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Minutes of Jan 3, 2017 Board Meeting

Arctic Orienteering Club
Board of Directors’ Meeting
January 3rd, 2017

Members Present: Mike Robinson; Dela Grey; Lexi Hill; Ian Moore; Regan Sarwas; Shelly Laws; Chris Thompson; Joyce Goodell; Art Harmon; Dan Billman; Anne Billman; Jill Follet

Called to Order 7:16

Old Business:

  1. Website changes: Dela asked to have first thing on the website to be the “next event” instead of the “last event”. Regan will put a link on webpage to download the O schedule
  2. Coordinating volunteers: tabled until the new schedule is finalized
  3. Meets: Much discussion on Crevasse Moraine, Fossil Creek. Many tweeks were made, and meets swapped for different dates. Lexi will rewrite and send the updated schedule to Mike to update the runners calendar. Discussion to add a couple of Ski-O’s. Art and Shelly showed interest in this. No dates were set.
  4. O in downtown Palmer in February, but Pete LaFrance is flexible. Discussion was should this be a training event or an “O” scheduled event. Board decided this to move toward an event, we provide equipment, support. Pete to provide Insurance and permitting, and also to provide a street map. Anne volunteered to help.

New Business:

  1. Healthy Futures can donate $100 to club, instead of the $1000 in previous years. Consensus was that kids still orienteer free. We will look for additional sponsors; possibly advertising “matching” format. The idea of putting sponsor’s name on front page of Web Page-there is plenty of room. Kids run free 2017 logo will be on the website, and discussion will continue.
  2. The donation of a six acre park in Bear Valley is not something the Club in interested in acquiring. It’s a nice gesture, but not much use to the club. We are not interested in becoming property “owners”.
  3. Mapping in 2017. Ians ideas regarding FNBP-do a chunk of it; it’s expensive but a well used area; and clean up areas of map. Also, continue with RA; Bartlett. Eagle River-1 mile from the ERNC has great woods, terrain. Great opportunity for O’s, but its far out, 5$ parking (and lot is small), and a 1 mile walk to the “start” area. This may not benefit all who want to do O’s. Dan (along with a majority of the board) is for improving FNBP. Chris is interested int the Eagle Glen golf area. Dan asked if Chugach St. Park allows up to map the area. Many ideas for this years mapping. Discussion and decision will continue.
  4. Feb 6th will be the next Board meeting, and Regan will host. Questions posed to think about: What does “O” mean to us? What do we want/expect from the O club? Do we want more maps, and or better experiences? We need more dialogue about what do the Orienteers want from our Club. What do Orienteers want from the club experience?
  5. Dan sent USO fee payment in for $1300 to include Insurance and starts.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:46

Minutes respectfully submitted by Joyce Goodell, Secretary

Minutes also available as a Word Doc

Minutes of Nov 3, 2016 Board Meeting

Arctic Orienteering Club
Board of Directors’ Meeting
November 3rd, 2016

Called to order at 7:15

Attending: Mike Robinson, Dela Grey, Lia Keller, Regan Sarwas, Ian Moore, Cory Smith, Lexi Hill, Art Harmon, Shelly Laws, Jill Follett

Minutes from August 16 approved

Old business

a. Mike will hold the meet director glasses for Joyce and Brian

b. Thank yous: Mike will check with Dan for the list, sign them at our next meeting.

c. Outstanding fees or bills: Lexi and Anne will wrap up MOA and BLM fees

i. Dan sent a message that we have $8900.00 in checking with no outstanding bills. If you need reimbursement, please contact him.

Coordinating volunteers

Art indicated needing a method to match volunteers with meet directors needing help. We also need a way to thank the volunteers.

a. Options discussed were, googledocs and/or volunteers (indicating if a novice or experienced) selecting a meet and the director will contact them.

b. Meet directors are encouraged to ask NOW if they will need help.

c. Jill encouraged a direct call to volunteers to make a personal connection.

d. We will have a specific proposal and possible “Pilot Project” at next meeting.

