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Meet Director Social -Thurs May 10th

If you are a volunteer or meet director for the club, or would like to be one, please join us from 7pm-8:30pm Thursday May 10th at Shelly Law’s new home at 7925 Jodhpur Street. We will have a discussion about how to design fun and interesting orienteering courses. Light snacks and beverages will be provided.

Elmore Meet! Wed. 9th

First Season Meet!
Wed. 9th – you may start anytime between 5:00 and 7:00, but you must finish by 9:00.
Courses will be 6km for red and 5km for green. Conditions are increasingly getting wetter with the ground thawing, so expect to get your feet wet.  The terrain is slow but orienteering should be fun as we kept the level of difficulty to ease us into the season.  We avoided major areas of downfall but there will definitely be some of that particularly on the red and green courses.
The orange course is little over 4 km. All control placements were electronically vetted, meaning they are all GPS checked for accurate placement.  So if you think you are smarter than the GPS let us know.
Expect controls on the red and green courses to be hung no higher than 3ft and between 3 and 5 ft for orange.
We did not see any wildlife or fresh signs thereof but the bears are out.
All courses are away from any salmon streams even though salmon are not yet a concern.
The start will be located in the NW corner of the parking lot for the Elmore Rd. Trealhead / Ballfields across from the intersection of Elmore Rd and Coventry Dr.
See you out there!

Make sure your passport is valid!

The 2018 North American Orienteering Championships are being held in conjunction with the Canadian Orienteering Championships in Whitehorse, Yukon CA from August 17-24. That’s practically in our neighborhood! This is great opportunity to combine a vacation with some excellent orienteering.

  • Check out the website for tons of information –
  • Save some money with Early Bird registration by March 31st
  • You can enter a competitive age-group category or an open category for events
  • We will build a gap in our season schedule to accomodate the championships
  • We are working other ways to support club members who are planning to attend

Fall-O Results

Saturday, September 9, 2017
FNBP Trailside Elementary

The Arctic Orienteering Club celebrated the end of the season with an afternoon of orienteering in Far North Bicentennial Park. Fifty three participants were greeted with partly sunny skys and challenging terrain in the woods and trails on the southside of FNBP. Ian Moore won the season finale on the expert course and Jen Jolliff had the fast time among the women. The meet was preceded by the annual membership meeting and followed by an after-party at a nearby home.

Thanks to Bill Johnston & Mike Robinson for designing and setting the courses; Regan Sarwas for deliverying meet equipment and taking down controls down; and Eric and Jill Follett for hosting the end-of-season party.

Red (5.7km, 19 controls)


1) Ian Moore 1:11:55, 2) Cory Smith 1:22:22, 3) Regan Sarwas 1:48:33


1) Jen Jolliff 1:38:28, 2) Shelly Laws DNF

Green (4.4km, 13 controls)


1) Steve Gruhn 1:16:09, 2) Eric Follett 1:30:50, 3) Mark Findlay 1:43:33, 4) Steve McKeever 2:20:33


1) Lorena Knapp Billman 2:08:14, 2) Agneta Kupilik DNF


1) Leslie & Mark Kroloff 2:18:18, 2) Chris Zafren & Jill Follett 2:20:24, 3) Lexi Hill & Dela Grey 2:41:16, 4) Brittay & Ariel Hippe DNF

Orange (3.9km, 15 controls)


1) Andy Olnes 2:36:00, 2) Mischa Carlson DNF, Chris Tomsen DNF


1) Joyce Goodell 1:53:20, 2) Emily Davenport 2:09:00


1) Scott Morton & Jasmine Langmann 1:14:33

Yellow (3.0km, 13 controls)


1) Springer Moore 40:54, 2) Baxter Harvey DNF


1) Kim Bakic 1:07:17


1) Chad & Orion Jensen 1:02:27:17, 2) Owen & Matthew Nordstrom 1:04:10, 3) Barbara Brown & Tim Wiepking 1:08:25

White (2.0km, 11 controls)


1) Andrew, Art, Corin & Jennifer Harmon 49:13, 2)  Kyle, Marne, Hudson & Sydney Shafer 1:04:07, 3) Ruth, Sidney & Rory Kvernplassen 1:05:40, 4) Colton, Lisa, Caden & Evie Hester 1:08:17, 5) John, Connor & Dellan Lyons 1:09:07

Meet This Wednesday in FNBP at Mile 1.1

Wednesday’s meet will start at mile 1.1 of Basher Drive. There will be White (1.7 K), Yellow (2.6 K), Orange (4.2 K), Green (4.7 K) and Red (5.7 K) courses; starts from 5 to 7; finish by 9:00.  Our permit requires us to make sure participants are aware of bear and other wildlife issues; please see the thoughts below about hazards that include but are not limited to bears. While we haven’t seen a lot of bear sign while setting the course, bears are out there, and we have seen some scat and prints.

