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Minutes of March 21, 2018 Board Meeting

Arctic Orienteering Club
Meeting of the Board of Directors
March 21st, 2018

Meeting called to order at 7:16.

Members present: Joyce Goodell; Mike Robinson; Lexi Hill; Dela Gray; Dorn VanDommelen; Eric Follet; Chris Tomsen; Toby Schworer; Mark Findlay; Andy Olnes; Lia Keller and Regan Sarwas.

Minutes from previous meeting were approved.

Old Business discussed:

  1. Two club members need to do a fiscal audit of our finances. Lexi and Andy will do this;
    contact Eric F for items to review.
  2. Stolen Equipment: Regan has not re-ordered anything yet-he will replace tubs, tables,
    controls and any other items that were stolen.
  3. Waiver for Review: Do we need to change anything? Add Safety information, change fees?
    We will go to web site to review the form.
  4. Schedule review: Leave august 15th meet for training, or Fun-O, something light for casual orienteers not going to Whitehorse meets. Much discussion and moving of meets. Chris is looking to add a weekend meet in June. We already have lots of meets assigned.
  5. On Attack Point: we will check with Ian and post pre and post-meets around the NA
  6. Ways to Promote NAC: Eric is willing to organize some sort of “medal” to acknowledge our competitors and placements at the NAC meets. Earlybird deadline is 3-31. Mike will send out blurbs everywhere and will also contact the group via E-mail as a reminder. The question was brought up about possibly funding someone to go to the meet-like an 18-24 year old. Eric sort of nixed it. Dorn sees a need to develop more young people. Lexi suggests putting up a flyer at early meets to see if someone is interested. Mike suggests individuals contribute to a fund to sponsor someone. Lexi, Mike and Chris are interested in this.
  7. Boy scout Camporee is May 5th. Mike will send out an E-mail to the group involved next
    week (Wed the 28th).
  8. Mapping: Lots of discussion. Toby is interested in long term, strategy (for a big meet)
    development; fundraising. Save our funds and develop the club further. We should pay attention to Whitehorse-how did they achieve this? Eric suggests a “cheap” map of ER. The board is hesitant to committing to bring up mappers and spend large amounts of funds without a clear idea in mind. A motion was proposed by Mike: Hold off on mappers this year and for Eagle River. The majority was in favor. Mike also proposed late fall ER practice meet. Eric is willing to scout ER, and put trails on the map, but will find out how that would affect an “A” meet in the future. Eric says OCAD open orienteering map making is free, but it does not set courses. OCAD 2018 is costly, and doesn’t see going this route, but Dorn has OCAD and says it’s “One Stop Shopping” and can make maps quickly UAA has it and Toby, Dorn and Lexi can possibly use it for our advantage. They will pursue map making with OCAD. Lexi volunteered to purchase the $50 OCAD map license to practice with it.
  9. Risk Management Plan: Action Items that got positive results:
    1. Safety Notebook
    2. General safety information for participants on our Website
    3. Meet Director to carry a phone, and put number on the map
    4. It is recommended to have a second person during the meet
    5. Have whistles, possibly bear spray, and purchase an air horn
    6. Review our First Aid Kit

    All Items will be review later, and we will begin with implementing some of the items.

  10. Meet Fees: Discussed and proposed: $10 Adult meet fee; $75 Individual; $110 family; board members are free, but encouraged to pay.
  11. Regarding Pick/Click/Give to raise money. The cost to post this is $290, and then they
    take 7%. Deferred to next year.
  12. We are working on a mailing list for volunteers/directors. Im not sure who it is though. 🙁
  13. Regarding chapters in Mat-Su and Fairbanks-Mike has checked into it, and will pressure further.


  1. 4.1 Shelly-Nothing planned or set yet. Mike will talk with Shelly
  2. 4.2 Regan: 90% of it is still intact. Dorn says this might be a good Eagle Scout Project for consideration. The Trails are changing, and the map needs to be improved. Dorn will try to generate an OCAD of the area.
  3. Announcements: Palmer Library has Geocaching project. Someone there (not Pete) is interested in orienteering.

No meeting is scheduled until end of the season. Meeting was adjourned at 9:30pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Joyce Goodell, Secretary

Minutes are also available as PDF.

