes by Joyce Goodell
April 16th, 2014

Before meeting was called to order, Dan and Ann gave a short overview of their recent travel to Portugal and Spain for international orienteering meets. They also let us know of upcoming meets in Tasmania in Jan 2015 for the Oceania Championships, which they also plan to attend.

Meeting was called to order by President Trond Jensen at 7:25 pm.

Attendees: Mike Robinson, Joyce Goodell, Chris Tomsen, Bill Johnson, Dela Grey, Trond Jensen, Karen Bronga, Dan Billman, Art Harmon, Lexi Hill.

The past meeting’s minutes were accepted.

Items discussed:
1. Mike Robinson on meets. On 5-6, the Big “O” needs a volunteer for the Start Table. The meet director training may be eliminated due to most directors have past experience, and the training may not have much value. Mike will get with Jen to arrange the course setting training on the schedule. Mike reported good progress on permitting, and BLM and the Muni are done. He is working to complete the other areas. Mike will send all meet directors an e-mail to remind them of specific items to be aware of.

2. Getting ready for the season. Chris brought up talking to contacts at schools to make them aware of the Big O. Mike will contact Chelsea to volunteer our services for help with the “O”. We also want to pass out our AOC cards at the table, and Mike will have specifics printed on the cards such as “kids free, and first meet free”.

3. Ski O reports. Attendence at Brongas and Spencers were low. Earthquake park and Hilltop were higher. Earthquake park map was given a good review. The board agreed to give a map (paper copy, not PFD) to an Earthquake Survivor who requested one.

4. Ian and Jenʼs proposal regarding bringing Dan Ellsworth up to put on meets and/or update maps. We discussed cost of airfare, car, R&B. This would cost us at least the seasonʼs revenue from meet fees, and we still owe $900 from our mapping project from last year. The board decided that since the new schedule is already set, and most directors have experience, help with meets would not be valuable. A couple directors that will need help are spread throughout the season. Could we as a club do some of the gross mapping ourselves? Such as Buildings, parking lots, trails using GPS references? We also discussed that possibly Dan E. could do mapping update from our GPS and field notes from home. Are we organized enough this year to bring him up? Board decided we need more time for planning, to get the most from Dan Eʼs expertise. Trond will ask Ian if we can use Dan E. for GPS and map updating, and pay him, and propose more solid projects in the future.

5. Meet Directors are asked to give all sign in sheets to Dan B. (the treasurer) for year end stats so he can start a database of participants, and also use it for “thank youʼs”, data on donations, etc. Also, please give all meet money to Dan.

6. Art was wondering what his job was as VP for membership. Bill with find him jobs! Dan E. will talk to Nancy Borroughs to clarify specific preferences and restrictions for meets held at Ruth Arcand

7. Equipment report: Bill says the clock is OK. Controls are OK, we have two complete sets, and also some spare new ones for replacements. Bill will do some research on some new directional signs as ours is not usable. AOC will reimburse him for cost of new signs. Also, do we have more “bear aware” brochures? Chris will procure some if we need them at the start table.

8. Dela: Land and Trails. At CM, Dot is trying to standardize the use permitting procedure. They are working our emergency procedures, meet notifications. Single track trails also being developed in the area. Dela will get a map for that and forward it to Ian. UAA/APU: area of NLTS and UAA drive has some construction. Short discussion of the upcoming Bragaw Extension. Dela provided diagrams. FNBP: no update on trails. Some work is (or will be done) on the swampy area of Black Bear and Moose Meadows ares. Russian Jack: Some clearing of downed trees off trails has been done (area by Pine Street.)

9. National Ski O: Trond. Discussion regarding would it be possible for Anchorage to hold this? It is held every two years, alternating between the East and West coast. In 2016 it will be on the west coast. Discussion followed of what would be the procedure to accomplish this? Formats involved. We have great venues. We would need good winter version of maps, and need to liason with NSAA for mapping and grooming. Discussed renting a SI system for punching, or update our system. Grants? ADCP? One may fit this venue. Also align it with Iditarod, Fur Rondy, and with this we may find some funds to help. Trond will follow up with lots of questions to the appropriate people.

Other Business:

  • Healthy Futures has dontated $1000 for kids orienteer free.
  • Trond is open to any suggestions for ideas and new directions for the club to take.
  • Chris T. suggested another Search and Rescue “meet” in conjunction of one of our meets. It was suggested we do it every other year, which would mean in the 2015 season. He also is granted free orienteering for his Napalese friends who come to our meets.

Our annual meeting will be 10-8-2014. Our next meeting will be 9-17-2014.

