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Minutes of January 17, 2018 Board Meeting

Arctic Orienteering Club
Meeting of the Board of Directors
January 17th, 2018

Members present: Chris Tomsen; Dorn VanDommelen; Dela Grey; Eric Follet; Toby Schworer; Mike Robinson; Art Harmon; Mark Findlay; Andy Olnes

Corrections to December Minutes

  1. Add Mark Findlay to attendees
  2. #4 Correct sill to still
  3. #7 Replace ‘No decision was made at this time.’ with ‘Club does not include in regular schedule but willing to add if someone volunteers to put one on.’
  4. #10 Add to end ‘Club may want to try to establish a Mat-Su chapter.’


  1. Lexi absent so discussion on finalizing season schedule will wait until next meeting.
  2. Championships in Yukon Aug 17th. Send out announcement to club membership. Should club pay/support 18-25yr old to compete? Hold an Alaska championships at the meet, i.e. recognize the top Alaska competitors.
  3. Meets in Alaska for possible outside visitors. Some but not a lot of interest on Attack Point forum. August 15th too close. August 8th HS-O maybe too hard to reschedule. August 11 EQ Park? August 12 Mountain-O?
  4. BSA Camporee May 5th. Dorn working on BSA permitting/insurance. Club volunteers Eric, Chris, Mike, Regan, and Lexi. They will work with Dorn to define activities & events. Hold club event later in day.

Risk management plan

  1. No one had read it, no comments in google document. People thrown off by size, hard to distinguish between plan itself, practices/policies for consideration & appendix. Concern about being proscriptive, is there liability if we fail to follow set policies?
  2. Discussed how to proceed. Break it into three separate docs: the plan itself; recommendations to consider about policies/practices; appendix/supplemental stuff. Deadlines for people to comment and discussion on recommendations


  1. Mappers this summer. 7km to map ER + ERNC + SW Ruth Arcand. $14k for labor and car rental, probably come in lower. CSP board okay with mapping ER. Need to double check with ERNC – Mark will initiate contact. If ERNC ends up no-go, look to another area of
    Mat-Su. Maybe save 10% for mapping in Mat-Su?
  2. Mapping software. Need to standardize mapping and course software. Nice if could use tablet to correct maps / vet courses in field. OpenOrienteering does not import LIDAR or set courses. You can use QGIS to convert LIDAR for import into OpenOrienteering. OCAD12: mapping client ~$700, course setting client ~$60. Toby will look at demo, firm up budget. Eric will check with Ian about what he uses now and his thoughts on OCAD12.

Audit committee report

  1. Should be done annually at end of year. Two members, not president or treasurer. Mark volunteered, need one more.

Kids Run Free

  1. Want to do again this year if we can get sponsors. Eric will look at cost, i.e. permit fee per start. Sponsors about $1300 last year ConocoPhillips, HealthyFutures, Dekreons

Set up mailing list for meet directors & assistants & volunteers

Pick Click Give

  1. $250 application – one time or each year? % take by program? Eric willing to donate $125. Probably worth trying, Mike will get more info.

Club chapters

  1. Mat-Su? Fairbanks? How to other clubs handle it?


  1. Training

Next meeting March 1-10

Minutes are also available as Word Doc.

You are invited to the Orienteering Club Board Meetings

Please join us at the next club Boarding Meeting on Wednesday 1/17/18 from 7-9pm.  Board meetings are held 3-4 times throughout the year to conduct the business of the club and are open to all members and guests.  At our upcoming meeting we will finalize the schedule of meets for 2018; review the draft of a new risk management plan; and discuss course setting and  software needs for meet directors.  The meeting will be held at the Follett’s home at 10300 Schneiter Drive. Go east on Abbott past Service High, then right on Birch drive, right on 104th, and right on Schneiter.

Minutes of December 7, 2017 Board Meeting

Arctic Orienteering Club
Meeting of the Board of Directors
December 7th, 2017

Meeting was called to order at 7:10pm.

Members present: Chris Tomsen; Dorn VanDommelen; Dela Grey; Joyce Goodell; Lia Keller; Eric Follet; Toby Schworer; Anne Billman; Lexi Hill; Shelly Laws; Regan Sarwas.

