Minutes of December 7, 2017 Board Meeting

Arctic Orienteering Club
Meeting of the Board of Directors
December 7th, 2017

Meeting was called to order at 7:10pm.

Members present: Chris Tomsen; Dorn VanDommelen; Dela Grey; Joyce Goodell; Lia Keller; Eric Follet; Toby Schworer; Anne Billman; Lexi Hill; Shelly Laws; Regan Sarwas.

Old Business:

  1. Minutes from previous meeting were approved by Dela. Club has no outstanding bills, and all fees paid up to date. Thank you cards were signed by board for last years sponsors.

New Business:

  1. It was suggested we announce board meetings, date and time on social media, the mailing list and the AOC Website, via Lia, so members and non members alike are aware of meetings.
  2. Regan discussed what equipment we need to replace that was stolen last season. He was authorized by the board to spend up to $300 for misc gear-tables, compasses, clipboards, and bins and anything else we need to replace.
  3. Dela attended a FNBP user meeting. A Stuckagain Heights homeowner wants to create a “Nature Preserve” in an area, and would like support from AOC. The club supports “authorized trails” and at this time no action will be taken.
  4. Next Seasons’ meet schedule was discussed at length. We sill plan some meets around the NA Championships in Whitehorse in August. Board discussed planning for 2-3 meets in Anchorage right before the Championship to possibly showcase our area. Possible ideas were a Sunday Mt “O” on the 12th, then M,T or W one or two other events. Possibly at Mirror Lake and Earthquake Park. Ann Will send this information out through contact point “O” Website. Lia will announce on Facebook of upcoming events.
  5. Next Season schedule: Lexi will work the schedule around the Championships, and Fish and Game issues as well as APU “mud issues”.
  6. Camporee May 5 at Mirror Lake. Dorn discussed the kids being bused over to ML, and use our Maps for the O. One idea was that our club could set up training stations and a Intro to Orienteering discussion for participants. They will cover the permits, cost of maps, and borrow the clubs’ equipment. We would work with Dorn and have volunteers help put the meet on and help with training.
  7. Toby asked about Winter “O”’s, including winter Bike “O”s. No decision was made at this time.
  8. Risk Management Plan: Anne presented a detailed plan for us to read over. The purpose for this is because Orienteering has risks. The goals are 1-to promote safety for orienteers, and 2-to limit risks for meet directors. Please, everyone review-make notes and react for more discussion at the next meeting. Lets work in a risk/safety plan. Toby talked with F&G about our new suggested plan, and they offered to look over and review plan with suggestions, etc. Anne will send this information out through AttakPoint national orienteering website. Board members please bring it back to next board meeting for more discussion.
  9. Eric suggested the Club Members become members of Orienteering USA. “OUSA”.
  10. Mapping: Great maps of the Eagle River area were presented by Toby. Some of the issues of ER (good and Bad) were discussed. Great terrain; it’s a wildlife corridor; A remote start presents the best terrain for meets; and it is between MatSu and Anchorage making it available to a larger group of people.
  11. Mapping, cont: We have funds for mapping, and it is suggested we bring mappers up for a two week period, for a cost of approximately $13,000. They could accomplish about 8K in that time. Areas that need work: Ruth Arcand; Southern part of Pia’s; FNBP In a two week period the mappers could possibly work on ER, RA and maybe something else. If we omit ER, the could work on something else.
  12. A suggestion was made to get our club on the “Pick, Click, Give” list, that is available for PFD’s

Next meeting items to discuss: Risk management plan, and bringing mappers up.

Meeting adjourned at 9:07

Minutes respectfully submitted by Joyce Goodell, Secretary

Link to meeting minutes as PDF