2017 Schedule

Reviewed and some changes were indicated.

a. Discussion about our involvement in the Big-O on May 2nd. Possibility of not having it one our events, but rather holding a meet on May 3 or the weekend.

b. Ski-O: Shelly would like to use the club’s gear for an ASD meet. We could tell members it is a training event providing the map on the internet.


a. Corey will provide a similar format and calendar to last year – possibility of adding a meet director training.

b. He indicated a high level of those attending meets after their training.

c. Idea of providing small ‘try it outs’ at meets (i.e., pacing in the woods, compass bearings, corridor maps)

d. Ideas discussed for helping racers move up a level


Fees will stay the same and the board agreed to continue the “First Time Free”

a. Mike will contact Trond about the Healthy Future’s grant for under 18.


a. Regan would like to move our documents from GoDaddy to GoogleDocs with a folder for each VP position.

b. Mike will look into Google for Non-Profits as it has many useful features.

UA Ski support letter

While the entire board supports the cause, it was decided to not use the AOC mailing list as it is not directly related to orienteering.


a. Trailer: Declined as the possible liability and members not having correct hitches.

b. Regan will buy folding tables.

c. Electronic punch: tabled


a. What do we want for our club in the future (New maps? National meet?)

b. We have money and need to decide how it can best be used.


a. Girl scout encampment on June 2-3, volunteers needed as it is worthwhile

b. Find a way to work with the boy scouts and provide training.

c. Mike would like to have more outreach to groups that overlap with our members by attending their board meetings

d. Find a way to increase attendance by younger community members

Runner’s Calendar

Mike and Ruth will provide printing for the schedule cards and also submission of calendar to the Runner’s Calendar.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50.

Minutes are also available as a Microsoft Word Document

Minutes of Aug 16, 2016 Board Meeting

Arctic Orienteering Club
Board of Directors’ Meeting
August 16th, 2016

Call to Order at 7:24 pm

Meeting held at Trond and Cindy Jensen’s home.

In attendance: Trond Jensen, Lia Keller, Dan Billman, Ian Moore, Cory Smith, Dela Grey, Lexi Hill, Regan Sarwas, Shelly Laws, Jill Follett, Anne Billman

1. Annual Meeting

After considering the potential weather, how to attract the most people to the annual meeting, likelihood of meet participants coming to an evening meeting after an afternoon run, the opportunity to socialize and celebrate our orienteering season, the moist condition of people after running an orienteering course, the meet director’s obligations, the availability of indoor venues for a meeting, and the proximity of an indoor venue to socialize, the Board decided on the following events, schedule, and locations.

Annual Meeting: 12:00 to 12:30, at the meet start area east of Klutina Drive. Coffee and donuts – Anne (after-the-fact) will take care of coffee and donuts.

Business: Elections of next year’s Board members, sign-up of meet directors and volunteers, meet director thank-yous (glasses), cumulative season point awards.


Starts between 12:30 and 1:30, must be finished by 4 pm. The meet will be a traditional meet. The meet will be the season championship race.

Social Event

Start between 4 and 4:30 pm, at the Brongas’ home. Announcement of race winners. Pizza and beverages. Dan and Shelly will bring beverages. Pizza provider – TBD. Encourage attendees to bring snacks to share.

2. Incoming Board of Directors Nominations

Trond Jensen is stepping off of the board.

Anne Billman is stepping off of the board.

Mike Robinson has agreed to be nominated to serve as President. All other existing Board members are willing to continue serving in their present positions. Lia will issue a call for nominations and a call will be issued during the meeting.

Anne will help the next Events VP by acquiring permits and Certificates of Insurance.

Discussion of the need for a volunteer coordinator. Agreement to enlist Art Harmon to fill that role. Lexi will investigate some software that helps sign up volunteers. Shelly’s daughter Brittany has offered to help round up volunteers.