Old Business:

  1. Minutes from previous meeting were approved by Dela. Club has no outstanding bills, and all fees paid up to date. Thank you cards were signed by board for last years sponsors.

New Business:

  1. It was suggested we announce board meetings, date and time on social media, the mailing list and the AOC Website, via Lia, so members and non members alike are aware of meetings.
  2. Regan discussed what equipment we need to replace that was stolen last season. He was authorized by the board to spend up to $300 for misc gear-tables, compasses, clipboards, and bins and anything else we need to replace.
  3. Dela attended a FNBP user meeting. A Stuckagain Heights homeowner wants to create a “Nature Preserve” in an area, and would like support from AOC. The club supports “authorized trails” and at this time no action will be taken.
  4. Next Seasons’ meet schedule was discussed at length. We sill plan some meets around the NA Championships in Whitehorse in August. Board discussed planning for 2-3 meets in Anchorage right before the Championship to possibly showcase our area. Possible ideas were a Sunday Mt “O” on the 12th, then M,T or W one or two other events. Possibly at Mirror Lake and Earthquake Park. Ann Will send this information out through contact point “O” Website. Lia will announce on Facebook of upcoming events.
  5. Next Season schedule: Lexi will work the schedule around the Championships, and Fish and Game issues as well as APU “mud issues”.
  6. Camporee May 5 at Mirror Lake. Dorn discussed the kids being bused over to ML, and use our Maps for the O. One idea was that our club could set up training stations and a Intro to Orienteering discussion for participants. They will cover the permits, cost of maps, and borrow the clubs’ equipment. We would work with Dorn and have volunteers help put the meet on and help with training.
  7. Toby asked about Winter “O”’s, including winter Bike “O”s. No decision was made at this time.
  8. Risk Management Plan: Anne presented a detailed plan for us to read over. The purpose for this is because Orienteering has risks. The goals are 1-to promote safety for orienteers, and 2-to limit risks for meet directors. Please, everyone review-make notes and react for more discussion at the next meeting. Lets work in a risk/safety plan. Toby talked with F&G about our new suggested plan, and they offered to look over and review plan with suggestions, etc. Anne will send this information out through AttakPoint national orienteering website. Board members please bring it back to next board meeting for more discussion.
  9. Eric suggested the Club Members become members of Orienteering USA. “OUSA”.
  10. Mapping: Great maps of the Eagle River area were presented by Toby. Some of the issues of ER (good and Bad) were discussed. Great terrain; it’s a wildlife corridor; A remote start presents the best terrain for meets; and it is between MatSu and Anchorage making it available to a larger group of people.
  11. Mapping, cont: We have funds for mapping, and it is suggested we bring mappers up for a two week period, for a cost of approximately $13,000. They could accomplish about 8K in that time. Areas that need work: Ruth Arcand; Southern part of Pia’s; FNBP In a two week period the mappers could possibly work on ER, RA and maybe something else. If we omit ER, the could work on something else.
  12. A suggestion was made to get our club on the “Pick, Click, Give” list, that is available for PFD’s

Next meeting items to discuss: Risk management plan, and bringing mappers up.

Meeting adjourned at 9:07

Minutes respectfully submitted by Joyce Goodell, Secretary

Link to meeting minutes as PDF

2018 Executive Board

The officers of the Club and three elected at-large Board members shall constitute the Executive Board.