Are you prepared to manage the inherent risks of orienteering in Alaska?

Examples of potential hazards are:

  • bear and moose encounters
  • sharp sticks
  • logs and holes hidden by vegetation
  • stinging insects
  • prickly and toxic plants
  • cold
  • heat
  • slippery surfaces
  • uneven footing
  • disorientation (getting lost)

Please participate only in the level of orienteering that is suited to your skills, experience, equipment, and level of comfort. Partnering with another person or two may help you build skill and participate more safely.

We orienteer in bear and moose habitat and see animals regularly. Consider carrying pepper spray and being prepared to deploy it. And consider making noise sufficient for animals to hear you approaching. Some ways to reduce your risk are to participate with a team; talk with your team (if you are part of one); pace count out loud; wear bells.

Triple-O Results

Wednesday, June 21 2017
Ruth Arcand Park

Over 40 people came to Ruth Arcand Park to participate in a Score-O. The longer Score-O was split into 3 maps, each with a 20-30 minute time limit.  Participants could run as many of the maps as they wanted with a mass start at 6:30, 7:00 and 7:30.  There were penalties issued for late returns on each map and of course the participant would be late starting the next map!  We have compiled a spreadsheet with everyone’s cumulative points for however many courses they completed.

Many thanks to meet director Seve McKeever and the other volunteers who made this meet possible–Peter Johnson helped with set-up and control checking, Luke Kiskaddon and Joe Kurtak helped pull the controls, and Bill Spencer helped with meet format and course design.​

Fossil-O Results

Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Thompson Lake

Wednesday’s orienteering race was held at Thompson Lake on Fort Richardson and featured intricate terrain and open woods. Cory Smith continued his winning streak on the advanced Red Course with a time of 1:06:33. Dan Billman was second with a time of 1:47:01. The top female competitor was Sarah Stanley on the Green course with a time of 2:42:14. The courses were designed and set by Ian Moore and Jen Jolliff. Thank you to Chris Tomsen who helped make access to the military base go smoothly and provided refreshments for the finish.

Red Course (Advanced, 6-K, 17 controls)


1) Cory Smith, 1:06:33; 2) Daniel Billman, 1:47:01; 3) Bill Johnson, 1:52:35; 4) Regan Sarwas, 2:14:12; 5) Michael Robinson, 2:36:46


1) Julie, Paul, Pete and Roger LaFrance, 1:56:48

Green Course (Advanced, 4-K, 14 controls)


1) Dorn Van Dommelen, 1:43:05; 2) Mark Findlay, 1:45:45; 3) Steven Gruhn, 2:12:22;


1) Sarah Stanley, 2:42:14; Anne Billman, DNF; Dela Grey, DNF


Dave and Diana Evans, DNF

Orange Course (Intermediate, 4-K, 14 controls)


1) Brian Krichner, 1:29:45; 2) Brian Durrell, 1:35:12; Andy Olnes, DNF; Chris Tomsen, DNF; Sean Arnold, DNF


1) Lexi Hill, 2:17:50


1) Vern and Angela Randall, 2:05:25; Giselle Bergeron, DNF; Joyce Goodell, DNF; Kathy Faryniarz, DNF; Rita Norton, DNF

Yellow Course (Beginner-Intermediate, 3-K, 10 controls)


1) Andy Olnes, 1:28:28


Stephanie Kesler, DNF


1) Trudy Keller and Karla Carpenter, 1:57:10; Cassie Stenehjem and Jackson Kincaid, DNF; Rob, Laura, Brooke and Aly Long, DNF

This was a points race. Check out how you stand.

Please join us Wednesday, June 7th for a Traditional Meet at Bartlett. There will also be beginner training on how to use a compass and an advanced training compass exercise. Check the links for details.

P.S. We would love your feedback! If you have criticisms, praise, suggestions, comments, or whatever – please let us know.

Results from Big-O Meet

Tuesday, May 3, 2016, at Kincaid Park

Over 40 participants braved the windy and cold weather to participate in this Score-O style orienteering meet in Kincaid Park. They used the same course that approximately 950 Anchorage School District students used earlier in the day. The team of Bill and David Spencer had the highest point total of the evening, scoring 970 out of a possible 1100.

Thanks to the Anchorage School District Physical Education Department, Steve Gruhn and Anne Billman for their assistance in putting on the meet.