Minutes of January 17, 2018 Board Meeting

Arctic Orienteering Club
Meeting of the Board of Directors
January 17th, 2018

Members present: Chris Tomsen; Dorn VanDommelen; Dela Grey; Eric Follet; Toby Schworer; Mike Robinson; Art Harmon; Mark Findlay; Andy Olnes

Corrections to December Minutes

  1. Add Mark Findlay to attendees
  2. #4 Correct sill to still
  3. #7 Replace ‘No decision was made at this time.’ with ‘Club does not include in regular schedule but willing to add if someone volunteers to put one on.’
  4. #10 Add to end ‘Club may want to try to establish a Mat-Su chapter.’


  1. Lexi absent so discussion on finalizing season schedule will wait until next meeting.
  2. Championships in Yukon Aug 17th. Send out announcement to club membership. Should club pay/support 18-25yr old to compete? Hold an Alaska championships at the meet, i.e. recognize the top Alaska competitors.
  3. Meets in Alaska for possible outside visitors. Some but not a lot of interest on Attack Point forum. August 15th too close. August 8th HS-O maybe too hard to reschedule. August 11 EQ Park? August 12 Mountain-O?
  4. BSA Camporee May 5th. Dorn working on BSA permitting/insurance. Club volunteers Eric, Chris, Mike, Regan, and Lexi. They will work with Dorn to define activities & events. Hold club event later in day.

Risk management plan

  1. No one had read it, no comments in google document. People thrown off by size, hard to distinguish between plan itself, practices/policies for consideration & appendix. Concern about being proscriptive, is there liability if we fail to follow set policies?
  2. Discussed how to proceed. Break it into three separate docs: the plan itself; recommendations to consider about policies/practices; appendix/supplemental stuff. Deadlines for people to comment and discussion on recommendations


  1. Mappers this summer. 7km to map ER + ERNC + SW Ruth Arcand. $14k for labor and car rental, probably come in lower. CSP board okay with mapping ER. Need to double check with ERNC – Mark will initiate contact. If ERNC ends up no-go, look to another area of
    Mat-Su. Maybe save 10% for mapping in Mat-Su?
  2. Mapping software. Need to standardize mapping and course software. Nice if could use tablet to correct maps / vet courses in field. OpenOrienteering does not import LIDAR or set courses. You can use QGIS to convert LIDAR for import into OpenOrienteering. OCAD12: mapping client ~$700, course setting client ~$60. Toby will look at demo, firm up budget. Eric will check with Ian about what he uses now and his thoughts on OCAD12.

Audit committee report

  1. Should be done annually at end of year. Two members, not president or treasurer. Mark volunteered, need one more.

Kids Run Free

  1. Want to do again this year if we can get sponsors. Eric will look at cost, i.e. permit fee per start. Sponsors about $1300 last year ConocoPhillips, HealthyFutures, Dekreons

Set up mailing list for meet directors & assistants & volunteers

Pick Click Give

  1. $250 application – one time or each year? % take by program? Eric willing to donate $125. Probably worth trying, Mike will get more info.

Club chapters

  1. Mat-Su? Fairbanks? How to other clubs handle it?


  1. Training

Next meeting March 1-10

Minutes are also available as Word Doc.

Minutes of December 7, 2017 Board Meeting

Arctic Orienteering Club
Meeting of the Board of Directors
December 7th, 2017

Meeting was called to order at 7:10pm.

Members present: Chris Tomsen; Dorn VanDommelen; Dela Grey; Joyce Goodell; Lia Keller; Eric Follet; Toby Schworer; Anne Billman; Lexi Hill; Shelly Laws; Regan Sarwas.

Old Business:

  1. Minutes from previous meeting were approved by Dela. Club has no outstanding bills, and all fees paid up to date. Thank you cards were signed by board for last years sponsors.