Officers of the Club

The President shall coordinate the affairs of the Club and preside at meetings.
Mike Robinson
Mike Robinson
email hidden; JavaScript is required
Mike moved from Florida to Alaska on a whim over 20 years ago and discovered his love of the outdoors. He likes orienteering because the running is optional but the thinking is not.
Administrative Vice President
The Administrative Vice-President shall assist the President and shall assume the duties of the President in the President’s absence.
Dela Grey
Dela Grey
email hidden; JavaScript is required
I got introduced to orienteering in the fall of 2005 and was hooked immediately. I have always loved maps, and am happy to have found a place where being a map geek is cool! If I ever take up running, I could become seriously competitive. For now, it’s just great physical and mental exercise in the beautiful outdoors. AOC Board member since 2012 (At-Large 2012, Admin. VP 2013 – present).
The Secretary shall maintain current records of the general affairs of the Club, including meeting minutes and correspondence. The Secretary shall keep the Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Incorporation, Bylaws, Policy Guidelines and resolutions in a binder, and may post any of these documents on the Club’s webpage.
Joyce Goodell
Joyce Goodell
email hidden; JavaScript is required
Orienteer since 2000, Club member for 10 seasons, on the board for the past three years as Member at Large.
The Treasurer shall maintain accurate and current records of the financial affairs of the Club.
Eric Follett
email hidden; JavaScript is required
Vice President of Media
The Vice President of Media shall promote the Club and specific events, including disseminating news of Club activities (newspaper and website), and contacting potential sponsors for donations.
Lia Keller
Lia Keller
email hidden; JavaScript is required
Running around the woods in orienteering meets for the last four years. My boys used to be in backpacks, but now they run ahead to find the flags!
Vice President of Equipment
The Vice President of Equipment shall store, care for and monitor the Club’s equipment, including providing forms and supplies for Club functions.
Regan Sarwas
Regan Sarwas
email hidden; JavaScript is required
345-1915 (home) 230-0433 (cell)
Regan followed his Alaskan bride to Anchorage in 1992. Once his three kids were mostly grown, he needed a new hobby and fell in love with orienteering in 2011. Being an engineer and a computer programmer, he enjoys the intellectual challenge of orienteering. As he nears 50, he also appreciates the fact that he has a lot of room for improvement in orienteering, despite the fact that his body is slowing down.
Vice President of Mapping
The Vice President of Mapping shall identify and review locations suitable for Club events and coordinate the preparation of suitable maps.
Tobias (Toby) Schwörer
Tobias (Toby) Schwörer
email hidden; JavaScript is required
Vice President of Training
The Vice President of Training shall organize and direct the teaching of orienteering skills in schools, lectures and workshops.
Shelly Laws
email hidden; JavaScript is required
243-1274 (home) 230-2639 (cell)
Vice President of Events
The Vice President of Events shall propose a schedule of events, secure permission from land owners, designate meet directors for events, and coordinate assistance and training for meet directors.
Lexi Hill
email hidden; JavaScript is required
Vice President of Membership
The Vice President of Membership shall maintain an accurate and current list of members and interested non-members, and shall notify those whose membership has expired.
Art Harmon
Art Harmon
email hidden; JavaScript is required
Art loves the thrill of the “hunt” and sharing that love with others, especially children.

At-Large Board Members

The at-large members have no specific officer duties beyond the responsibilities of the Executive Board. Nevertheless, the at-large members are typically responsible for some non-official duties.

Member At-Large
Andy Olnes
email hidden; JavaScript is required
Member At-Large
Mark Findlay
email hidden; JavaScript is required
Member At-Large
Liaison to Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson
Chris Tomsen
Chris Tomsen
email hidden; JavaScript is required

Prior Executive Boards

Minutes of September 9, 2017 Annual Meeting

Arctic Orienteering Club
Annual Meeting
September 9th, 2017

The meeting was called to order at approximately 11:10am by President Mike Robinson with 13 people in attendance. Mike took notes in the absence of the club secretary.

The minutes from the previous annual meeting on September 10, 2016 were reviewed and approved. Mike gave a president’s report focusing on initiatives the club pursued during the previous year:

  • Finding alternative sponsors for the “kids run free” program
  • Series of training events at meets
  • Discussions about possible mapping projects for 2018
  • Explorations into developing a youth program including club support for a boy scout encampment focused on orienteering at Mirror Lake in May 2018

Ian Moore, the VP of Mapping, reported on plans to bring mappers in the summer of 2018 and the possibility of creating a new map near the Eagle River Nature Center.