Meeting adjourned at 9:03pm. Minutes respectfully submitted by Joyce Goodell, Secretary

Minutes of February 12, 2014 Board Meeting

Arctic Orienteering Club
Board Meeting Minutes Feb. 12, 2014

The first Board Meeting of 2014 was held at Karen Bronga’s house. Members present were Lexi Hill, Joyce Goodell, Kathy Farnyiarz, Della Grey, Regan Sarwas, Trond Jensen, Mike Robinson, Karen Bronga, Jen Jolliff.

Meeting called to order 6:25pm.

A brief ski report from Trond: he has found good skiing almost every day during the snow drought. Go Trond!

2014 Schedule Report from Mike and Kathy:
Toby’s Ski O is postponed/cancelled due to snow conditions. We discussed permitting for field training VS “formal meets”. Should casual meets be left off the event calendar to avoid permitting/fees?

A proposal was made to divide the events and only put the official events on the calendar and use a separate format (perhaps e-mail, Facebook) for “training” or vetting new maps.

Jen expressed concern that no meets are scheduled on JBER. It was stated that there may be increased military activity on base limiting our use, so may be harder to schedule meets. Also Access to base- Lexi suggested possibly the opportunity to sign people up for JBER meets at a previous meet/class training event using internet access on site.

There was discussion about eliminating Crevasse Moraine-it has had low attendance and is difficult to set up. Also, UAF may increase fees significantly. We may look at a fall “camp out” meet out there, starting at a different venue. Possibly the weekned of 9/13 or 14.

Ian and Jen may put on a special meet at Earthquake Park on the 50th anniversary of the GF earthquake for 3-24. Go big- advertise, ADN, news, Chamber of Commerce. It also depends on weather this early in the season. Karen will do the media, Jen will check into the city’s plan for the anniversary.

Kathy and Mike are getting all permits in order. BLM-Mike was having a bit of difficulty with the permit- looks like we didn’t either get one last year or pay for it so we were in arrears and will cost us more this year. Mike will pay the fee for last year. Much more discussion of meet planning, moving things around. Details of Hilltop “restrictions” were noted- IE: no controls on certain structures, port-a-potty, parking. Also, there may be some for Ruth Arcand, Kincaid. These details and restrictions need to go to meet directors setting meets up in these areas.

Toby is extremely busy this year and has no time for club issues. Trond will ask Ian if he will help with changes that need to be made on FNBP maps. Also, we will ask Eric Follet if is available for helping with maps. Lexi stated someone was asking if we could publish our maps. We have decided that this is one of our assets, and it is our property that we have paid for and should be semi-protected. It is available to meet directors on our website.

Dela on Land and Trails:
Working on a standard for planning meets at Crevasse M? Some new trail possibilities may be out there.

FNBP: re: Polar Bear Trail- it is located from the intersection of Black and Brown Bear over to the Homestead Trail. This is an unauthorized trail. There is also a new trail behind APU that bikers are using. At this time, there will be no movement from us on trails. AOC will let the muni decipher the action plans.

Follow up/Stratigy:

  • Discussion about mapping
  • Sprint Races
  • Events free for 1st timers at Orienteering/ place sign at meets Jen will work on promoting orienteering to the community Partnering with other clubs for events:
    1. National Ski-O
    2. JBER
    3. Add in with mt. runners and Mt.-O

The Next meeting will be about the third week of April. Meeting was adjourned at 8:05pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Joyce Goodell, Secretary

Minutes of 2013 Annual Meeting

Arctic Orienteering Club
2013 Annual Meeting
Minutes by Kathy Faryniarz
Aug. 28, 2013

Trond Jensen welcomed the group, pizza was served, door prizes were distributed, meet director prizes were given, season points awards, 2014 meet director sign up, and Ann Billman had uniform samples available for people to try. Ann will be putting an order in by February and Jen Jolliff will help with logo design.

Business meeting
Treasurer Dan Billman reported the club has approx.. 20,000$ in money market fund and approx.. 6,000$ in checking. This years mapping costs have not been paid yet. Dan also acknowledged clubs achievements this year including: #well attended advanced O training classes, SAR coordination and practice drill, a new website, Healthy Futures agreement and free participation for kids, free passes for familys that attended beginner orienteering, Big Wild Life participation, Ski for Kids orienteering demo, Girl Scout Jamboree orienteering demo, Winter O meets, article on club in NA Orienteering, and mapping projects.

Mapping Update
New Earthquake Park and Bartlett are done. Ruth Arcand is partially dine.