New Business:

  1. It was suggested we announce board meetings, date and time on social media, the mailing list and the AOC Website, via Lia, so members and non members alike are aware of meetings.
  2. Regan discussed what equipment we need to replace that was stolen last season. He was authorized by the board to spend up to $300 for misc gear-tables, compasses, clipboards, and bins and anything else we need to replace.
  3. Dela attended a FNBP user meeting. A Stuckagain Heights homeowner wants to create a “Nature Preserve” in an area, and would like support from AOC. The club supports “authorized trails” and at this time no action will be taken.
  4. Next Seasons’ meet schedule was discussed at length. We sill plan some meets around the NA Championships in Whitehorse in August. Board discussed planning for 2-3 meets in Anchorage right before the Championship to possibly showcase our area. Possible ideas were a Sunday Mt “O” on the 12th, then M,T or W one or two other events. Possibly at Mirror Lake and Earthquake Park. Ann Will send this information out through contact point “O” Website. Lia will announce on Facebook of upcoming events.
  5. Next Season schedule: Lexi will work the schedule around the Championships, and Fish and Game issues as well as APU “mud issues”.
  6. Camporee May 5 at Mirror Lake. Dorn discussed the kids being bused over to ML, and use our Maps for the O. One idea was that our club could set up training stations and a Intro to Orienteering discussion for participants. They will cover the permits, cost of maps, and borrow the clubs’ equipment. We would work with Dorn and have volunteers help put the meet on and help with training.
  7. Toby asked about Winter “O”’s, including winter Bike “O”s. No decision was made at this time.
  8. Risk Management Plan: Anne presented a detailed plan for us to read over. The purpose for this is because Orienteering has risks. The goals are 1-to promote safety for orienteers, and 2-to limit risks for meet directors. Please, everyone review-make notes and react for more discussion at the next meeting. Lets work in a risk/safety plan. Toby talked with F&G about our new suggested plan, and they offered to look over and review plan with suggestions, etc. Anne will send this information out through AttakPoint national orienteering website. Board members please bring it back to next board meeting for more discussion.
  9. Eric suggested the Club Members become members of Orienteering USA. “OUSA”.
  10. Mapping: Great maps of the Eagle River area were presented by Toby. Some of the issues of ER (good and Bad) were discussed. Great terrain; it’s a wildlife corridor; A remote start presents the best terrain for meets; and it is between MatSu and Anchorage making it available to a larger group of people.
  11. Mapping, cont: We have funds for mapping, and it is suggested we bring mappers up for a two week period, for a cost of approximately $13,000. They could accomplish about 8K in that time. Areas that need work: Ruth Arcand; Southern part of Pia’s; FNBP In a two week period the mappers could possibly work on ER, RA and maybe something else. If we omit ER, the could work on something else.
  12. A suggestion was made to get our club on the “Pick, Click, Give” list, that is available for PFD’s

Next meeting items to discuss: Risk management plan, and bringing mappers up.

Meeting adjourned at 9:07

Minutes respectfully submitted by Joyce Goodell, Secretary

Link to meeting minutes as PDF

Minutes of September 9, 2017 Annual Meeting

Arctic Orienteering Club
Annual Meeting
September 9th, 2017

The meeting was called to order at approximately 11:10am by President Mike Robinson with 13 people in attendance. Mike took notes in the absence of the club secretary.

The minutes from the previous annual meeting on September 10, 2016 were reviewed and approved. Mike gave a president’s report focusing on initiatives the club pursued during the previous year:

  • Finding alternative sponsors for the “kids run free” program
  • Series of training events at meets
  • Discussions about possible mapping projects for 2018
  • Explorations into developing a youth program including club support for a boy scout encampment focused on orienteering at Mirror Lake in May 2018

Ian Moore, the VP of Mapping, reported on plans to bring mappers in the summer of 2018 and the possibility of creating a new map near the Eagle River Nature Center.

The slate of candidates for the incoming Board of Directors was presented, and the proposed candidates were approved by unanimous voice vote. The following were elected:

President – Mike Robinson
VP Administrative – Dela Grey
Secretary – Joyce Goodell
Treasurer – Eric Follett
VP Media – Lia Keller
VP Equipment – Regan Sarwas
VP Mapping – Toby Schwoerer
VP Training – Shelly Laws
VP Events – Lexi Hill
VP Membership – Art Harmon
At Large – Chris Tomsen
At Large – Andy Olnes
At Large – Mark Findlay

The 2017 meet directors were acknowledged and presented them with drinking glasses as tokens of appreciation.

The preliminary 2018 meet schedule was posted. Attendees were asked to consider signing up as meet directors or assistants for a given date and the map/location they would prefer to use.