The slate of candidates for the incoming Board of Directors was presented, and the proposed candidates were approved by unanimous voice vote. The following were elected:

President – Mike Robinson
VP Administrative – Dela Grey
Secretary – Joyce Goodell
Treasurer – Eric Follett
VP Media – Lia Keller
VP Equipment – Regan Sarwas
VP Mapping – Toby Schwoerer
VP Training – Shelly Laws
VP Events – Lexi Hill
VP Membership – Art Harmon
At Large – Chris Tomsen
At Large – Andy Olnes
At Large – Mark Findlay

The 2017 meet directors were acknowledged and presented them with drinking glasses as tokens of appreciation.

The preliminary 2018 meet schedule was posted. Attendees were asked to consider signing up as meet directors or assistants for a given date and the map/location they would prefer to use.

The cumulative results of the 2017 season were reviewed and the top place finisher in each category who was present at the annual meeting was awarded with a Snickers bars.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 11:50am.

Addendium: Here is the financial report submitted by the treasurer who was out of state and missed the annual meeting:

In summary, we have has income about $4,500 this year. Our expenses are low so to date we have not spent much of that so far, however, we need to pay the venue fees to the MOA parks for the year. We have 30 individual and 18 family memberships, up slightly from last year. Major donations this year are Stephanie Kesler, $100, Gerhart-Dekreons, $100, and Lexi Hill, $220 (compasses). We have $20K in savings and $7K in checking.

Toby’s Eastside-O Results

Wednesday, August 30, 2017
Klutina Drive

Wednesday night’s orienteering on Anchorage’s East side had about fifty participants who orienteered around the beautiful woods between Muldoon neighborhoods and the Chugach mountains. Jen Jolliff won the women’s category on the red course and Peter Oswald won the men’s. A big thanks goes to Agneta Kupilik for volunteering to send participants off onto their courses. Toby Schwoerer organized the event. Also thanks to JBER range control for keeping military land open for public recreation.

White 1 km


1. Annie Luck, 0:36.35;


1. Kim, Roman, and Iris Bakic, 0:34; 2. Rob, Laura, Brooke, and Ally Long, 0:42; 3. Corrie Whitmore, Bard and Erik Crison, 1:11;

Yellow 2km


1. Cody Priest; 0:28.29; 2. Springer Moore, 0:43.31;


1. Kathy Faryniarz and Joyce Goodell, 0:51.39; 2. Ruth and Henry Kvernplassen, 1:01; 3. Valentya Butsett, Anthony Liebler, and Mathew Rodriguez, 1:23; 4. Taylor Ergstrom, Aaron Hippler, Edward Sanchez, and Kila Heraburg, 1:35.40; 5. Hugh Hanson, Owen Nordstrom, and Mathew Nordstrom, 3:01;

Orange 3km


1. Lexi Hill, 1:48.05;


1. Ivan Hodes, 1:43.10; 2. Paul Hanson, 2:35; 3. Andy Olnes, 2:52


1. Brian Derrell, Heidi Borson, and Booker Borson, 1:05.44;

Green 4km


1. Karen Bronga, 1:50.31; 2. Sarah Stanley, 2:59.28;


1. Dom Van Dommelen, 1:34.45; 2. Eric Follett, 1:37.30; 3. Jeremy Crawford, 1:51.10; 4. Steve Gruhn, 1:59.22;

Red 5km


1. Peter Oswald, 1:01.15; 2. Ian Moore, 1:05.33; 3. Patrik Sartz, 1:20.40; 4. Mike Robinson, 1:24.43; 5. Regan Sarwas, 1:28.30; 6. Brian Kirchner, 1:44.05


1. Jen Jolliff, 1:28.15


1. Bill and Penelope Spencer, 1:28.40;

This was the last points race of the season. Check out how you did, and come to the Annual meeting to collect your prize or congratulate the winners.

Please join us for our annual club meeting, final meet of the season and a post season party on Saturday, September 9th for a Traditional Meet at Trailside Elementary School. Check the links for details.

P.S. We would love your feedback! If you have criticisms, praise, suggestions, comments, or whatever – please let us know.