Board will have strategy session regarding club’s main purpose, including discussion around future mapping projects such as updating FNBP.

Board Nominations and Election results:
President Trond Jensen
Admin VP Dela Grey
Secretary Joyce Goodell
Treasurer Dan Billman
VP Media Karen Bronga
VP Training Jen Jolliff
VP Events Mike Robinson/Kathy Faryniarz
Membership/ Art Harmon
VP Equipment Bill Johnson
VP Mapping Toby Schworer
At Large Regan Sarwas, Chris Tomsen, Lexi Hill

Minutes of August 6, 2013 Board Meeting

Arctic Orienteering Club
Board Meeting Minutes Aug. 6, 2013

Minutes by: Kathy Faryziarz
Present: Trond Jensen, Jen Jolliff, Joyce Goodell, Andrew Lee, Dan Billman, Mike Robinson, Bill Johnson, Karen Bronga, Dela Grey, Regan Sarwas, Chris Tomsen, Kathy Faryniarz

Meeting called to order at 715

Minutes from April 24 Board meeting approved


  • Venue: APU. Mike to confirm with Jill location (Grant Hall or Mosely) and investigate presence of projector/internet availability
  • Trond suggested print maps and making puzzles that kids and adults could piece together
  • Toby running meet to last 45 minutes starts at 6 pm
  • Ann Billman to do new jersey fitting right after meet.
  • Karen to send out email invite and rsvp to membership also she will do slide show and thank you cards for sponsors, prizes
  • Room set up Trond and Kathy; Food by Kathy and Dela
  • Joyce to obtain door prizes; Trond J to help if needed
  • Meet director prizes: Mike and Jill to obtain 30 O-glasses from Ellen
  • Motion passed to also obtain Mooses Tooth $25 gift cards to put in meet director glasses
  • Toby to discuss/display mapping
  • Jen to ask Ian if he will demo Route gadget
  • Regan to make poster for seasons points; Kathy to present Snickers bar awards
  • Trond to make up board nomination poster


  • Kathy to take minutes and count participants
  • Trond announcements
  • Ann new uniforms (see above)
  • Mapping update by Toby
  • Dan: Financial report and season review (acknowledgements)
  • Also to make acknowledgements regarding non meet events that the club has accomplished this year
  • Season points awards: Kathy
  • Board Nominations Election Trond allow for nominations volunteers outside of current Board
  • Mike and Jill: 2014 Schedule


  • Healthy Futures radio event on Line 1 KSKA radio program with Dr Woodard Board 8/19/2013 2-3 pm encouraged to call in or email and promote Orienteering
  • Much discussion about how to revamp schedule including: taking a mid summer break from meets, scheduling around school starts and stops, possible weekend meet, fall extended meets, etc. Mike suggested member survey to better determine preferences. Mike to bring “new deal” template and to ask members when and where they would meet direct as opposed to a preset schedule.
  • Member recruitment: Karen to have passes to one free meet to hand out at Big Wild Life kids event 8/17. Jen suggested each club member can bring one free quest to a meet
  • Karen proposed Board submitting grant by 9/15 for AK Arts Health PTSA for $2000 to go toward Bartlett mapping; Karen to initiate form, Dan will edit and Trond will sign form.
  • Dan suggested Board retreat in October to discuss Club vision future.

Meeting adjourned at 9:15

Minutes of April 24, 2013 Board Meeting

Arctic Orienteering Club
Board Meeting Minutes 4/24/2013

Members Present: Dan Billman, Regan Sarwas, Trond Jensen, Jen Jolliff, Chris Tomsen, Dela Grey, Karen Bronga, Bill Johnson, Mike Robinson, Toby Schwoerer, Joyce Goodell, Kathy Faryniarz

Meeting called to order 7:14pm

Old Business

  1. Web Site
    Regan presented new website ( and group decided it was ready to roll out this week. Ian has been paying for the GoDaddy server and will be reimbursed Old website to be closed soon.
  2. Mapping
    Mapping strategy discussed. Bartlett and Earthquake Park are high priority sprint maps. Toby will progress 2013 mapping plans within the budget allocated. Budget for Toby had previously been approved.
  3. Fund raising
    1. Dan suggested to use office colleague June to help us with funding raising ideas. This will happen after board has a vision session to set goals for club.
    2. Healthy Futures has given us $900 for family passes. They also gave us whistles with compass for participants at Introduction to Orienteering session.
  4. SAR
    Chris to have AK Mountain rescue group person look at our procedures and make recommendations. Possible mock incident training to be done. SAR info to be added to meet director training.
  5. Land Access
    1. Dela discussed info from FNBP user group meeting. Posters on invasive weeds, bear safety, & moose safety to be laminated and to be displayed at meets.
    2. Rovers Run’s trail will be set back away from creek at some time in future.
    3. Mat Su master trail plan being developed. This may potentially impact Crevass Moraine due to expansion of landfill. Also some new single track will have to be added to our maps.