The cumulative results of the 2017 season were reviewed and the top place finisher in each category who was present at the annual meeting was awarded with a Snickers bars.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 11:50am.

Addendium: Here is the financial report submitted by the treasurer who was out of state and missed the annual meeting:

In summary, we have has income about $4,500 this year. Our expenses are low so to date we have not spent much of that so far, however, we need to pay the venue fees to the MOA parks for the year. We have 30 individual and 18 family memberships, up slightly from last year. Major donations this year are Stephanie Kesler, $100, Gerhart-Dekreons, $100, and Lexi Hill, $220 (compasses). We have $20K in savings and $7K in checking.

Minutes of April 12, 2017 Board Meeting

Arctic Orienteering Club
Meeting of the Board of Directors
April 12th, 2017

Members present: Dan Billman, Shelly Laws, Joyce Goodell, Art Harmon, Chris Thompson, Mike Robinson, Cory Smith, Dela Gray, Ian Moore, Regan Sarwas

Meeting called to order at 7:13 by Mike Robinson, at Shelly Laws’ house. Minutes from 2-6-2017 were approved.

Old Business:

  1. Ian: Mappers who where here before are not available this year, but possibly will be next year. We will try and come up with a mapping plan this year for them.
  2. Dela: Meet at ERNC: They suggest a meet later in the season. The club can do some surveying prior and create some type of map.
  3. Ian suggests more club members explore the area for possibilities.
  4. Ruth Arcand – Ian: Expand the map to include starts that could originate from Spring Hill or Henshew. Possibly a project for people we used before, but RA is not a big enough single project for the mappers, so we should add another area.
  5. Clearing deadfall: What would it take to remove deadfall; areas of concern seem to be Ridge/Richter area, FNBP and around hilltop. What are the liabilities. Item tabled for now.
  6. Single Track Bike Trails: A new trail is proposed to be developed in and around the Spencer Loop trail. Cory is requesting that AOC have some input on this particular trail. Mike doesn’t think this trail will have much of a negative impact on AOC, and Cory agrees, but would like us to be on their “list” for input on any further trail development . Mike will attend the STA meeting and report to them.
  7. Youth Program:
    1. Mike: The USOF website has a grant for youth activities in the amount of $1000, but has already been awarded for this year. The director of the Jr. National program can help us with planning and developing a youth program, and has a possible $1000 grant for mapping.
    2. Dorn (representing South Central area Boy Scouts) has proposed a scout “encampment” with a orienteering event for May, 2018. The scouts could possibly pay the cost of the meet. He is interested in learning this as a “sport, “ and wants to come to some meets this year. Possibly we develop some merit badge trainers. Shelly and Chris are interested. We could designate meets as “scout friendly” and provide training. If this occurs, we need an estimate of participants.
    3. Dan suggests that newbies may be more comfortable with urban maps, and we have 4 meets available – APU, UAA, Russian Jack. These could be good for “scout adventure meets”. The idea is to get a course they’re comfortable with so they can run their own map with training right before the meet. So, again, advertise a few meets at “scout friendly”. Also the RSVP is important for map printing. Dan and Shelly and Art are very willing to help.
    4. Other Camps that already exist that may be interested in participating in an “O” event are APU summer camp and CCSC.
    5. 2017 – Again, kids run free. Encourage Dorn to check website for training events for planning.
    6. Merit badge counselor – Mike will put something on website asking for volunteers, and also correspond with Dorn for coordinating these items.
    7. Ians’ vision for a JR program: Get a core group of kids that are particularly interested in O’ing, and focus this with them. Also believes that the “day Camps” holds no benefit to AOC, it’s more like an activity to keep them busy.
    8. Shelly/Art: possibly reach out to their various groups of kids to encourage “O” activities-such as ski groups, workout groups like APU, AWS
    9. Healthy Futures has donated $100 for the KRF program, and Mike will send a letter looking for possibly sponsors.
  8. Organizing Volunteers: Usually meet directors usually procure their own helpers. Maybe we can find an “APP” with sign up capabilities. Cory suggested a white board at meet for needs for this meet and upcoming meets! Great idea!
  9. Website updates-Regan: Mailing list move to google groups, minutes are being posted to website. He has a goal of increasing efficiency of moving through website. There is a link on the sidebar for schedule and sponsor logos.
  10. Schedule: posted on website. Several changes- Big O, Mid season pizza Social, 2.2, and earthquake park. For meet changes, see website for updates. Annual Meeting combined with last meet? Maybe at Bill Johnsons, and start could be at SHS! (thanks in advance, Bill) For Fossil Creek- Chris will get details of what gate needs for entrance.

