Elmore Meet! Wed. 9th

First Season Meet!
Wed. 9th – you may start anytime between 5:00 and 7:00, but you must finish by 9:00.
Courses will be 6km for red and 5km for green. Conditions are increasingly getting wetter with the ground thawing, so expect to get your feet wet.  The terrain is slow but orienteering should be fun as we kept the level of difficulty to ease us into the season.  We avoided major areas of downfall but there will definitely be some of that particularly on the red and green courses.
The orange course is little over 4 km. All control placements were electronically vetted, meaning they are all GPS checked for accurate placement.  So if you think you are smarter than the GPS let us know.
Expect controls on the red and green courses to be hung no higher than 3ft and between 3 and 5 ft for orange.
We did not see any wildlife or fresh signs thereof but the bears are out.
All courses are away from any salmon streams even though salmon are not yet a concern.
The start will be located in the NW corner of the parking lot for the Elmore Rd. Trealhead / Ballfields across from the intersection of Elmore Rd and Coventry Dr.
See you out there!