New Business

  1. Orienteering USA has new requirement for insurance. All meet participants must be OUSA members. Free one day memberships will be given to all non-OUSA members. The sign-in sheet must reflect this. Jill and Bill will change the sign-in form.
  2. Girl Scout encampment June 7-8 Palmer. Dela looking for help to teach and run a short o course. Karen volunteered to help.
  3. Generic O club email: Regan announced we can have 100 free email addresses with website. Board members to let him know if they want one.
  4. Online membership (ie paypal type): This item tabled until board /annual meeting decides about changing fees.
  5. Homer Wilderness Education request: Trond suggested the Homer Wilderness representative attend our meet director training. Trond will also contact orienteer Jan Spurkland who lives on Kenai Peninsula to see if he can help out. Jen also added they had done a Homer O map years ago and she will check with Ian.
  6. Chris has teenage boy (17?) who wants to help learn meet with mentor. Chris to make contact with meet directors for mentor/mentee match.
  7. Dan will try and pick up money at end of every meet and wants release/membership sheets.
  8. Trond gone 5/11-28. Dela will be interim president.


  1. ASD Big O in fall (probably 300-400 kids). Jill will coordinate.
  2. Pias to be rescheduled to medio July as Military exercises happening there in June.
  3. Crevass Moraine to be moved to May 15. Carl will set course & maps but he can’t be there day of meet. Kathy will run table, Mike to help pick up course. Might need another person to set last minute controls on the day of the event.
  4. Dan and Ann to do Elmendorf meet.
  5. Fossil Creek still needs director/

Next board meeting Aug. 13th at Billmans (planning meeting prior to annual meeting 8/28)

Meeting adjourned at 9:18

Minutes of March 27, 2013 Board Meeting

Members present: Dela Grey; Joyce Goodell; Trond Jensen; Dan Billman; Regan Sarwas; Karen Bronga; Jill Follet; Bill Johnson; Jen Joliff; Toby Schwoerer; Chris Tomsen; Mike Robinson

Meeting was called to order at 7:14

  1. Cindy from Healthy Futures.
    $1000 donation from HF for kids for Orienteering meets this season. HF is an organization that gets funding from grants, donations, and sponsers to get kids active. Some ideas were presented to promote AO:

    1. Set # of free season passes
    2. Mentors at meets who are not the Meet Director hosting the meet to help newcomers
    3. Possibly a blurb on Channel 13 with Whitney to promote AO
    4. Radio Spot for the Big “O” that is coming up (scheduled on 5-08)
    5. Possibly at the O training on 5-14 at the BP Energy Center-distribute free passes. Idea was to put a # on the back of a sample map, and those with the # win a pass
  2. Toby and mapping:
    The big issues deferred to the next board meeting, but T is actively looking for “professional” mappers with experience with modern technology. He has a couple contacts. The time estimate is 10-15 days to completely map 1K. A first map possibility is Earthquake park, and the bigger picture is Bicentennial park. We need to look at:

    1. check feasibility of bringing a “foreigner” to come to the US
    2. Cost involved per sq. K. We can afford up to $20,000 from our current budget
    3. feasibility of getting something done this year.

    Also, we would look at the map as “buying a product” from the mapper, instead of the club hiring a person to do work for us which would alleviate some issues. Toby will continue communicating with mappers; decide when we need to make a decision to get one here (from Europe), and hopefully have some answers within three weeks before next meeting.

  3. New Website:
    • Mike: looks good, move FB icon to center
    • Dela: dropdowns-more tabs/links for easier navigation (not sure if I got this right)
    • Trond: provide on line registration, calendar integration
    • Dan: change or add alerts
    • Regan: Link to volunteer page? Board Bio’s ? Encourage MD’s to post blurbs about their upcoming meet

    The new site could be up and running before May. Any more suggestions, please submit to Regan. The old website will still be available until new one adequate. Stay tuned.