New Business:

  1. Regan-equipment: 2 new tables, and some new controls. Were good on supplies.
  2. Meet director training: Possibly at Billman’s – check the website.
  3. Dan just noted he gets his maximum wellness points from O meets. Way to go Dan.


  1. Give your meet bills to Dan. Do your printing through Great Originals. Shall we have an EpiPen available for meet box? Joyce will look into getting one. The Girl scout event is June 2 and 3. Dela needs people – Mike is interested, Shelly and Art will check back.
  2. For the mid-season Social-we will send out an E-mail for volunteers.

Next meeting: TBD by end of the season meet.

Meeting adjourned @9:00.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Joyce Goodell, Secretary

Meeting Minutes as Word Doc

Minutes of February 6, 2017 Board Meeting

Arctic Orienteering Club
Meeting of the Board of Directors
February 6th, 2017

Members present: Mike Robinson, Dela Gray, Lexi Hill, Ian Moore, Regan Sarwas, Shelly Laws,
Joyce Goodell, Dan Billman, Jill Follet, Eric Follet, Cory Smith and Lia Keller.

The Meeting was called to order at 7:11, at Regan Sarwas home.

Old Business:

  1. Mapping work for 2017.

    Much discussion follows. The compiled Survey results were provided by Mike. Mike presented a social aspect to the meets such as meeting somewhere after the meet for beers/food away from the event, as this could present a hazard. (beer). The main focus seems to be mapping.

    Some ideas: Eliminating some deadfall from specific areas. Hazards would be limbs, injuries. Beach Lake consensus is that it is pretty boggy. Mirror Lake area (North) is not so great due to steepness and devils club. Government Hill is on the steep side; many ski and bike trails. Ruth Arcand has 1⁄2 again usable area for meets-there is a swampy band through it, then usable area on the other side. One idea is to have a start at Henshew Jr. High.

    Remote areas: Regan states his concern for more remote areas is lack of turnout. IE: CM area has attracted very few participants. Girdwood: someone needs to do some re-con through the woods. This land is owned by the Muni, so mapping wouldn’t be hindered. Ian has explored this area and didn’t think it was a very good area to develop. Also, Bird Creek is not very interesting and there is the issue of bears.

    Skilak Lake VS ERNC. Board agrees SL is a bit too remote. We were more interested in ERNC. Meets here would be better earlier in the season. We would need to hype it up to encourage participation. Some logistics were: Talk to the Nature Center; Can we get permits here, Parking for a meet. The park has already GPS’d it. A trip out to check it out is worthwhile.

New Business:

  1. The vote was what to do with FNBP. Consensus was this is high priority. Hiring someone from the outside has produced inconsistent results. Areas that need the most improvement: Beginner area at Mile 1.1. Dan says Mile 2.2 on the North side of the road need major cleaning up. Ian suggests Ballfield area; Eric notes the “Burn” at Service is bad.0 Dan suggests breaking up FNBP into areas: E,W, creek, etc.
  2. Eric thinks we should start over with Lidar. Our maps and GPS don’t jive. Ian says Lidar is a good starting point. There are some concerns: the tops of alders show up, and it’s not great at veg mapping, or picking up trails.
  3. Ians idea: Start with Lidar for Topo. Then find the trails and features (boulders, etc) with gps. Then hire someone to finish it off. (Like the Sweds.)
  4. It was suggested we form groups to “survey” the ares, and make corrections on the current maps. Cory agrees there is value to remapping bad areas and combining with correct areas. In conclusion: Ask Toby if the Sweds are interested in coming back for mapping. We (the Club) do a bunch of prep work first to get the most area mapped as possible.
  5. Plan: Ruth Arcand and ERNC could be one project, estimating the cost to be about $10,000. Expand Ruth Arcand; and look at ERNC. Do a phased approach to updating FNBP.
  6. Regan: Equipment purchases: will discuss at the next meeting.
  7. Develop a Juniors program: What would this be and what would it look like. What do other clubs do? Set up a Training camp? USOF could help with funding. We could hire someone to put on the camp, possibly with a USOF training guide.
  8. What are our options for deadfall in FNBP. Dela will contact someone to ask if we can do something, and what would be the liabilities.
  9. Shelly discussed the patterning program with companies and interested parties to aid the clubs expenses for “Kids run Free”. She has a rough draft of a solicitations letter that we will clean up, to distribute to possible donors for contributions.