3. Potential Bylaws Change

We continued the discussion of changing the club bylaws to allow the annual meeting to be held at any time of the year, rather than just during the third quarter. The purpose of the Annual meeting was discussed (to elect the Board of Directors, to change the bylaws, …). The term of Board members is tied to the elections, so there was discussion about needing to change that also. Regan Sarwas will draft proposed changes and send to the Board, then revise for voting at the annual meeting.

4. Meet Schedule

Trond reported that he has received feedback about the number of traditional meets (too few) and lack of competitive meets.


  • VPs of Events were unable to find enough meet directors to fill all vacancies.
  • Possibility of filling some of those vacancies if the need had been advertised.
  • Errors by meet directors required throwing one meet out of the season points pool.
  • Error by meet directors in not providing full range of courses needed to be used for season meet standings.
  • The opportunity to use the same course for two different classes (e.g., red and green) if participants specify which class they will run in.
  • Need to use meet directors capable of putting on a quality traditional meet for those meets rather than for simpler ‘fun-only’ meets.
  • Appeal of traditional meets to good navigators that can’t sprint/run.
  • Beginner orienteers probably don’t care/understand/notice whether meets are traditional or ‘fun’ because it’s all challenging and new.
  • When scheduling, make as many as possible traditional meets. Fill meet director roles for traditional meets as a priority.
  • Fill summer meet director positions before filling winter and other pre-season meets.
  • For some venues (Abbott Loop), having a remote start for more difficult courses would improve the quality of the courses.
  • Anne will try to check on permitting constraints at UAF experimental farm/Bradley-Keppler Lakes/Crevasse Moraine area.
  • Board members want the record to show that the cupcakes made by Sultana and Siena Noffsinger were excellent.

Adjourned at 9:31 pm

Minutes respectfully submitted by Anne Billman, September 2, 2016

Minutes are also available as a Microsoft Word Document

Board Meeting Minutes from June 9, 2016


Meeting at Billmans’ was called to order at 7:20. Members present: Trond Jensen, Joyce Goodell, Lexi Hill, Dela Grey, Dan Billman, Anne Billman, Lia Keller, Shelly Laws, Ian Moore, Chris Tomsen, Regan Sarwas and Art Harmon.

Discussion of having the Annual Meeting on June 22 was re-visited, Ideas brought forward: board members have name tags, make it an early season party and or business meeting; have sign up sheets for participation for this years meets; look for new people to recruit for the board.

What are our goals for this annual meet? Increase participation, recruit board members; increase the pool of people to help with putting on meets.

An idea of setting up a “volunteer” website was presented. Not much discussion.

How do we get more “club members”? Do we charge a fee to be a member, or maybe include it when they pay for a meet? Dan is researching our club costs for starts vs costs for members. There may be a difference in costs to the club.

June 22 “Party” and Solstice O plans: **No dogs at this meet as it is an Equestrian Center.**

Dela is the Director, Anne and Joyce will help with Meet needs. Dan will do name tags, along with white boards with descriptions of the board positions. Regan will provide photos of board members. Anne and Lexi will do some sort of poster of what it takes to put on a meet, and also a poster of the remaining meets for this year with opportunities. Regan will do the food and drinks.

A Board Meeting will be held in late August, dates to be considered are the 16 th or 23 rd . Please have board nominations ready at this time.

It was decided that we will still have the Annual meeting and season awards banquet, tentatively on Saturday, Sept 10 th , several hours following the Fall-O at a separate location.


Discussion of new race clock: First, Hooray! Ours seems to be working again (thanks to Ragan), but a new one is probably in the club’s future. A cheap one would run about $160. Best ones run about $2000-2500. An average one comparable to our current one is about $600. Ways to raise funds for the new clock were discussed, but no plan to purchase in the near future. It’s on the radar, however.

