Loma-O Results

Sunday, May 7, 2017
Crevasse Morraine, Loma-Prieta trailhead, Palmer

Hilly and cool: speedy Ian Moore bested Toby Schwörer on long red course, while Springer Moore won Yellow — dad and son each under an hour! Women: Jen Joliff and Dela Grey won red and green courses, respectively. Special thanks to Art Harmon for long course design and Lexi Hill, Andy Olnes for “vetting” controls and assisting.
One “far out” control still to be retrieved – if you want a challenge contact meet director Chris Tomsen email hidden; JavaScript is required

Red Course (4.7 Km, 10 controls)


1) Ian Moore 0:50:57 2) Toby Schwörer 1:09:30 3) Cory Smith 1:15 4) Regan Sarwas 1:28 5) Mike Robinson 2:05


1) Jen Jolliff 1:27

Green Course (3.8km, 8 controls)


1) Steve Gruhn 1:08:59 2) Dan Billman 1:17


1) Dela Grey 1:56:30

Orange Course (4.3km, 8 controls)


1) Brian Durrell 1:19:30 2) David Snyder 1:49:50


1) Angela and Vern Randall 2:02:09

Yellow Course (3.8km, 8 controls)


1) Springer Moore 49:05


1) Lorene Lynn, Carrie Klein, Monique Durtschi 1:43 2) Ethan, Noah & Kurt VanDyke 2:21

White Course (2.8 km, 8 controls )


1) Julie and Paul LaFrance 0:34 2) Linda, Talia, & Hatcher Smith 1:26 3) Rob, Brook, Aly Long & Laura Swogge 1:29 4) Darcy Dugan, Suvan & Kai Schwörer, Leif, Flynn & Eamon O’Regan 1:45:56

This was the first points race of the season. Check out how you stand.

Join us Wednesday, May 10th for our Quake-O at Earthquake Park. There will also be beginner and advanced training available. Check the link for details.

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Thanks to volunteer Chris Tomsen for putting on this meet!