Arctic Orienteering Club 2000 schedule/results

May 10 (Wed) Edís Orienteering at Crevasse Moraine, Palmer
May 17 (Wed) Kathy's Beginning/Intermediate Orienteering at APU
May 24 (Wed) Anne and Dan's Friend-O at FNBP
May 30 (Tue) Kimball and Ellynís Orienteering at FNBP
June 7 (Wed) Ted and Ginny's Storck-O at Storck Park
June 14 (Wed) Patís Sprint-O at APU
June 24 (Sat) Anchorage Parks Tour
July 12 (Wed) Dan and Johnís Orienteering at FNBP
July 19 (Wed) Chris's Weird-O at Russian Jack Springs Park
July 26 (Wed) Urban's Orienteering at Pia-Margrethe Memorial Orienteering Area
Aug 2 (Wed) Giselleís Orienteering at Service High School
Aug 9 (Wed) Bike-O/Poker-O at Kincaid Park
Aug 15 (Tue) High School-O
Aug 17 (Thu) Orienteering Festival, Day 1 at Fossil Creek
Aug 19 (Sat) Orienteering Festival, Day 2 at Far North Bicentennial Park
Sept 9 (Sat) Eric and Jill's Search and Destroy-O at Pia-Margrethe Memorial Orienteering Area
Oct 7 (Sat) Night-O at UAA/APU
Oct 28 (Sat) Halloween-O at Campbell Creek Science Center, FNBP

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