Minutes of January 17, 2018 Board Meeting

Arctic Orienteering Club
Meeting of the Board of Directors
January 17th, 2018

Members present: Chris Tomsen; Dorn VanDommelen; Dela Grey; Eric Follet; Toby Schworer; Mike Robinson; Art Harmon; Mark Findlay; Andy Olnes

Corrections to December Minutes

  1. Add Mark Findlay to attendees
  2. #4 Correct sill to still
  3. #7 Replace ‘No decision was made at this time.’ with ‘Club does not include in regular schedule but willing to add if someone volunteers to put one on.’
  4. #10 Add to end ‘Club may want to try to establish a Mat-Su chapter.’


  1. Lexi absent so discussion on finalizing season schedule will wait until next meeting.
  2. Championships in Yukon Aug 17th. Send out announcement to club membership. Should club pay/support 18-25yr old to compete? Hold an Alaska championships at the meet, i.e. recognize the top Alaska competitors.
  3. Meets in Alaska for possible outside visitors. Some but not a lot of interest on Attack Point forum. August 15th too close. August 8th HS-O maybe too hard to reschedule. August 11 EQ Park? August 12 Mountain-O?
  4. BSA Camporee May 5th. Dorn working on BSA permitting/insurance. Club volunteers Eric, Chris, Mike, Regan, and Lexi. They will work with Dorn to define activities & events. Hold club event later in day.

Risk management plan

  1. No one had read it, no comments in google document. People thrown off by size, hard to distinguish between plan itself, practices/policies for consideration & appendix. Concern about being proscriptive, is there liability if we fail to follow set policies?
  2. Discussed how to proceed. Break it into three separate docs: the plan itself; recommendations to consider about policies/practices; appendix/supplemental stuff. Deadlines for people to comment and discussion on recommendations


  1. Mappers this summer. 7km to map ER + ERNC + SW Ruth Arcand. $14k for labor and car rental, probably come in lower. CSP board okay with mapping ER. Need to double check with ERNC – Mark will initiate contact. If ERNC ends up no-go, look to another area of
    Mat-Su. Maybe save 10% for mapping in Mat-Su?
  2. Mapping software. Need to standardize mapping and course software. Nice if could use tablet to correct maps / vet courses in field. OpenOrienteering does not import LIDAR or set courses. You can use QGIS to convert LIDAR for import into OpenOrienteering. OCAD12: mapping client ~$700, course setting client ~$60. Toby will look at demo, firm up budget. Eric will check with Ian about what he uses now and his thoughts on OCAD12.

Audit committee report

  1. Should be done annually at end of year. Two members, not president or treasurer. Mark volunteered, need one more.

Kids Run Free

  1. Want to do again this year if we can get sponsors. Eric will look at cost, i.e. permit fee per start. Sponsors about $1300 last year ConocoPhillips, HealthyFutures, Dekreons

Set up mailing list for meet directors & assistants & volunteers

Pick Click Give

  1. $250 application – one time or each year? % take by program? Eric willing to donate $125. Probably worth trying, Mike will get more info.

Club chapters

  1. Mat-Su? Fairbanks? How to other clubs handle it?


  1. Training

Next meeting March 1-10

Minutes are also available as Word Doc.