Triple-O Results

Wednesday, June 21 2017
Ruth Arcand Park

Over 40 people came to Ruth Arcand Park to participate in a Score-O. The longer Score-O was split into 3 maps, each with a 20-30 minute time limit.  Participants could run as many of the maps as they wanted with a mass start at 6:30, 7:00 and 7:30.  There were penalties issued for late returns on each map and of course the participant would be late starting the next map!  We have compiled a spreadsheet with everyone’s cumulative points for however many courses they completed.

Many thanks to meet director Seve McKeever and the other volunteers who made this meet possible–Peter Johnson helped with set-up and control checking, Luke Kiskaddon and Joe Kurtak helped pull the controls, and Bill Spencer helped with meet format and course design.​