Ride the Slide-O Results

Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Earthquake Park

Approximately 50 people enjoyed an evening of slipping and sliding on Earthquake Park’s rain slick trails and bogs. Ian Moore completed the advance course with the fastest time, beating Toby Schwörer by 41 seconds.

Thanks to the following volunteers for helping put on this meet: Brian Durrell, meet director; assisted by Ann Bruner, Heidi Borson, Sandy Durrell and Dan Billman

Red, 3.7 km, 21 controls


1) Ian Moore, 0:41:09; 2) Toby Schwörer, 0:41:50; 3) Bill Spencer, 0:54:17; 4) Regan Sarwas, 1:00:37; 5) Dan Baird, 1:17:20


1) Jen Jolliff, 1:14:52

Green, 3.3 km, 18 controls


1) Cody Priest, 1:07:28; 2) Steve Gruhn, 1:12:47; 3) Mark Findley, 1:18:15; 4) Ivan Hodes, 2:25:00


1) Karen Bronga, 1:34:44

Orange, 2.7 km, 16 controls


1) Mischa Carlson, 0:59:46; 2) Andy Olnes, 2:23:00


1) Anne Billman, 1:03:17; 2) Sarah Stanley, 1:29:42


1) Liam Sarwas, Dexter Crowley, Henry Loefler, 0:50:36

Yellow, 2 km, 13 controls


1) Springer Moore, 0:37:04


1) Joyce Goodell, Kathy Faryniarz, 0:58:10; 2) Aniz Luck, Barry Brvnjnga, DNF

White, 1.5 km, 12 controls


1) Kim Bakic, 0:44:50; 2) Jen Perkins, 1:05:15


1) Lia, Trudy, Kincaid and Duke Keller, 0:24:16; 2) John and Connie Quinley, 0:31:10; 3) Jim and Joshua Petrash, 0:34:30; 4) Ann and Mark Bruner, 0:36:59; 5) Baxter Harvey and Elsa Kupilik, 0:42:30; 6) Laura, Brooke and Aly Loong, 0:47:00; 7) Erin, Diana and Timmy Freel, 0:48:56; 8) Stephen, Michael and Christopher Collins, 0:50:12; 9) Magie and Ownies Kupilik, 0:50:12

This was a points race. Check out how you stand.

Please join us Wednesday, August 30th for a Traditional Meet in east Anchorage. Check the links for details.

P.S. We would love your feedback! If you have criticisms, praise, suggestions, comments, or whatever – please let us know.

Trond’s Hillside-O Results

Sunday 20 August 2017
Chugach State Park

On a wet and cold August Sunday, Ian Moore won the long course of the inaugural Hillside orienteering event, covering the 10.3 km and 23 controls race in 1 hr 50 min 30 secs. Steve Gruhn won the short course in 1:44:53. The event started at Glen Alps and ended at Upper Huffman after traversing tundra, Hemlock forest, Alder thickets and head height grass.

Short Course:

1) Steve Gruhn, 1:44:53; 2) Agneta Kupilik, 1:47.24, 3) Dan Billman, 1:47:27; 4) Springer Moore and Jen Joliff, 2:14:55; 5) Mark and Ann Bruner, 2:36:50.

Long Course:

1) Ian Moore, 1:50:30; 2) Frank Witmer, 2:48:13; 3) Colin Reedy and Sheryl Mowinkel, 4:11:52 (15 of 23 controls); 4) Anne Billman, 3:28:28 (13 of 23 controls).

Please join us Wednesday, August 23th at Earthquake Park. Check the links for details.

P.S. We would love your feedback! If you have criticisms, praise, suggestions, comments, or whatever – please let us know.

Reflect-O meet results

Wednesday, August 16, 2017
Mirror Lake Middle School

After an afternoon downpour that nearly drown the meet director while setting out the White and Yellow controls, the skies cleared for the 50 orienteers who view the glass as half full, put aside thoughts of wet feet and hypothermia, and dove into the beautiful, but still dripping forest near Mirror Lake Middle School.

