Jodhpur Bike-O Results

Wednesday, July 20, 2016
Kincaid Park

Over 60 racers came out for the season’s only “Bike O”. Dominating the long course was Cory Smith with a wining time of 1:02:54. Showing everyone how it is done on the short course was Bill (I don’t need a bike) Spencer with a time of 50:19. Followed with watermelon and comparing battle scars at the finish.

Long Bike-O, 7.2 km, 17 controls


1) Cory Smith, 1:02:54; 2) Gary Snyder, 1:20:23; 3) Eric Follett, 2:05; 4) Mark Findlay, 2:30:30


1) Trail Tramps, DNF

Short Bike-O, 3.9 km, 10 controls


1) Bill Spencer, 50:19; 2) Steve McKeever, 52:53; 3) Steve Gruhn, 1:02:47; 4) Steve Vindler, 1:07:


1) Diana and David Evans, 1:00:22; 2) Ann and Nick Bruner, 1:13:44; 3) Ivan and Lumi Hodes, 1:31:07; 4) Bill, Sheila, Camille, and Emma Griffith, 1:39:56; 5) James and Gwen Seija, 1:47:55; 6) Regina Wagner and Ruoxi Li, 1:50; 7) Drew and Charese Dekreon, 1:51:07; 8) Richard Parsons, Jacob Nunn,Terry Nunn, 1:53:25; 9) Giselle and Bob Bergeron, 2:07; 10) Jenny and Brad Jones, DNF; 11) Jared and Calvin Gardner, Dean and Abbie Black, Jeff, Malbey, Juliete, and Viviene Daun, DNF; 12) The Kellers, DNF; 13) Rob, Laura, Brooke and Aly Long, DNF; 14) Beth Fielseher, Mike Pollht, DNF; 15) Kennedy Brown, Ellyn Brown, DNF

Next Week’s Ranger-O has been cancelled.

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