Minutes of April 12, 2017 Board Meeting

Arctic Orienteering Club
Meeting of the Board of Directors
April 12th, 2017

Members present: Dan Billman, Shelly Laws, Joyce Goodell, Art Harmon, Chris Thompson, Mike Robinson, Cory Smith, Dela Gray, Ian Moore, Regan Sarwas

Meeting called to order at 7:13 by Mike Robinson, at Shelly Laws’ house. Minutes from 2-6-2017 were approved.

Old Business:

  1. Ian: Mappers who where here before are not available this year, but possibly will be next year. We will try and come up with a mapping plan this year for them.
  2. Dela: Meet at ERNC: They suggest a meet later in the season. The club can do some surveying prior and create some type of map.
  3. Ian suggests more club members explore the area for possibilities.
  4. Ruth Arcand – Ian: Expand the map to include starts that could originate from Spring Hill or Henshew. Possibly a project for people we used before, but RA is not a big enough single project for the mappers, so we should add another area.
  5. Clearing deadfall: What would it take to remove deadfall; areas of concern seem to be Ridge/Richter area, FNBP and around hilltop. What are the liabilities. Item tabled for now.
  6. Single Track Bike Trails: A new trail is proposed to be developed in and around the Spencer Loop trail. Cory is requesting that AOC have some input on this particular trail. Mike doesn’t think this trail will have much of a negative impact on AOC, and Cory agrees, but would like us to be on their “list” for input on any further trail development . Mike will attend the STA meeting and report to them.
  7. Youth Program:
    1. Mike: The USOF website has a grant for youth activities in the amount of $1000, but has already been awarded for this year. The director of the Jr. National program can help us with planning and developing a youth program, and has a possible $1000 grant for mapping.
    2. Dorn (representing South Central area Boy Scouts) has proposed a scout “encampment” with a orienteering event for May, 2018. The scouts could possibly pay the cost of the meet. He is interested in learning this as a “sport, “ and wants to come to some meets this year. Possibly we develop some merit badge trainers. Shelly and Chris are interested. We could designate meets as “scout friendly” and provide training. If this occurs, we need an estimate of participants.
    3. Dan suggests that newbies may be more comfortable with urban maps, and we have 4 meets available – APU, UAA, Russian Jack. These could be good for “scout adventure meets”. The idea is to get a course they’re comfortable with so they can run their own map with training right before the meet. So, again, advertise a few meets at “scout friendly”. Also the RSVP is important for map printing. Dan and Shelly and Art are very willing to help.
    4. Other Camps that already exist that may be interested in participating in an “O” event are APU summer camp and CCSC.
    5. 2017 – Again, kids run free. Encourage Dorn to check website for training events for planning.
    6. Merit badge counselor – Mike will put something on website asking for volunteers, and also correspond with Dorn for coordinating these items.
    7. Ians’ vision for a JR program: Get a core group of kids that are particularly interested in O’ing, and focus this with them. Also believes that the “day Camps” holds no benefit to AOC, it’s more like an activity to keep them busy.
    8. Shelly/Art: possibly reach out to their various groups of kids to encourage “O” activities-such as ski groups, workout groups like APU, AWS
    9. Healthy Futures has donated $100 for the KRF program, and Mike will send a letter looking for possibly sponsors.
  8. Organizing Volunteers: Usually meet directors usually procure their own helpers. Maybe we can find an “APP” with sign up capabilities. Cory suggested a white board at meet for needs for this meet and upcoming meets! Great idea!
  9. Website updates-Regan: Mailing list move to google groups, minutes are being posted to website. He has a goal of increasing efficiency of moving through website. There is a link on the sidebar for schedule and sponsor logos.
  10. Schedule: posted on website. Several changes- Big O, Mid season pizza Social, 2.2, and earthquake park. For meet changes, see website for updates. Annual Meeting combined with last meet? Maybe at Bill Johnsons, and start could be at SHS! (thanks in advance, Bill) For Fossil Creek- Chris will get details of what gate needs for entrance.

New Business:

  1. Regan-equipment: 2 new tables, and some new controls. Were good on supplies.
  2. Meet director training: Possibly at Billman’s – check the website.
  3. Dan just noted he gets his maximum wellness points from O meets. Way to go Dan.


  1. Give your meet bills to Dan. Do your printing through Great Originals. Shall we have an EpiPen available for meet box? Joyce will look into getting one. The Girl scout event is June 2 and 3. Dela needs people – Mike is interested, Shelly and Art will check back.
  2. For the mid-season Social-we will send out an E-mail for volunteers.

Next meeting: TBD by end of the season meet.

Meeting adjourned @9:00.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Joyce Goodell, Secretary

Meeting Minutes as Word Doc