Next Meeting: Tentatively March 29, possibly early April Host TBD-maybe Shelly.

Meeting adjourned at 8:57

Minutes Respectfully submitted by Joyce Goodell, Secretary

Meeting Minutes as PDF

Additional Notes on Mapping Meeting at the same time/location (these are not meeting minutes, but individual notes)

Minutes of Jan 3, 2017 Board Meeting

Arctic Orienteering Club
Board of Directors’ Meeting
January 3rd, 2017

Members Present: Mike Robinson; Dela Grey; Lexi Hill; Ian Moore; Regan Sarwas; Shelly Laws; Chris Thompson; Joyce Goodell; Art Harmon; Dan Billman; Anne Billman; Jill Follet

Called to Order 7:16

Old Business:

  1. Website changes: Dela asked to have first thing on the website to be the “next event” instead of the “last event”. Regan will put a link on webpage to download the O schedule
  2. Coordinating volunteers: tabled until the new schedule is finalized
  3. Meets: Much discussion on Crevasse Moraine, Fossil Creek. Many tweeks were made, and meets swapped for different dates. Lexi will rewrite and send the updated schedule to Mike to update the runners calendar. Discussion to add a couple of Ski-O’s. Art and Shelly showed interest in this. No dates were set.
  4. O in downtown Palmer in February, but Pete LaFrance is flexible. Discussion was should this be a training event or an “O” scheduled event. Board decided this to move toward an event, we provide equipment, support. Pete to provide Insurance and permitting, and also to provide a street map. Anne volunteered to help.

New Business:

  1. Healthy Futures can donate $100 to club, instead of the $1000 in previous years. Consensus was that kids still orienteer free. We will look for additional sponsors; possibly advertising “matching” format. The idea of putting sponsor’s name on front page of Web Page-there is plenty of room. Kids run free 2017 logo will be on the website, and discussion will continue.
  2. The donation of a six acre park in Bear Valley is not something the Club in interested in acquiring. It’s a nice gesture, but not much use to the club. We are not interested in becoming property “owners”.
  3. Mapping in 2017. Ians ideas regarding FNBP-do a chunk of it; it’s expensive but a well used area; and clean up areas of map. Also, continue with RA; Bartlett. Eagle River-1 mile from the ERNC has great woods, terrain. Great opportunity for O’s, but its far out, 5$ parking (and lot is small), and a 1 mile walk to the “start” area. This may not benefit all who want to do O’s. Dan (along with a majority of the board) is for improving FNBP. Chris is interested int the Eagle Glen golf area. Dan asked if Chugach St. Park allows up to map the area. Many ideas for this years mapping. Discussion and decision will continue.
  4. Feb 6th will be the next Board meeting, and Regan will host. Questions posed to think about: What does “O” mean to us? What do we want/expect from the O club? Do we want more maps, and or better experiences? We need more dialogue about what do the Orienteers want from our Club. What do Orienteers want from the club experience?
  5. Dan sent USO fee payment in for $1300 to include Insurance and starts.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:46

Minutes respectfully submitted by Joyce Goodell, Secretary

Minutes also available as a Word Doc

Minutes of Nov 3, 2016 Board Meeting

Arctic Orienteering Club
Board of Directors’ Meeting
November 3rd, 2016

Called to order at 7:15

Attending: Mike Robinson, Dela Grey, Lia Keller, Regan Sarwas, Ian Moore, Cory Smith, Lexi Hill, Art Harmon, Shelly Laws, Jill Follett

Minutes from August 16 approved

Old business

a. Mike will hold the meet director glasses for Joyce and Brian

b. Thank yous: Mike will check with Dan for the list, sign them at our next meeting.

c. Outstanding fees or bills: Lexi and Anne will wrap up MOA and BLM fees

i. Dan sent a message that we have $8900.00 in checking with no outstanding bills. If you need reimbursement, please contact him.