Money (meet fees) is coming in about the same rate as last year. Our participation seems to be up. We had 130+ participants at the “Ballfield” meet on 6-8.

Motion to adjourn was made at 8:23.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Joyce Goodell, Secretary

Minutes also available as Word.

Board Meeting Minutes from February 3, 2016

Arctic Orienteering Club
Board Meeting: Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Meeting was held at Regan’s home, and called to order at 7:08 by President Trond Jensen.

Members present: Trond Jensen; Joyce Goodell; Anne Billman; Dan Billman; Shelly Laws; Jill Follett; Regan Sarwas; Chris Tomsen; Ian Moore; Cory Smith; Lia Keller

2016 Budget: Dan reports we have $6000 in the checking account to start the season. This is after paying OUSA dues. Trond sent them a hardship letter and we were awarded a discount of $400.

2016 Schedule and Meets: Anne reports activity has been fairly inactive. She is confident she can find directors for open meets on the schedule. There are 6 members probably committed to open meets currently. The Annual “Party-O” will be the meet on 6-22. We will plan on a sign up for new board members at this time. So far, no activity from the party planning committee.
Dan has stated he can provide the club with a couple white boards for club use.

Permitting: HS “O” is an ASD event, put on by ASD. AOC provides supplies, organization, set up, but ASD covers the insurance and permit on the meet. Start fees are collected by OUSA, so it was discussed that start fees should be collected for AOC members. Collecting a start fee (by OUSA) for each HS student was left open for discussion, as the meet is actually a ASD event.

Misc-Chris: He will work on exploring an option for a MatSu meet. Possibly using Crevasse Moraine, and holding the meet on a weekend. He’s also promoting Biathalon/Orienteering to the MatSu ski club.

Website: Regan is developing information for early season meet information such as basic start times, Wednesday venues, etc.

Mapping: Ian reports ERNC has spectacular terrain and looks like a fun place to try out. Starting location would be a ways away from the Nature Center (approx.. 1 mile), so a bit of a hike to the start. It would be a good venue for an advanced type meet, but not suitable for something like a HS “O”. Trond will check in with Chugach State Park Board (he’s on it) for possibilities. Barriers could be parking fees, location. Art has expressed interest in making maps around a couple schools (Muldoon Park), but no report recently from him. Trond reports area around Upper Huffman Trailhead has very good potential, and presented a rough map. We could try a “test meet” in this area. There are many trails, but some off trail terrain/vegetation could present difficulties. Cory and Trond will make a test map.

Equipment: Regan reports the equip. is in pretty good shape, and needs to purchase various small items. He will set up the 50 new controls we have for use, and retire the oldest controls. These old controls will be used for training O’s, off season courses, and also available for use by members who want to set something up. Waiver sheet will be revised for 2016 schedule, with current fees and thanks to donors on the form, as well as a spot for “mapping donations”. He will reorder 2016 meet calendars, and free pass forms, and also include a “lost and found” box.

Training: Anne reported that a family and home school group would like O training, and was willing to pay for it. Board does not do a fee for service training, and Chris T volunteered to take part in this training. Cory feels meet director training is a fun thing, but are we really accomplishing our goal of training new people. He suggests we target people who haven’t put on meets to come to training, and then we can assign them to an experienced meet director to help with meets. The goal is to set up this training (with food and beverages) early in the season. He will set up date and venue, and we will find people who want to do this training.

Other Business: Board agrees to “first time free” again for 2016, and all kids O for free, as we are again expecting the $1000 donation from Healthy Futures. Chris suggests we all get orange vests to keep in our car for any upcoming emergency. Anne brought to our attention upcoming O’s in Arizona in mid February. Jill volunteered Eric to vet any course (as he is retired) and would love to do this.

Next meeting – TBD.
Meeting adjourned at 8:45
Minutes respectfully submitted by Joyce G. Secretary

Minutes also available as PDF.