Many thanks to Mike Robinson for vetting course designs; Paul Brusseau for spending long hours field-checking control locations and hanging the remote Orange, Green, and Red controls; Andy Olnes for field-checking the White and Yellow courses and bringing snacks; Curtis and Cayden Townsend for helping set up and man the start/finish tables, and for retrieving White and Yellow controls; Brian Kirchner and Anne Billman for retrieving the remote Orange, Green, and Red controls; Chris Tomsen for impromptu beginner training; Eklutna, Inc. and the Anchorage School District for use of their property; and special thanks to Diana Evans for helping with many tasks and supporting the meet director’s obsession with getting things “just so.”

RED, 5.7 km, 11 controls


1) Ian Moore, 0:59:00; 2) Bill Spencer, 1:03:50; 3) Toby Schwörer, 1:06:45; 4) Peter Oswald, 1:18:12; 5) Brian Kirchner 1:23:10; 6) Regan Sarwas, 1:39:10


1) Jen Jolliff, 1:23:03


1) Pete and Paul La France, and Clove Shea,1:40:35

GREEN, 4.9 km, 9 controls


1) Dan Billman, 1:19:25; 2) Mark Findlay, 1:22:15; 3) Steve Gruhn, 1:29:20; 4) Jeremy Crawford 1:33:30; 5) Dorn Van Dommelin, 1:35:09


1) Agneta Kupilik, 1:50:55;

ORANGE, 3.9 km, 8 controls


1) Brian Kirchner, 0:45:00; 2) Brian Durrell, 1:07:36; 3) Cody Priest, 1:36:00; 4) Andy Olnes DNF


1) Anne Billman, 1:21:33; 2) Karen Bronga 1:28:34

YELLOW, 2.6 km, 12 controls


1) Springer Moore, 0:42:00; 2) Dick Sheasley, 1:23:15


1) Linnea Shaw, Lisa, Melody, and Emma Tochelson 1:08:25; 2) Cash and Nicole Close, Sara Tochelson 1:11:00; 3) Abi and Erica Malouf, Chris Tomsen 1:12:12; 4) Matt, Jane, and Barret Malouf, 1:37:26; 5) Will, Ruth, and Lucille Taygan, 1:57:00; 6) Steve Sandberg, Casper Trivett, Issak Hagelman, and Alex Adams, 2:09:36

WHITE, 2.0 km, 10 controls


1) Laura, Brooke, and Aly Long, 0:47:35; 2) Jim, Skyler, Trish, and Brooke Harty, 1:16:30

This was a points race. Check out how you stand.

Please join us Sunday, August 20th for a Mountain-O in Chugach State Park. Check the links for details.

P.S. We would love your feedback! If you have criticisms, praise, suggestions, comments, or whatever – please let us know.

High School-O Results

Wednesday, August 9, 2017
Jodphur Trailhead, Kincaid Park

Summary of Team Results

East 232
Service 221
Grace 210
West 197
Colony 169
Dimond 162
South 98

Results 2017 High School-O–West

380 Beatrice Brudie-Janigo, Morgan Coniglio
360 Sawyer Barta, Ian Beals, Eli McKenzie
360 Tayfun Ertekin, Cameron Brosnahan
325 Eli Seaver, Leland Wilson, Kiara Melendez
325 Sebastian Reed (?), Larkin Lynch, Brycen Lynch
290 Aksiin Storer, Isaac Dammeyer, Carl Malagod
250 Mason Schrage
220 Cole Jones, Max Brown, Liam Fick
220 Ada Lawrence, Sariah Chsristensen, Audrey Lawrence
220 Deaven Keene, Evan Silcox, Blake Robson, Dylan Eck
210 Ayden Smith, Zachary Teaford, Andrea Storer, DJ Vairuff
200 Everett Cason, Daniel Bausch
200 Valerie Brudie-Janigo, Talya Barnes, Raquelle Melchert
180 Ethan Davis, Declan Dammeryer
140 Kathy Backman, Julia Johnston, Lilly Slatonparker, Elliese Abuan
90 Adisak Prasannet, Noah Berkowitz Kimmel
90 Grace Henry, Maya Stevens, Allie Jepson
80 Kelsey Johannes, Kale Rude, Ben Duhrsen
70 Ariana Foy, Vctoria Mayer
70 Amber Draayer, Shelby Bates, Erica Quiett
50 Annie Gonzales, Aubrey Leclair, Jania Tumey, Ivy Esky
0 Max Embree, William Bittner
Total Points 4330
Number of teams 22
Ave Score 196.8181818

