Board Meeting Minutes from June 9, 2016


Meeting at Billmans’ was called to order at 7:20. Members present: Trond Jensen, Joyce Goodell, Lexi Hill, Dela Grey, Dan Billman, Anne Billman, Lia Keller, Shelly Laws, Ian Moore, Chris Tomsen, Regan Sarwas and Art Harmon.

Discussion of having the Annual Meeting on June 22 was re-visited, Ideas brought forward: board members have name tags, make it an early season party and or business meeting; have sign up sheets for participation for this years meets; look for new people to recruit for the board.

What are our goals for this annual meet? Increase participation, recruit board members; increase the pool of people to help with putting on meets.

An idea of setting up a “volunteer” website was presented. Not much discussion.

How do we get more “club members”? Do we charge a fee to be a member, or maybe include it when they pay for a meet? Dan is researching our club costs for starts vs costs for members. There may be a difference in costs to the club.

June 22 “Party” and Solstice O plans: **No dogs at this meet as it is an Equestrian Center.**

Dela is the Director, Anne and Joyce will help with Meet needs. Dan will do name tags, along with white boards with descriptions of the board positions. Regan will provide photos of board members. Anne and Lexi will do some sort of poster of what it takes to put on a meet, and also a poster of the remaining meets for this year with opportunities. Regan will do the food and drinks.

A Board Meeting will be held in late August, dates to be considered are the 16 th or 23 rd . Please have board nominations ready at this time.

It was decided that we will still have the Annual meeting and season awards banquet, tentatively on Saturday, Sept 10 th , several hours following the Fall-O at a separate location.


Discussion of new race clock: First, Hooray! Ours seems to be working again (thanks to Ragan), but a new one is probably in the club’s future. A cheap one would run about $160. Best ones run about $2000-2500. An average one comparable to our current one is about $600. Ways to raise funds for the new clock were discussed, but no plan to purchase in the near future. It’s on the radar, however.

Money (meet fees) is coming in about the same rate as last year. Our participation seems to be up. We had 130+ participants at the “Ballfield” meet on 6-8.

Motion to adjourn was made at 8:23.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Joyce Goodell, Secretary

Minutes also available as Word.