Board Meeting Minutes from December 2, 2015

Arctic Orienteering Club
Board Meeting: Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Meeting called to order at 7:25pm, at Billmans.
Members present: Trond Jensen, Regan Sarwas, Anne Billman, Dan Billman, Ian Moore, Eric Follett, Joyce Goodell, Lexi Hill, Chris Tomsen, Art Harmon and Cory Smith.

Review of October board meeting minutes, minutes approved.

Revision of 2016 schedule was presented. The schedule will not be included in the Runners Calendar. A couple changes were made. Chris suggested he and Ed Strabel team up for ideal in the Mat-Su area. Ian: a suggestion was made to have the annual meet earlier in the year to: 1) sustain the excitement of the season, and more people are around mid season.

The discussion that followed: Call it a “party”. Squeeze a 15 minute meeting during gathering. Add a couple more activities. Schedule it as a “Score-O” so everyone finishes at the same time. Good venues for this are Goose Lake; Storck Park; and Ruth Arcand. Dan suggested having a sub group party committee to plan the event. Lexi volunteered to head committee with Joyce, Anne and Jill F. to complete the committee. The requirements for annual meetings include By-laws; meeting be in the third quarter and election of officers. (we will include these req’s). A date for this event is tentatively 6-22-2016, for a “Solstice O”.

Ian reported Mapping: Discussion included map maintenance, the large amount of maps we have to manage, and the time involved for mapping. For making decisions on mapping we need a work group, developed from either within the club or outsource. Ian created (with Lidar) maps of several areal. He sees it as a good tool for defining contours and wilderness, but will need work for details. Structures, light poles, etc. need to be added manually.

For base maps, Lidar software is awesome for creating O maps with some vegetation. Undergrowth, marshes and manmade don’t show up so it needs to be added. This would be OK for areas that we don’t have yet, and we can add data. There is also software that can be added to make it more useful. Conclusion: Ians’ opinion is that between Lidar and Karttapullautin ( they’re good tools. He suggests we set up a trial meet possibly in the Eagle River area.

More mapping notes: Lidar creates the image and contours and if we use OCAD we need to draw the vegetation. There are several helpful tools available – Open Orienteering Mapper (free mapping) that reads OCAD, and purple pen.

Steps to make map: Lidar makes base map. Size it. Download – Open Orienteering Mapper. Then field checking, then drawing parking lots, fences, trails, etc. Ian will work on the process for making maps.

Updating current maps: Ian will work on Storck Park and Kincaid. Eric would like to help at Kincaid with his GPS hat. For the Big-O, Regan will help in the area around the stadium as many things there have changed and need to be mapped. Any people interested in mapping and improving certain areas contact Ian.

Sharing our Trail Data with outside interests when our map information is asked for: Discussion included what do we actually want to share? Possibly just map contours and trails; not vegetation; wipe out indistinct trails. In this area, we may have a potential to gain fees, as this data is valuable. Sharing our maps with the Muni could possibly benefit our club. We could use this as a way to negotiate future trail user fees for our club. How about something like a 10 year waiver for OAC trail fees through the Municipality.

OUSA recharter fees. The fees have had an increase of approximately $790 a year. This could possibly be less if we don’t own the Big-O and the High School-O since they are ADS events. We will check with Mike on this. A motion was made and approved to pay the OUSA recharter fee of $2000 up to $2500 was made and approved. This is an increase of 100% in fees. Our club could apply for a hardship. AOC cannot take advantage and benefit from OUSA’s activities because of our location. Dan and Trond will apply for the hardship.

The Board approves a check for $1661 for Muni Park user fees. Ann motions, Regan seconded.

Shelly put on an “O” meet at Kincaid for the Dimond and West ski team. 100 kids participated, and all enjoyed it. Map costs came to $31.30. Lexi moved we pay Dan for the maps. An agreement was made that in the future, please send board E-mail for prior approval for expenses to putting on individual events if you want to get reimbursed. Regan seconded. Approved for AOC to pay for maps.