Results 2017 High School-O–Service

420 Ben Broyles, Tyler Rennard, Joel Power, Zander Maurer
370 Josh and Matt
370 Lorenzo Del Rosario, Abiel Marquez, Nicholas Aleel, Jacob Jones
360 Ann Gebauer, Maddy Maurer, Dash Robertson, Gunner Rogers, Ian Gillespie
250 Mitchell Guyer, Will Shumway, Sebastian Gridley, Sasha Johnson
190 Corbin Smith, Jason, Gordon Pitz, Jaspar Bowels
160 Regan Garaner, Kris Smith, AidenDennen, Hayden Ulbrich
150 Nadia Dworian, Grace Trimborn, Becca Michael, Elvin Paldes, Emma
140 Gordon Piltz, Jason W. (?), Jasper Bowels, Corbin Smith
140 Jacob Belanger, Dylan Kearns, Matthew Tecory, Sebeastian Mittelstadt
130 Ingrid, Jocelyn, Ryan, Toren
110 Aaron Hepler, Abi Malouf, Rowan Hartman, Canyon Crow
90 Heidi Weinberger, Kitty Mallars, Rebecca Weese, Michael Fraczek, Justin Miketrick
Total Points 2880
Number of teams 13
Ave Score 221.5384615

Results 2017 High School-O–South

250 Zach Jones, Tag Wayt, Kade Descutnes, Justice Augustin
250 Kris Simmons, Sebastion Driver, Logan Burger, Carson Keaton
200 Maddie Connor, Mckenzie Green, Megan Griffin
160 Maggie Meeds, Hannah Armburst, Emma Ulrich
150 Karis Short, Emily Hickox, Dessa Zaccaro
150 William Twenhafel, Seth Chamberlain, Sean Mcelligett
130 Isabel Lukes, Ava Earl, Moelle Mattingley
110 Noelle Fradley, Anna Schmidt, Camryn Maxson, Elise Driver
90 Alex Bryan, Cameron Withrow
90 Dani Eyr, Emma Foley, Roxy Reynolds
80 Joey, Fred S, Sody Lee, Grant Goodman
70 Bryce Monran, Max Nannestad, Erik Langland
60 Lillan Miton, Lindsey Westem, Ainsely Burch
60 John Cooley, Quinn Porter, Josh Miller
50 Hazel Burch, Kiera Chase, Marina Witherall, Lucy Young,
30 Ashley Miller and Aurora Miller
20 Ben Brennan, Jaime Rush, Kaleb Beloy, Luis Sanchez-Ulloa, Jack Debract
10 Seth Aasland, Spencer Putnam, John Laurance, Jeffery Kniefel
0 Ciara, Aleah, Alys, Maddie
0 Dane Robinson, Michael Pickle, Hayden Johnson, Triston Emerick
Total Points 1960
Number of teams 16
Ave Team Score 98

Results 2017 High School-O–Colony

370 Josh Taylor, Gavin Block, Lane Meyer
260 Jared Hopkins, Luke Barnes, Austen Johnston
240 Alex Ferland, Austin Edwards, Alex Cadieux
240 Ava Straub, Nicole Bell, Kylee Deering, Jazlynn Novelli
210 Amanda Meyer, Bella Block
210 Nate Kristich, Ethan Kuzina, Brandon Joseph, Nouse Ivarson
160 Calvin Meier, Calum Colver
160 Lily Sessom, Aly Kopsack, Claire Smith, Sofija Spaic
160 Serenity Miller, Maddie Miller, Samuel Miller, Alyssa Miles
140 Braden Ward, Nolan Johnson, Matt Clyde
140 Kolby Torres, Landis erwin,Simeon Ramirez
140 Kim Shiva, Mallon Allen
130 Brianna McKeel, Miaja Combs, Jamila Mastny
130 Kaitlyn Ward, Sena Lund, Ethan White, Dustin Kelly
130 Lucas Gallen, Kolten Bull, Isaac Lawton, Kaden Wolf
60 Tayus Russo, Julia Colver, Madison Abolafia
0 Glenn Steer, Jacob Wajtacha, Gerrett Streit, Rett Gallagher
Total Points 2880
Number of teams 17
Ave Team Score 169.4117647