29 controls; 1 hour time limit; points are out of a possible 1100

1) Steve Gruhn, 760; 2) Brian Durrell, 690; 3) Tom Livingston, 690; 4) Dorn Van Dommelen, 630; 5) Gunnar Knapp, 590; 6) Jeremy Johnson, 580; 7) Tom Bronga, 520; 8) Dan Billman, 470; 9) Mark Findlay, 400

1) Eeva Latosuo, 680; 2) Karen Bronga, 600; 3) Jess Austin, 500; 4) Agneta Kupilik, 290

1) Bill and David Spencer, 970; 2) Springer Moore, Ian Moore and Jen Joliff, 730; 3) Kelly Bruxvoort, Cheyenne Oyen and Charlotte Idey, 430; 4) Joyce Goodell and Kathy Faryniaz, 330; 5) Donna and Erin Cahalane, 300; 6) Kirt, Melissa, Noah and Ethan Van Doyle, 290; 7) Justin, Owen, Beck and Maggie Harth, 250; 8) Mike, Noah and Nathan Reberg and Andrew Harmon, 220; 9) Laura, Brooke and Ally Long, 30; 10) Luba, Alex and Mikey Berki, 30

The next meet will be Wednesday, May 11th on the Alaska Pacific University campus. Start at 6:30pm

Big-O Orienteering Meet

Big-O Orienteering Meet

Tuesday, May 3rd

Mass Start at 6:30pm

Kincaid Park Chalet

The Anchorage School District’s Health and Physical Education Department runs an orienteering event each year for elementary and middle school students on Tuesday, May 3rd, and they are keeping the course set up so that the club can enjoy it in the evening.

The meet will be a mass start in the Score-O format.  All participants will have 1 hour to find as many controls as they can before returning to the start.  The start location will be on the East side of the Kincaid Chalet.  ASD is using the same course as last year, so it may be a fun opportunity to experiment with your route choice or test your fitness against last year’s performance.  The course is made for beginners, with all controls on or very near the major trails.  That being said, intermediate and advanced orienteerers will find that since the vegetation is still low, you have greater opportunities for off-trail route choices that would be almost impossible later in the summer.  While there are some small areas where the trails are muddy, for the most part the trails are dry and in great shape.

Whether you can make it on Tuesday or not,  the meet director would appreciate some help taking down the controls after the event.  If you can help, please contract him by email:  email hidden; JavaScript is required

Hope to see you out there!

Klutina Orienteering Results

Sunday, September 20, 2015
Klutina Drive, Pia North and South Maps

The club wrapped up the 2016 season with a beautiful day of orienteering on the eastside of Anchorage in the foothills of the Chugach. There was close competition among the men in the middle of the pack on the expert Red course, while the women competitors had a strong showing on the Green and Orange courses.

Thanks to Ruth Kvernplassen and Mike Robinson for hosting this meet.

Red, 6.2km, 14 controls


1) Ian Moore,55:15; 2)Cory Smith,1:01:15; 3)Kimball Forrest,1:15:22; 4)Regan Sarwas,1:40:14; 5)Bill Johnson,1:40:20; 6)Dan Billman,1:41:21; 7)Steve Gruhn,1:49:39; 8)Art Harmon,1:59:46


1)Dwight Iverson and Greg Encelewski,3:00:30

Green, 4.2km, 12 controls


1)Eric Follet,1:21:22


1)Ellyn Brown,1:05:018; 2)Anne Billman,1:09:29:07; 3)Dela Grey,1:19:40


1)Karen Bronga and Luke Kikukawa,2:11:14

Orange, 3.8km, 12 controls


1)Tom Livingston,1:23:40; 2)Chris Tomsen,2:01:00


1)Oda Fossam,54:20

Yellow, 3.4km, 12 controls


1) Steve McKeever,1:41:20


1) Kath Faryniarz,1:21:20


1)Roan Hall and Reilly Hall,1:19:00; 2)Jess Austin, Robin Holmes and Cassy Friederich,1:26; 3)Hatcher Smith, Springer Moore and Andrew Harmon,1:51:20

White, 1.7km, 12 controls


1)Trudy, Kory, Lia, Kincaid and Duke Keller,30:00; 2)Kathy and Tyler Stewart,45:00; Corin and Jen Harmon,1:00:00 3)Elliot Adema, Guy Edema, Suvan Schwoerer and Toby Schwoerer,1:16:00; 4)Talia, Hatcher and Linda Smith,1:20:20

This was a points race. See how you stand in the season points.

Red and Green courses are available in Route Gadget. Use this cool tool to compare your splits with other contestants. Could you improve your route choice?

P.S. We would love your feedback! If you have criticisms, praise, suggestions, comments, or whatever – please let us know.