Coordinating volunteers

Art indicated needing a method to match volunteers with meet directors needing help. We also need a way to thank the volunteers.

a. Options discussed were, googledocs and/or volunteers (indicating if a novice or experienced) selecting a meet and the director will contact them.

b. Meet directors are encouraged to ask NOW if they will need help.

c. Jill encouraged a direct call to volunteers to make a personal connection.

d. We will have a specific proposal and possible “Pilot Project” at next meeting.

2017 Schedule

Reviewed and some changes were indicated.

a. Discussion about our involvement in the Big-O on May 2nd. Possibility of not having it one our events, but rather holding a meet on May 3 or the weekend.

b. Ski-O: Shelly would like to use the club’s gear for an ASD meet. We could tell members it is a training event providing the map on the internet.


a. Corey will provide a similar format and calendar to last year – possibility of adding a meet director training.

b. He indicated a high level of those attending meets after their training.

c. Idea of providing small ‘try it outs’ at meets (i.e., pacing in the woods, compass bearings, corridor maps)

d. Ideas discussed for helping racers move up a level


Fees will stay the same and the board agreed to continue the “First Time Free”

a. Mike will contact Trond about the Healthy Future’s grant for under 18.


a. Regan would like to move our documents from GoDaddy to GoogleDocs with a folder for each VP position.

b. Mike will look into Google for Non-Profits as it has many useful features.

UA Ski support letter

While the entire board supports the cause, it was decided to not use the AOC mailing list as it is not directly related to orienteering.


a. Trailer: Declined as the possible liability and members not having correct hitches.

b. Regan will buy folding tables.

c. Electronic punch: tabled


a. What do we want for our club in the future (New maps? National meet?)

b. We have money and need to decide how it can best be used.


a. Girl scout encampment on June 2-3, volunteers needed as it is worthwhile

b. Find a way to work with the boy scouts and provide training.

c. Mike would like to have more outreach to groups that overlap with our members by attending their board meetings

d. Find a way to increase attendance by younger community members

Runner’s Calendar

Mike and Ruth will provide printing for the schedule cards and also submission of calendar to the Runner’s Calendar.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50.

Minutes are also available as a Microsoft Word Document

Minutes of Aug 16, 2016 Board Meeting

Arctic Orienteering Club
Board of Directors’ Meeting
August 16th, 2016

Call to Order at 7:24 pm

Meeting held at Trond and Cindy Jensen’s home.

In attendance: Trond Jensen, Lia Keller, Dan Billman, Ian Moore, Cory Smith, Dela Grey, Lexi Hill, Regan Sarwas, Shelly Laws, Jill Follett, Anne Billman

1. Annual Meeting

After considering the potential weather, how to attract the most people to the annual meeting, likelihood of meet participants coming to an evening meeting after an afternoon run, the opportunity to socialize and celebrate our orienteering season, the moist condition of people after running an orienteering course, the meet director’s obligations, the availability of indoor venues for a meeting, and the proximity of an indoor venue to socialize, the Board decided on the following events, schedule, and locations.

Annual Meeting: 12:00 to 12:30, at the meet start area east of Klutina Drive. Coffee and donuts – Anne (after-the-fact) will take care of coffee and donuts.

Business: Elections of next year’s Board members, sign-up of meet directors and volunteers, meet director thank-yous (glasses), cumulative season point awards.


Starts between 12:30 and 1:30, must be finished by 4 pm. The meet will be a traditional meet. The meet will be the season championship race.

Social Event

Start between 4 and 4:30 pm, at the Brongas’ home. Announcement of race winners. Pizza and beverages. Dan and Shelly will bring beverages. Pizza provider – TBD. Encourage attendees to bring snacks to share.

2. Incoming Board of Directors Nominations

Trond Jensen is stepping off of the board.

Anne Billman is stepping off of the board.

Mike Robinson has agreed to be nominated to serve as President. All other existing Board members are willing to continue serving in their present positions. Lia will issue a call for nominations and a call will be issued during the meeting.

Anne will help the next Events VP by acquiring permits and Certificates of Insurance.

