Alaska State Orienteering Championships – 2018

The Arctic Orienteering Club will have the Alaska State Orienteering Championships at the North America Orienteering Championships in Whitehorse, Canada on August 18th and 19th, 2018. There will be 1st through 3rd place medals for Alaskans in each class. The classes are separated into men and women and further divided by age groups (see table).

Sign up on the internet by June 30th for both the August 18th and 19th events. Combined time determines the Alaska State Champ for each class. Be sure to notify email hidden; JavaScript is required before July 5th of the class you signed up for, so proper medals can be ordered. Send email to email hidden; JavaScript is required. All ages are as of December 31st of the current year.


Individual Championship Classes (Alaska Champs and North American Champs)
White Yellow Orange Brown Green Red Blue
F-10 F-14 F-16 F-18 M65+ F-20 F-21+
F-12 M-14 M-16 F55+ M70+ F35+ M-21+
M-10 F60+ M75+ F40+ M20
M-12 F65+ M80+ F45+ M35+
F70+ M85+ F50+ M40+
F75+ M90+ M-18 M45+
F80+ M50+
F85+ M55+
F90+ M60+
Open Championship Competitive Classes (Alaskans Only)
M/F White F Yellow F Orange F Brown F Green M Red
M Yellow M Orange M Brown M Green

Age class ranges are indicated by a “-” and/or a “+”. A “-” before the age means “and younger”; the “+” after the age means “and older”. Gender classes contain M for male and F for female. Classes containing the course color are open to any age.


Examples are Bold in above table

Female, 10 and under on the White course
Male, 11-12 on white course
Male, 21-34 on red course
Female, 35-39 on green course
Male, 40-44 on red course
Male, 50-54 on green course
Male, 65-70 on brown course

There are many categories; almost every person who finishes will get an Alaska Champs medal. These are normal USOF class competition standards. You can even run the Orange or Yellow courses at any age and compete for a medal in the Open Alaska categories. There are no medals for teams. An adult can shadow a young person. (with permission from meet director, but give no help)

Reasons for Going

  • There are a large group of Alaskans going. Plan to carpool and camp out.
  • Great Orienteering in open pine forest on wonderful maps
  • The weather in August in Whitehorse is sunny and warm with no bugs.
  • There are a variety of other Orienteering courses all week long, including relays.
  • There is really great mountain biking!
  • Meet hundreds of friendly “O” people from all over the world.