Income: Dan will find the paperwork to re-apply for the Healthy Future Grant. Trond will handle the Conoco Phillips grant paperwork.


  • OUSA AED offer: It was decided not to participate in the purchase of an AED for the club.
  • AK Safe trails: It was decided not to support the safe trails initiative
  • Art has an incomplete but useful Excel spreadsheet database of the AOC members. We will use it for help with finding meet directors. Regan will put this data on the protected area of our website.

Next Meeting scheduled for Wednesday 2-3-16. Discussion on Mapping, Schedule

Meeting adjourned at 9:29pm

Minutes respectfully submitted by Joyce Goodell, Secretary

Minutes also available as DOC.

Board Meeting Minutes from November 4, 2015

Arctic Orienteering Club
Board Meeting: Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Meeting called to order at 7:20pm, at Billmans.
Members present: Ian Moore, Cory Smith, Joyce Goodell, Ann Billman, Shelly Laws, Trond Jensen, Della Grey, Lia Keller, Art Harmon, Dan Billman, Jill Follet, and Chris Tomsen.

2016 Schedule was presented by Ann B. There are 4 proposed Ski-O’s. An idea to revise the names of the “O”s was brought up so people know what type of “O” it is.

Several meets still need directors. There was a discussion to re-arrange the schedule dates to maximize beginner turnout; also keeping in mind timing of event with terrain/snow/foliage and downfall issues. Several members are in favor of bringing Crevasse Morraine. It was discussed that if we do have an “O” at Storck park, set it as an “advanced” course. Lexi volunteered to set a Mountain “O” at Hatcher Pass, and a date of early to mid July was suggested. Ann will work up another draft of the schedule, and E-mail to board members for input.

Map Making: Possibly using “Lidar” to make base maps of the MatSu areas, and work with Ed Strabel. Maybe make a map with him, to help promote Orienteering in the MatSu area. Chris will attend the MatSu Ski Club meeting and talk with Ed regarding mapping and promoting “O”s in the valley.

Dan B proposed the idea of a MatSu Club and an Anchorage O club. Possibly put on weekend events so people of all areas can attend. Anyway, lets get the dialog going in this direction.

Trond proposed expanding maps around schools like Hanshew. Cory has worked with the O’Malley map area. More possibilities could be Bowman and Huffman elementary’s.

Develop a sub group to get new mapping started. Ian will get a sample of the “Lidar” and see how it will work out. We will follow up at December meeting.

Regarding electronic punching: Some saw no benefit; some thought it was fun. The Pros: it was a success for advanced courses; and the data information was fun the Cons: clunky gear; no validation when punching; didn’t use it enough; adds more work for the meet director, and participants need more exposure for evaluation. We will see if we can borrow it again for the early season so we can take advantage of the traditional meets.

LaTouche Pediatrics wants to sponsor an event. The discussion that followed included what expenses we need to think about: meet fee permits; trail “head” per person cost; mapping costs. Our cost per meet was estimated at 3-4$ per person. We also could ask sponsors to advertise AOC in their offices. Lia will investigate what LaTouche is willing to donate to sponsor a meet.

Shelly will set the Sprint course at Kincaid for her Ski for Kids and keep it up for a few days. The map will be posted online on our website.

Action issues for next meeting:

  • 2016 Schedule
  • Base map from Lidar to be presented by Ian
  • Mapping for 2016-we do have money for the Swiss guys

Meeting adjourned at 9:04

Minutes submitted respectfully by Joyce Goodell, Secretary

Minutes also available as DOC.

Board Meeting Minutes from 8/11/15

Arctic Orienteering Club
Board Meeting: Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Meeting called to order at 7:20pm.
Members present: Trond Jensen; Joyce Goodell; Dan Billman; Lia Keller; Anne Billman; Regan Sarwas; Mike Robinson; Kathy Farynairz.

