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April 8th Deadline!!

Early Registration for NAOC 2018 is April 8th

Save some money by registering by March 31st for the North American Orienteering Championships in Whitehorse, Yukon CA August 17-24. Registration and a lot of other information is available on the event website –

  • You can choose to compete in your age group or to participate in the open category. The open category allows you to select whatever level course you want. Competing in your age category would determine what course you select (i.e. how long and how difficult).
  • You can register for all events as a package or select individual events. Note that the fees are listed in Canadian dollars
  • You can select the courses you want to compete in for each event or you can skip this step for now. The Canadians use a number scale for technical difficulty (TD1~white, TD2~yellow, TD3~orange,TD4~green,TD5~red) as well as course length as indicated by RWT (recommended winning time) to create the categories for each event. It can be confusing but at this point you can register without selecting specific courses.
  • For club association, select ARCT (Arctic OC). For IOF Federation select USA.
  • You will need to select SI Rental for electronic punch unless you already own one.

You are invited to the Orienteering Club Board Meetings

Please join us at the next club Boarding Meeting on Wednesday 1/17/18 from 7-9pm.  Board meetings are held 3-4 times throughout the year to conduct the business of the club and are open to all members and guests.  At our upcoming meeting we will finalize the schedule of meets for 2018; review the draft of a new risk management plan; and discuss course setting and  software needs for meet directors.  The meeting will be held at the Follett’s home at 10300 Schneiter Drive. Go east on Abbott past Service High, then right on Birch drive, right on 104th, and right on Schneiter.

Score-O this week at APU

Please join us Wednesday, August 2nd for a 1 hour score-o. There will be a mass start at 6PM. Plan to arrive at least 15 early to register and be ready when the gun goes off!

The meet will be starting at APU in the parking lot across the street from the Mosley Sports Center.

Participants will have one hour to get as many points as they can by locating and punching controls. For every minute after 7PM that participants return there will be a points penalty.

July 26th, 2017 Meet Cancelled

Bear alert signThe Orienteering Club has decided to heed the warnings of experts as reported yesterday in the Alaska Dispatch News and cancel the upcoming meet at Far North Bicentennial Park. The safety of our participants is always our first concern. Unfortunately, orienteering meets take a tremendous amount of time to plan and set up, and it will not be possible to move to a new location on this short of notice.  We are sorry and hope you will be able to join us on August 2nd at APU.

Meet This Wednesday in FNBP at Mile 1.1

Wednesday’s meet will start at mile 1.1 of Basher Drive. There will be White (1.7 K), Yellow (2.6 K), Orange (4.2 K), Green (4.7 K) and Red (5.7 K) courses; starts from 5 to 7; finish by 9:00.  Our permit requires us to make sure participants are aware of bear and other wildlife issues; please see the thoughts below about hazards that include but are not limited to bears. While we haven’t seen a lot of bear sign while setting the course, bears are out there, and we have seen some scat and prints.

Are you prepared to manage the inherent risks of orienteering in Alaska?

Examples of potential hazards are:

  • bear and moose encounters
  • sharp sticks
  • logs and holes hidden by vegetation
  • stinging insects
  • prickly and toxic plants
  • cold
  • heat
  • slippery surfaces
  • uneven footing
  • disorientation (getting lost)

Please participate only in the level of orienteering that is suited to your skills, experience, equipment, and level of comfort. Partnering with another person or two may help you build skill and participate more safely.

We orienteer in bear and moose habitat and see animals regularly. Consider carrying pepper spray and being prepared to deploy it. And consider making noise sufficient for animals to hear you approaching. Some ways to reduce your risk are to participate with a team; talk with your team (if you are part of one); pace count out loud; wear bells.

Canceled – Meet Director & Volunteer Social – This Thursday

This event is canceled because last minute planning on our part led to an underwhelming number of RSVPs. We will figure out if we are going to hold it later in the season or plan some other event.

We are having a gathering to show our appreciation for our awesome meet directors and volunteers! Everyone is who is helping (or would like to help!) with an orienteering meet this season is invited to attend. We will discuss some of the finer points of putting on an orienteering meet, and help meet directors get the help they need for their events. For meet directors, it is an opportunity to get help wherever you need it (mapping software, course vetting, volunteers, etc.) For others, it is an opportunity to assist with a meet in whatever capacity you like. If you have been interested in helping out, but didn’t know where to start, this is the place! See the event details for more information.

We’ll have pizza and beverages from Moose’s Tooth.

Register for Fossil Creek

Update: The deadline has been extended to Wednesday May 24, 2017. As of Wed morning, there are still 23 spots available. Register.

To participate in the Fossil Creek Orienteering event on May 31, you must have access to Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. You can do this 3 different ways.

Option 1

Have a military ID card and car with a base access sticker, or car pool with someone who does.


Option 2

Stop at the Fort Richardson Visitor Access Center and register for temporary base access. You will need to present current vehicle registration, proof of insurance, and a valid driver’s license. There may be a line, so plan ahead and leave plenty of time to get processed.


Option 3

Fill out the pre-registration form. You will need to do this by Midnight Wednesday May 24, 2017. You must include all the requested information, or your request will be rejected. If you use this method you will be authorized to enter the installation through any gate. Present your ID to the guard and let them know you should be on the “Orienteering Event List”. Every visitor in the car must be on the list, not just the driver. This list is limited to 50 participants, so please do not use the form if you are unsure if you will attend, or if you can use one of the other access methods. If you are unexpectedly not on the list, you can still use Option 2. No Foreign Guests can be included on the list.


Regardless of the method chosen, everyone who looks remotely over 16 will need to present a valid government issued picture ID (driver’s license) to the guard at the gate. Even if you are on the list, you may be asked to present current vehicle registration and proof of insurance.

iSportsman Pass

In addition, all orienteers must have an iSportsman Pass and be signed into training areas 411 and 412 for the evening. You can register for an iSportsman Pass at

We are looking forward to seeing you at this awesome and under-used orienteering venue. Please do not be intimidated by the hassle of getting on base. We promise it will be worth it.

Special Event – Orienteering in Palmer

Night Score-O type event in downtown Palmer with navigation suitable for beginners and terrain suitable for all speeds and fitness levels. And it’s in the dark!

When: Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2017. Sign up at 6:30. Start at 7 pm.

Duration: Choose 30 minutes or 60 minutes

Where: Palmer, start/finish at Downtown Deli, 550 South Alaska Street (map)

Cost: $5, free for 18 and under

Reflective Gear and Flashers are Required! You will also want a headlamp for reading the map