Board Meeting Minutes from November 4, 2015

Arctic Orienteering Club
Board Meeting: Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Meeting called to order at 7:20pm, at Billmans.
Members present: Ian Moore, Cory Smith, Joyce Goodell, Ann Billman, Shelly Laws, Trond Jensen, Della Grey, Lia Keller, Art Harmon, Dan Billman, Jill Follet, and Chris Tomsen.

2016 Schedule was presented by Ann B. There are 4 proposed Ski-O’s. An idea to revise the names of the “O”s was brought up so people know what type of “O” it is.

Several meets still need directors. There was a discussion to re-arrange the schedule dates to maximize beginner turnout; also keeping in mind timing of event with terrain/snow/foliage and downfall issues. Several members are in favor of bringing Crevasse Morraine. It was discussed that if we do have an “O” at Storck park, set it as an “advanced” course. Lexi volunteered to set a Mountain “O” at Hatcher Pass, and a date of early to mid July was suggested. Ann will work up another draft of the schedule, and E-mail to board members for input.

Map Making: Possibly using “Lidar” to make base maps of the MatSu areas, and work with Ed Strabel. Maybe make a map with him, to help promote Orienteering in the MatSu area. Chris will attend the MatSu Ski Club meeting and talk with Ed regarding mapping and promoting “O”s in the valley.

Dan B proposed the idea of a MatSu Club and an Anchorage O club. Possibly put on weekend events so people of all areas can attend. Anyway, lets get the dialog going in this direction.

Trond proposed expanding maps around schools like Hanshew. Cory has worked with the O’Malley map area. More possibilities could be Bowman and Huffman elementary’s.

Develop a sub group to get new mapping started. Ian will get a sample of the “Lidar” and see how it will work out. We will follow up at December meeting.

Regarding electronic punching: Some saw no benefit; some thought it was fun. The Pros: it was a success for advanced courses; and the data information was fun the Cons: clunky gear; no validation when punching; didn’t use it enough; adds more work for the meet director, and participants need more exposure for evaluation. We will see if we can borrow it again for the early season so we can take advantage of the traditional meets.

LaTouche Pediatrics wants to sponsor an event. The discussion that followed included what expenses we need to think about: meet fee permits; trail “head” per person cost; mapping costs. Our cost per meet was estimated at 3-4$ per person. We also could ask sponsors to advertise AOC in their offices. Lia will investigate what LaTouche is willing to donate to sponsor a meet.

Shelly will set the Sprint course at Kincaid for her Ski for Kids and keep it up for a few days. The map will be posted online on our website.

Action issues for next meeting:

  • 2016 Schedule
  • Base map from Lidar to be presented by Ian
  • Mapping for 2016-we do have money for the Swiss guys

Meeting adjourned at 9:04

Minutes submitted respectfully by Joyce Goodell, Secretary

Minutes also available as DOC.