  1. Annual meeting planning

    Bill Spencer will Run the Score-O, with the meet time 6:00–7:00pm, and the eat and meet directly to follow at the Goose Lake venue. Food picked up by Kathy; Meet directors and Donors will be recognized with etched glasses. Also recognition for this years’ trainers (Jen, Mike R and Jill F) and also Toby S. for providing use of the E-punch system. No door prizes this year. Regan will announce course winners; but also amend this after the last three traditional meets. We will distribute bring a buddy prizes at meeting.

  2. Officers of the Club

    planning to step down this year are Kathy and Mike (VP of Events) andalso Trond as president. Trond did state he may be available to run board meetings. We will hold nominations/elections at the Annual Meeting.

  3. Finance Report from Dan Billman

    The club is operating in the black, keeping a balance of approximately $2000 in our checking account. The biggest expense we have had in the past 5 years was mapping. Membership is up by 50% this year due to club marketing and recruitment. Question was asked if we need to up the meet fees, and Board decided to hold the rate structure as is, as we have more participants and are still generating income.

  4. Trial Electronic Punch Discussion:

    Pros: used for Green and Red only; it was easy; fun. Cons: to purchase something like this would burden the whole club with cost with only a portion of the members getting to use it. Also, Dan says the E-punch system is a much simpler system, but the meet director is burdened with more work. So how do we finance a system? It was suggested that if we do go ahead with this in the future, use some sort of grant to finance.

  5. Misc new business:

    On sign up sheet for 2016 season Meets, there will be a line added for an “Assistant Meet Director”, to encourage members to help put on meets and get more experience with the process. The training sessions were a great success, and many people participated. Some feedback was “helpful” and “friendly”.

  6. 2016 schedule:

    Plan to keep 4 Ski-O’s for the winter, and we will hopefully have snow, and if not, adjust. Mike presented the draft, and there was discussion regarding moving the “Big-O” and the “High School O” to Wednesday evenings. Also, the decrease the time between the breaks we had in this years’ summer schedule (two weeks), to keep momentum going.

  7. Dan Billman:

    reported that the Muni is purchasing a new Lidar Imagry system for mapping, and that the front of the Chugach Range (and possibly more areas like around the Schools) will be possibly mapped. Ian may get a copy and run one map, and or play with the program. This system makes mapping much easier and is very accurate. If maps were made around the schools, they could be used for Orienteering!

Meeting adjourned at 8:52 pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Joyce Goodell, Secretary

Minutes also available as PDF.

Board Meeting Minutes from 4/1/15

Arctic Orienteering Club
Board Meeting: Wed, April 1st, 2015, 7-9 pm

Meeting called to order at 7:10 pm.
Members present: Trond Jensen, Joyce Goodell, Lexi Hill, Chris Tomsen, Kathy Farnyiarz, Regan Sarwas, Art Harman, Lia Keller, Della Grey, Mike Robinson, Dan Billman, Anne Billman, Ian Moore

  1. Financial overview, Dan Billman: Club has $1500 in checking, $20,000 in savings. Dan will put numbers together regarding income and expenditures.
  2. Fee Structure: If we change the membership fees, we will vote on it at the annual meeting. Healthy futures again donated $1000 so all kids can “O” free. It was suggested that we add to the yearly form, a line for “donations” for things like the “mapping fund”. Regan agreed to change the form.
  3. Implementing the “bring a buddy” system. We now have cards printed up to hand out to individuals for “1st time Free”. We also will award club members who bring new people one ticket per new person. At the end of the season, we will have a drawing for a free season pass from the bucket of tickets collected. Tickets are in the meet box.
  4. Promo materials: We have “free for first time” cards to hand out, and also nice compact schedules of all our meets to distribute to the public, from Mike.
  5. Training schedule, Anne: One meet director training was at Billmans’ on April 22. A beginner training for Intro to Orienteering was put on by Anne before the 4-29 meet, and was well attended. More training meets scheduled: 5-20; 5-27; 6-17; 7-8; 8-5. All are Intro to Orienteering, except the 5-27 training, which is “Using a Compass”.
  6. SAR procedure: it was passed out at meeting, we will take suggestions.
  7. JBER/iSportsman pass is now $10 a season. Chris will verify where iSportsman passes are necessary.
  8. Misplaced or Missing controls, Trond: If the meet director knows ahead of time or starts getting reports of a M/M control, they will tell participants who start thereafter that there is a problem. If possible, send someone out ASAP to fix it. Still record times of finishers, null the results for season standings.
  9. FNBP: No reports. On 6/5 and 6/6 Lexi and Dela will help with the Girl Scout Encampment.
  10. AOB: Discussion of things like Pub run, O-scavanger hunt, Lia will ask for volunteers. Do something, possibly in June, on a week with no meets.
  11. Next Board Meeting August 4th, venue possibly Billmans.