Discussion of the need for a volunteer coordinator. Agreement to enlist Art Harmon to fill that role. Lexi will investigate some software that helps sign up volunteers. Shelly’s daughter Brittany has offered to help round up volunteers.

3. Potential Bylaws Change

We continued the discussion of changing the club bylaws to allow the annual meeting to be held at any time of the year, rather than just during the third quarter. The purpose of the Annual meeting was discussed (to elect the Board of Directors, to change the bylaws, …). The term of Board members is tied to the elections, so there was discussion about needing to change that also. Regan Sarwas will draft proposed changes and send to the Board, then revise for voting at the annual meeting.

4. Meet Schedule

Trond reported that he has received feedback about the number of traditional meets (too few) and lack of competitive meets.


  • VPs of Events were unable to find enough meet directors to fill all vacancies.
  • Possibility of filling some of those vacancies if the need had been advertised.
  • Errors by meet directors required throwing one meet out of the season points pool.
  • Error by meet directors in not providing full range of courses needed to be used for season meet standings.
  • The opportunity to use the same course for two different classes (e.g., red and green) if participants specify which class they will run in.
  • Need to use meet directors capable of putting on a quality traditional meet for those meets rather than for simpler ‘fun-only’ meets.
  • Appeal of traditional meets to good navigators that can’t sprint/run.
  • Beginner orienteers probably don’t care/understand/notice whether meets are traditional or ‘fun’ because it’s all challenging and new.
  • When scheduling, make as many as possible traditional meets. Fill meet director roles for traditional meets as a priority.
  • Fill summer meet director positions before filling winter and other pre-season meets.
  • For some venues (Abbott Loop), having a remote start for more difficult courses would improve the quality of the courses.
  • Anne will try to check on permitting constraints at UAF experimental farm/Bradley-Keppler Lakes/Crevasse Moraine area.
  • Board members want the record to show that the cupcakes made by Sultana and Siena Noffsinger were excellent.

Adjourned at 9:31 pm

Minutes respectfully submitted by Anne Billman, September 2, 2016

Minutes are also available as a Microsoft Word Document

Board Meeting Minutes from June 9, 2016


Meeting at Billmans’ was called to order at 7:20. Members present: Trond Jensen, Joyce Goodell, Lexi Hill, Dela Grey, Dan Billman, Anne Billman, Lia Keller, Shelly Laws, Ian Moore, Chris Tomsen, Regan Sarwas and Art Harmon.

Discussion of having the Annual Meeting on June 22 was re-visited, Ideas brought forward: board members have name tags, make it an early season party and or business meeting; have sign up sheets for participation for this years meets; look for new people to recruit for the board.

What are our goals for this annual meet? Increase participation, recruit board members; increase the pool of people to help with putting on meets.

An idea of setting up a “volunteer” website was presented. Not much discussion.

How do we get more “club members”? Do we charge a fee to be a member, or maybe include it when they pay for a meet? Dan is researching our club costs for starts vs costs for members. There may be a difference in costs to the club.

June 22 “Party” and Solstice O plans: **No dogs at this meet as it is an Equestrian Center.**

Dela is the Director, Anne and Joyce will help with Meet needs. Dan will do name tags, along with white boards with descriptions of the board positions. Regan will provide photos of board members. Anne and Lexi will do some sort of poster of what it takes to put on a meet, and also a poster of the remaining meets for this year with opportunities. Regan will do the food and drinks.

A Board Meeting will be held in late August, dates to be considered are the 16 th or 23 rd . Please have board nominations ready at this time.

It was decided that we will still have the Annual meeting and season awards banquet, tentatively on Saturday, Sept 10 th , several hours following the Fall-O at a separate location.


Discussion of new race clock: First, Hooray! Ours seems to be working again (thanks to Ragan), but a new one is probably in the club’s future. A cheap one would run about $160. Best ones run about $2000-2500. An average one comparable to our current one is about $600. Ways to raise funds for the new clock were discussed, but no plan to purchase in the near future. It’s on the radar, however.

Money (meet fees) is coming in about the same rate as last year. Our participation seems to be up. We had 130+ participants at the “Ballfield” meet on 6-8.

Motion to adjourn was made at 8:23.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Joyce Goodell, Secretary

Minutes also available as Word.