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Alaska State Orienteering Championships – 2018

The Arctic Orienteering Club will have the Alaska State Orienteering Championships at the North America Orienteering Championships in Whitehorse, Canada on August 18th and 19th, 2018. There will be 1st through 3rd place medals for Alaskans in each class. The classes are separated into men and women and further divided by age groups (see table).

Sign up on the internet by June 30th for both the August 18th and 19th events. Combined time determines the Alaska State Champ for each class. Be sure to notify email hidden; JavaScript is required before July 5th of the class you signed up for, so proper medals can be ordered. Send email to email hidden; JavaScript is required. All ages are as of December 31st of the current year.


Individual Championship Classes (Alaska Champs and North American Champs)
White Yellow Orange Brown Green Red Blue
F-10 F-14 F-16 F-18 M65+ F-20 F-21+
F-12 M-14 M-16 F55+ M70+ F35+ M-21+
M-10 F60+ M75+ F40+ M20
M-12 F65+ M80+ F45+ M35+
F70+ M85+ F50+ M40+
F75+ M90+ M-18 M45+
F80+ M50+
F85+ M55+
F90+ M60+
Open Championship Competitive Classes (Alaskans Only)
M/F White F Yellow F Orange F Brown F Green M Red
M Yellow M Orange M Brown M Green

Age class ranges are indicated by a “-” and/or a “+”. A “-” before the age means “and younger”; the “+” after the age means “and older”. Gender classes contain M for male and F for female. Classes containing the course color are open to any age.


Examples are Bold in above table

Female, 10 and under on the White course
Male, 11-12 on white course
Male, 21-34 on red course
Female, 35-39 on green course
Male, 40-44 on red course
Male, 50-54 on green course
Male, 65-70 on brown course

There are many categories; almost every person who finishes will get an Alaska Champs medal. These are normal USOF class competition standards. You can even run the Orange or Yellow courses at any age and compete for a medal in the Open Alaska categories. There are no medals for teams. An adult can shadow a young person. (with permission from meet director, but give no help)

Reasons for Going

  • There are a large group of Alaskans going. Plan to carpool and camp out.
  • Great Orienteering in open pine forest on wonderful maps
  • The weather in August in Whitehorse is sunny and warm with no bugs.
  • There are a variety of other Orienteering courses all week long, including relays.
  • There is really great mountain biking!
  • Meet hundreds of friendly “O” people from all over the world.

Field Checking Maps

Meet directors must field check their course while preparing their maps. You are strongly encouraged to report any significant inaccuracies of the maps to the VP of Mapping for revisions as soon as they are discovered. If you can identify simple changes early enough, then it is possible that corrections can be made to the map before the meet.

You can use your smartphone and OCAD to help you with field vetting. This new method can provide more confidence to meet directors that controls are properly placed and/or to determine where we have issues with our maps.

This information was provided by Toby (VP of Mapping). He would love to show you how easy and helpful it is to use your smartphone to help field check your courses. Be sure to ask him about it at the next meet!

We would all really like your help to make our maps better. Please let him know when you find problems!

Meet Director Social -Thurs May 10th

If you are a volunteer or meet director for the club, or would like to be one, please join us from 7pm-8:30pm Thursday May 10th at Shelly Law’s new home at 7925 Jodhpur Street. We will have a discussion about how to design fun and interesting orienteering courses. Light snacks and beverages will be provided.

Elmore Meet! Wed. 9th

First Season Meet!
Wed. 9th – you may start anytime between 5:00 and 7:00, but you must finish by 9:00.
Courses will be 6km for red and 5km for green. Conditions are increasingly getting wetter with the ground thawing, so expect to get your feet wet.  The terrain is slow but orienteering should be fun as we kept the level of difficulty to ease us into the season.  We avoided major areas of downfall but there will definitely be some of that particularly on the red and green courses.
The orange course is little over 4 km. All control placements were electronically vetted, meaning they are all GPS checked for accurate placement.  So if you think you are smarter than the GPS let us know.
Expect controls on the red and green courses to be hung no higher than 3ft and between 3 and 5 ft for orange.
We did not see any wildlife or fresh signs thereof but the bears are out.
All courses are away from any salmon streams even though salmon are not yet a concern.
The start will be located in the NW corner of the parking lot for the Elmore Rd. Trealhead / Ballfields across from the intersection of Elmore Rd and Coventry Dr.
See you out there!