Meeting adjourned at 9:12pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Joyce Goodell, Secretary.

Minutes also available as MS Word and PDF

Board Meeting Minutes – February 18, 2015



Meeting called to order at 7:50pm.
Members present: Mike Robinson; Trond Jensen; Dan Billman; Regan Sarwas; Lia Keller; Anne Billman; Chris Tomson; Lexi Hill

  1. 2015 Season Readiness
    1. Schedule
      1. Class-room training (scheduled for 4/28) cancelled. Instead there will be training before specific events
      2. iSportsman may cost $10/person/year. Chris to continue to liase with JBER for alternatives to access and permits
      3. Need back-up venue for Fossil Creek (6/3): Back-up #1 – Pia’s, back-up #2 -Abbot Loop Community Park
      4. Future agenda item: fee structure for 2016+
    2. Equipment
      1. Mike will update SAR sheet in meet boxes and circulate text to board members for review
      2. Do we need to update our SAR procedure?
        1. Print safety info on map
        2. Encourage everyone bring a cell phone
        3. Table discussion for next board meeting
  2. 2015 Strategy: “Better Promote Our Sport”
    1. Bring a buddy
      1. Free for buddy (1 time)
      2. Free season pass drawing (one ticket for each buddy brought)
      3. Acknowledge and award best buddy bringers (o-glass)
      4. Schedule card w/buddy system details for folks to hand out to potential buddies (Mike will make cards)
    2. Training
      1. Training schedule: not yet ready.  Idea is to have event(s) with experienced orienteers to teach newbies. Anne to develop training schedule for presentation at next board meeting.
    3. Promo materials
      1. Wallet cards with schedule (see 2.1.4 above)
      2. Have flyers to promote future events; post at earlier meets, other running events, AMH, etc.
      3. Market a specific event to a specific group (e.g. road runners, trail runners, mnt. runners, etc.). Mike will incorporate this info on schedule spreadsheet and send out for board review and comments.
      4. Have a long white course (example: Kincaid chalet to Jodphur to Little Campbell Lake and back to chalet).  Advertise to e.g. TNR and pub runners.  Lia will contact pub runners and TNR
  3. New business (as time allows)
    1. Summer intern (Dan)
      1. Tasmanian orienteering events used “interns” from Denmark to help out with events etc.  Dan thinks Alaska would be of great interest to European interns.
      2. Need well layed out plan and schedule.  Not able to do this for 2015, but 2016 would be possible.
      3. What to use intern for? Setting up training events, perform trail mapping, course vetting, etc.
      4. What is cost to AOC? Intern would pay own travel; AOC would pay for room and board and some stipend(?)
      5. What are the liabilities?
      6. Dan will contact his Danish connection for more details
    2. Policy regarding misplaced or missing controls  (tabled for future board meeting)
    3. FNBP Trails (tabled for future board meeting)
  4. Next meeting April 1st, 7:00 pm

Meeting Adjurned 9:50 pm