Trond’s Hillside-O Results

Sunday 20 August 2017
Chugach State Park

On a wet and cold August Sunday, Ian Moore won the long course of the inaugural Hillside orienteering event, covering the 10.3 km and 23 controls race in 1 hr 50 min 30 secs. Steve Gruhn won the short course in 1:44:53. The event started at Glen Alps and ended at Upper Huffman after traversing tundra, Hemlock forest, Alder thickets and head height grass.

Short Course:

1) Steve Gruhn, 1:44:53; 2) Agneta Kupilik, 1:47.24, 3) Dan Billman, 1:47:27; 4) Springer Moore and Jen Joliff, 2:14:55; 5) Mark and Ann Bruner, 2:36:50.

Long Course:

1) Ian Moore, 1:50:30; 2) Frank Witmer, 2:48:13; 3) Colin Reedy and Sheryl Mowinkel, 4:11:52 (15 of 23 controls); 4) Anne Billman, 3:28:28 (13 of 23 controls).

Please join us Wednesday, August 23th at Earthquake Park. Check the links for details.

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