Results 2017 High School-O-East

300 Qaiana Fishel, Falaniko Noga, Austin Corbin, Edwards Hazelton
340 Josiah Gilila, Fallon Geason, Mamie Johnson
370 Brynn Morse, Larrine Gregory, Hunter Stoda
260 Margeaux Bailey, Caleb Bell, Lachlan Gerrety
360 Nathaniel Grabman, Christina Shirtleff
0 Andrew McNab, Luke Howe, Jaylon Miller
0Andrew Hamm, Iain Roach, and Aria Farris.
Total Points 1630
Number of teams 7
Ave Team Score 232

Results 2017 High School-O -Grace

470 Kevin Leach, Cole Fritzel, Erik Jones
350 Maddy Morgan, Laura Ellis, Grace Annett, Anna McLaughlin
310 Luke Lyall, Warren Metzger, Wyatte Ricks
260 Levi Gionet, Luke Schaezlein, Joshua McGovern, Jonny Whitt
220 Duke Minnery, Tim Lyall, Will Wallace, Trever Eckman
140 Michaela Schaffer, Tess Binder, Kiah Widener, Amy Hatter
130 Vincent Coverdell, Mike Kuentzel, Preston Weddington
120 Hannah Juliussen, Abigail Beveridge, Sierra Harrimon
70 Gabe Martin, Luke Fritzel, Liam V., Alex Wuerth
30 Annie Snow, Elianna Kniegge, Libby Gionet, Rachel Ketchum
Total Points 2100
Number of teams 10
Ave Team Score 210

Results 2017 High School-O -Dimond

470 Nate Normandin, Sarah Freistone, Jeff Keller
380 Alek Heil, Niko Latvakiskola, Sonny Prosser, Michah Barber, Cameron Sheldon
210 Enrique Rodriquez, Mathew Kelliher, Joseph Somers
200 Calee Stark, Kylie Judd
200 Shelby Kelliner, Emily Campbell, Abi Luiken
190 Zack Williams, Nick VonImhot, Will Lemmons, Ronnie Piscus
170 Kurtis Brumbaugh, Dastzeni Tildoits, Dallin Gardiner, Fred Ryan
170 Elias Darrell, Ethan Darrell, Konnor Machado, Sean Omeda
150 larissa Hensch, Quincy Smith, Katy Struempler, Caleign Norris
140 Logan Fletcher, Julia Alfano
130 Aislinn Alkin, Ally Carney
120 Sean Swalling, Max Brinker, Morgen Crow
110 Andy Campbell, Jeremiah Enix, Andrew Masley, Lawton Skaling
100 Max Jock, Aden Denton, keller
80 Sarah Lowry, Safia Parada
50 Haille Rogers, Alexis Black, Amee Gilbert, Trophy Brandt
40 Lauren Madden, Mary Reinbold, Savanna Kaczorowski
0 Milai, Annika, Norman
Total Points 2910
Number of teams
Ave Team Score 161.6666667

Community Men

560 Gary Snyder
460 Brian Kirchner
450 Mike Robinson
430 Bill Spencer
420 Steve Gruhn
300 Brian Durrell
0 Andy Olnes

Community Women

250 Laura Long
250 Brittany Hippe
70 Kathy Faryniarz

Community Teams

460 Franklin Dekker and Cody Priest
340 Randy Plant, Yukiko Hayano
330 Nick and Ann Bruner
310 Peter Johnson and Alan Rosenthal
250 Emma Findlay-Walton, Mark Findlay
150 Terry, Alan, Holly and Jacob Nunn
110 Steve McKeever and John Gunnil
40 Jennifer, Corin and Gwen Harmon
0 Art and Andrew Harmon