Minutes of March 21, 2018 Board Meeting

Arctic Orienteering Club
Meeting of the Board of Directors
March 21st, 2018

Meeting called to order at 7:16.

Members present: Joyce Goodell; Mike Robinson; Lexi Hill; Dela Gray; Dorn VanDommelen; Eric Follet; Chris Tomsen; Toby Schworer; Mark Findlay; Andy Olnes; Lia Keller and Regan Sarwas.

Minutes from previous meeting were approved.

Old Business discussed:

  1. Two club members need to do a fiscal audit of our finances. Lexi and Andy will do this;
    contact Eric F for items to review.
  2. Stolen Equipment: Regan has not re-ordered anything yet-he will replace tubs, tables,
    controls and any other items that were stolen.
  3. Waiver for Review: Do we need to change anything? Add Safety information, change fees?
    We will go to web site to review the form.
  4. Schedule review: Leave august 15th meet for training, or Fun-O, something light for casual orienteers not going to Whitehorse meets. Much discussion and moving of meets. Chris is looking to add a weekend meet in June. We already have lots of meets assigned.
  5. On Attack Point: we will check with Ian and post pre and post-meets around the NA
  6. Ways to Promote NAC: Eric is willing to organize some sort of “medal” to acknowledge our competitors and placements at the NAC meets. Earlybird deadline is 3-31. Mike will send out blurbs everywhere and will also contact the group via E-mail as a reminder. The question was brought up about possibly funding someone to go to the meet-like an 18-24 year old. Eric sort of nixed it. Dorn sees a need to develop more young people. Lexi suggests putting up a flyer at early meets to see if someone is interested. Mike suggests individuals contribute to a fund to sponsor someone. Lexi, Mike and Chris are interested in this.
  7. Boy scout Camporee is May 5th. Mike will send out an E-mail to the group involved next
    week (Wed the 28th).
  8. Mapping: Lots of discussion. Toby is interested in long term, strategy (for a big meet)
    development; fundraising. Save our funds and develop the club further. We should pay attention to Whitehorse-how did they achieve this? Eric suggests a “cheap” map of ER. The board is hesitant to committing to bring up mappers and spend large amounts of funds without a clear idea in mind. A motion was proposed by Mike: Hold off on mappers this year and for Eagle River. The majority was in favor. Mike also proposed late fall ER practice meet. Eric is willing to scout ER, and put trails on the map, but will find out how that would affect an “A” meet in the future. Eric says OCAD open orienteering map making is free, but it does not set courses. OCAD 2018 is costly, and doesn’t see going this route, but Dorn has OCAD and says it’s “One Stop Shopping” and can make maps quickly UAA has it and Toby, Dorn and Lexi can possibly use it for our advantage. They will pursue map making with OCAD. Lexi volunteered to purchase the $50 OCAD map license to practice with it.
  9. Risk Management Plan: Action Items that got positive results:
    1. Safety Notebook
    2. General safety information for participants on our Website
    3. Meet Director to carry a phone, and put number on the map
    4. It is recommended to have a second person during the meet
    5. Have whistles, possibly bear spray, and purchase an air horn
    6. Review our First Aid Kit

    All Items will be review later, and we will begin with implementing some of the items.

  10. Meet Fees: Discussed and proposed: $10 Adult meet fee; $75 Individual; $110 family; board members are free, but encouraged to pay.
  11. Regarding Pick/Click/Give to raise money. The cost to post this is $290, and then they
    take 7%. Deferred to next year.
  12. We are working on a mailing list for volunteers/directors. Im not sure who it is though. 🙁
  13. Regarding chapters in Mat-Su and Fairbanks-Mike has checked into it, and will pressure further.


  1. 4.1 Shelly-Nothing planned or set yet. Mike will talk with Shelly
  2. 4.2 Regan: 90% of it is still intact. Dorn says this might be a good Eagle Scout Project for consideration. The Trails are changing, and the map needs to be improved. Dorn will try to generate an OCAD of the area.
  3. Announcements: Palmer Library has Geocaching project. Someone there (not Pete) is interested in orienteering.

No meeting is scheduled until end of the season. Meeting was adjourned at 9:30pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Joyce Goodell, Secretary

Minutes are also available as PDF.