  4. Off the Subject: Volunteers.
    If we have v’s sign up to help, lets put them to use, and if not, please acknowledge their willingness to participate. Use them for bringing snacks, be at the table for support, Pick up controls.
  5. SAR
    Discussion tabled until next Meeting. (Chris T.)
  6. 2013 Season:
    1. actively filling slots for meets without directors-consensus is remove one JBER meet and keep Mirror lake if directors is the issue. Mike will pick up one at Mirror Lake.
    2. Jen, Training: Change description of 4-25 meet from How to put on a meet, to OCAD and Mapping software, Route Gadget refreshing/training. Mike willing to describe purple pen. Mike will check on UAA Computer lab for this so people can actively use computers. Director Training-should be mandatory for meet directors. 6-9pm at HDR. Will cover course design. Jen is working on a plan for mentoring current O participants to move to higher levels on courses
  7. JBER access:
    There will be a notice sent out on website to members/participants to sign up to get on Base. Regan will send out directions for meet sign up on the website.
  8. Fundraising
    Cindy (Healthy Futures) suggested we look at funding not for AO, but the big picture-how it affects the community, larger group focus, etc. Look at funding through grants and big corporations, even the Rassmussen Foundation.

Sheep Mt. O op: Area has walking/ski trails. We could possibly do a meet off a topo map already mapped, or do something like a Mt. or Rogaine type meet. First, we would need to either re-con or vet the area for feasibility. It was brought up there is lots of underbrush. It’s a possibility, but needs more investigation.

Next meeting will be April 24, place TBD. We will talk about Mappers, and Fundraising. Meeting adjourned at 9:20.

Respectfully, Joyce

Minutes of Jan 23, 2013 Board Meeting

WED JAN. 23, 2013 7 PM @ BRONGA’S

Board Members Present: Trond Jensen, Karen Bronga, Dela Grey, Mike Robinson, Regan Sarwas, Jen Joliff, Jill Follett, Chris Tomsen, Kathy Faryniarz

Call to order @ 7:15
Minutes from Nov 28 2012 approved

  1. Preparation for 2013 season
    1. Up coming Ski O‘s: Feb 10th Bill Spencer @ Russian Jack; Feb 20th Toby Schwoerer @ Mile 1.1
      Insurance application are in by Jill. Permits in works by Mike.
      Regan to get info to Lars Spurkland to advertise on NSAA schedule.
    2. Chris to coordinate with Regan to get JBER permit and instructions for iSportsman on our website
    3. OCAD/Purple Pen
      Mike presented pros and con of purple pen. He will write up instructions on how to use. Limit Purple Pen use to Russian Jack, UAA and APU for 2013.
    4. Meet director training and mentor program: Jen to contact advanced trainers and come up with format. Secure BP Energy center space. Dela contacted REI re training class there as well (note that they now charge for classes).
    5. Advertising: Jen will design logo and work with Regan and Mike to get magnets ordered and card stock schedules printed. Mike will check on costs. These advertising items could then be handed out at schools or Big O meets to engage more kids.
    6. Chris to present SAR (search and rescue) lost person discussion/demo next time
  2. Mapping
    • Toby contacted by phone and gave an update on hiring mapper and plans for this season.
    • Last years cost were approx. 6000$ for 4 weeks.
    • After discussion it was decided that Toby should work with 1-2 other mapping savvy board members and flush out plan. Need plan for how to section FNBP over multiple mapping seasons. Also should check into other mappers in addition to Kevin Teschendorf.
    • Toby felt he could get a signed contract by April with mapping starting late May early June.
    • Dan has volunteered some lodging as well for this summer
  3. Website
    Regan working on new format in Word Press ( but will keep old website up as well.
    Regan requested help from board in style font areas. He will roll over to new website when all set up. All board members should have a look at the new website and send their comments to Regan.
  4. Recognitions/Thanks Yous
    Trond sent around Thank You cards to be signed by board. These include Sponsors (AMH, Great Harvest, Skinney Raven, Healthy Futures), families housing mapper in 2012 (Billmans, Follets, Paul and Barbara Crews, Art Harmon), and former long-term board members (Cory, Ian, Dave). O-glasses to be given together with Thank You cards.
  5. Old Business
    Fundraising items tabled as Dan not present.
  6. New Business
    1. Land trail issues – Dela
      BLM is conducting Environmental Assessment which could affect users groups especially with parking impacts at mile 1.1. This assessment shouldn’t affect this season but could in future.APU University Lake Drive extension (new road into dog park and up behind Moseley Sports center) going forward in 2014 funds approved. No action by club at present.
    2. Board approved Dan to pay approx.. 1500.$ to OUSA for club renewal for 2013 this essentially gets us our meet insurance.

Next Meeting March 27 at Trond’s “new old house” on Sultana Dr

Meeting adjourned at 9:05pm