Orienteering Season is almost here!

Orienteering will start up again next week with two events. The first meet of the season will be on Wednesday May 9th in FNBP Abbott Loop Community Park.

The next evening on Thursday May 10th from 7pm-8:30pm we will have a volunteer / meet director social to kick off the season. If you are a volunteer or meet director for the club, or would like to be one, please join us at Shelly Law’s new home at 7925 Jodhpur Street. We will have a discussion about how to design fun and interesting orienteering courses. Light snacks and beverages will be provided.

April 8th Deadline!!

Early Registration for NAOC 2018 is April 8th

Save some money by registering by March 31st for the North American Orienteering Championships in Whitehorse, Yukon CA August 17-24. Registration and a lot of other information is available on the event website –

  • You can choose to compete in your age group or to participate in the open category. The open category allows you to select whatever level course you want. Competing in your age category would determine what course you select (i.e. how long and how difficult).
  • You can register for all events as a package or select individual events. Note that the fees are listed in Canadian dollars
  • You can select the courses you want to compete in for each event or you can skip this step for now. The Canadians use a number scale for technical difficulty (TD1~white, TD2~yellow, TD3~orange,TD4~green,TD5~red) as well as course length as indicated by RWT (recommended winning time) to create the categories for each event. It can be confusing but at this point you can register without selecting specific courses.
  • For club association, select ARCT (Arctic OC). For IOF Federation select USA.
  • You will need to select SI Rental for electronic punch unless you already own one.

Make sure your passport is valid!

The 2018 North American Orienteering Championships are being held in conjunction with the Canadian Orienteering Championships in Whitehorse, Yukon CA from August 17-24. That’s practically in our neighborhood! This is great opportunity to combine a vacation with some excellent orienteering.

  • Check out the website for tons of information –
  • Save some money with Early Bird registration by March 31st
  • You can enter a competitive age-group category or an open category for events
  • We will build a gap in our season schedule to accomodate the championships
  • We are working other ways to support club members who are planning to attend

You are invited to the Orienteering Club Board Meetings

Please join us at the next club Boarding Meeting on Wednesday 1/17/18 from 7-9pm.  Board meetings are held 3-4 times throughout the year to conduct the business of the club and are open to all members and guests.  At our upcoming meeting we will finalize the schedule of meets for 2018; review the draft of a new risk management plan; and discuss course setting and  software needs for meet directors.  The meeting will be held at the Follett’s home at 10300 Schneiter Drive. Go east on Abbott past Service High, then right on Birch drive, right on 104th, and right on Schneiter.

Score-O this week at APU

Please join us Wednesday, August 2nd for a 1 hour score-o. There will be a mass start at 6PM. Plan to arrive at least 15 early to register and be ready when the gun goes off!

The meet will be starting at APU in the parking lot across the street from the Mosley Sports Center.

Participants will have one hour to get as many points as they can by locating and punching controls. For every minute after 7PM that participants return there will be a points penalty.

July 26th, 2017 Meet Cancelled

Bear alert signThe Orienteering Club has decided to heed the warnings of experts as reported yesterday in the Alaska Dispatch News and cancel the upcoming meet at Far North Bicentennial Park. The safety of our participants is always our first concern. Unfortunately, orienteering meets take a tremendous amount of time to plan and set up, and it will not be possible to move to a new location on this short of notice.  We are sorry and hope you will be able to join us on August 2nd at APU.