Minutes of Jan 3, 2017 Board Meeting

Arctic Orienteering Club
Board of Directors’ Meeting
January 3rd, 2017

Members Present: Mike Robinson; Dela Grey; Lexi Hill; Ian Moore; Regan Sarwas; Shelly Laws; Chris Thompson; Joyce Goodell; Art Harmon; Dan Billman; Anne Billman; Jill Follet

Called to Order 7:16

Old Business:

  1. Website changes: Dela asked to have first thing on the website to be the “next event” instead of the “last event”. Regan will put a link on webpage to download the O schedule
  2. Coordinating volunteers: tabled until the new schedule is finalized
  3. Meets: Much discussion on Crevasse Moraine, Fossil Creek. Many tweeks were made, and meets swapped for different dates. Lexi will rewrite and send the updated schedule to Mike to update the runners calendar. Discussion to add a couple of Ski-O’s. Art and Shelly showed interest in this. No dates were set.
  4. O in downtown Palmer in February, but Pete LaFrance is flexible. Discussion was should this be a training event or an “O” scheduled event. Board decided this to move toward an event, we provide equipment, support. Pete to provide Insurance and permitting, and also to provide a street map. Anne volunteered to help.

New Business:

  1. Healthy Futures can donate $100 to club, instead of the $1000 in previous years. Consensus was that kids still orienteer free. We will look for additional sponsors; possibly advertising “matching” format. The idea of putting sponsor’s name on front page of Web Page-there is plenty of room. Kids run free 2017 logo will be on the website, and discussion will continue.
  2. The donation of a six acre park in Bear Valley is not something the Club in interested in acquiring. It’s a nice gesture, but not much use to the club. We are not interested in becoming property “owners”.
  3. Mapping in 2017. Ians ideas regarding FNBP-do a chunk of it; it’s expensive but a well used area; and clean up areas of map. Also, continue with RA; Bartlett. Eagle River-1 mile from the ERNC has great woods, terrain. Great opportunity for O’s, but its far out, 5$ parking (and lot is small), and a 1 mile walk to the “start” area. This may not benefit all who want to do O’s. Dan (along with a majority of the board) is for improving FNBP. Chris is interested int the Eagle Glen golf area. Dan asked if Chugach St. Park allows up to map the area. Many ideas for this years mapping. Discussion and decision will continue.
  4. Feb 6th will be the next Board meeting, and Regan will host. Questions posed to think about: What does “O” mean to us? What do we want/expect from the O club? Do we want more maps, and or better experiences? We need more dialogue about what do the Orienteers want from our Club. What do Orienteers want from the club experience?
  5. Dan sent USO fee payment in for $1300 to include Insurance and starts.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:46

Minutes respectfully submitted by Joyce Goodell, Secretary

Minutes also available as a Word Doc