Minutes of September 9, 2017 Annual Meeting

Arctic Orienteering Club
Annual Meeting
September 9th, 2017

The meeting was called to order at approximately 11:10am by President Mike Robinson with 13 people in attendance. Mike took notes in the absence of the club secretary.

The minutes from the previous annual meeting on September 10, 2016 were reviewed and approved. Mike gave a president’s report focusing on initiatives the club pursued during the previous year:

  • Finding alternative sponsors for the “kids run free” program
  • Series of training events at meets
  • Discussions about possible mapping projects for 2018
  • Explorations into developing a youth program including club support for a boy scout encampment focused on orienteering at Mirror Lake in May 2018

Ian Moore, the VP of Mapping, reported on plans to bring mappers in the summer of 2018 and the possibility of creating a new map near the Eagle River Nature Center.

The slate of candidates for the incoming Board of Directors was presented, and the proposed candidates were approved by unanimous voice vote. The following were elected:

President – Mike Robinson
VP Administrative – Dela Grey
Secretary – Joyce Goodell
Treasurer – Eric Follett
VP Media – Lia Keller
VP Equipment – Regan Sarwas
VP Mapping – Toby Schwoerer
VP Training – Shelly Laws
VP Events – Lexi Hill
VP Membership – Art Harmon
At Large – Chris Tomsen
At Large – Andy Olnes
At Large – Mark Findlay

The 2017 meet directors were acknowledged and presented them with drinking glasses as tokens of appreciation.

The preliminary 2018 meet schedule was posted. Attendees were asked to consider signing up as meet directors or assistants for a given date and the map/location they would prefer to use.

The cumulative results of the 2017 season were reviewed and the top place finisher in each category who was present at the annual meeting was awarded with a Snickers bars.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 11:50am.

Addendium: Here is the financial report submitted by the treasurer who was out of state and missed the annual meeting:

In summary, we have has income about $4,500 this year. Our expenses are low so to date we have not spent much of that so far, however, we need to pay the venue fees to the MOA parks for the year. We have 30 individual and 18 family memberships, up slightly from last year. Major donations this year are Stephanie Kesler, $100, Gerhart-Dekreons, $100, and Lexi Hill, $220 (compasses). We have $20K in savings and $7K in checking.