Board Meeting Minutes from 8/11/15

Arctic Orienteering Club
Board Meeting: Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Meeting called to order at 7:20pm.
Members present: Trond Jensen; Joyce Goodell; Dan Billman; Lia Keller; Anne Billman; Regan Sarwas; Mike Robinson; Kathy Farynairz.

  1. Annual meeting planning

    Bill Spencer will Run the Score-O, with the meet time 6:00–7:00pm, and the eat and meet directly to follow at the Goose Lake venue. Food picked up by Kathy; Meet directors and Donors will be recognized with etched glasses. Also recognition for this years’ trainers (Jen, Mike R and Jill F) and also Toby S. for providing use of the E-punch system. No door prizes this year. Regan will announce course winners; but also amend this after the last three traditional meets. We will distribute bring a buddy prizes at meeting.

  2. Officers of the Club

    planning to step down this year are Kathy and Mike (VP of Events) andalso Trond as president. Trond did state he may be available to run board meetings. We will hold nominations/elections at the Annual Meeting.

  3. Finance Report from Dan Billman

    The club is operating in the black, keeping a balance of approximately $2000 in our checking account. The biggest expense we have had in the past 5 years was mapping. Membership is up by 50% this year due to club marketing and recruitment. Question was asked if we need to up the meet fees, and Board decided to hold the rate structure as is, as we have more participants and are still generating income.

  4. Trial Electronic Punch Discussion:

    Pros: used for Green and Red only; it was easy; fun. Cons: to purchase something like this would burden the whole club with cost with only a portion of the members getting to use it. Also, Dan says the E-punch system is a much simpler system, but the meet director is burdened with more work. So how do we finance a system? It was suggested that if we do go ahead with this in the future, use some sort of grant to finance.

  5. Misc new business:

    On sign up sheet for 2016 season Meets, there will be a line added for an “Assistant Meet Director”, to encourage members to help put on meets and get more experience with the process. The training sessions were a great success, and many people participated. Some feedback was “helpful” and “friendly”.

  6. 2016 schedule:

    Plan to keep 4 Ski-O’s for the winter, and we will hopefully have snow, and if not, adjust. Mike presented the draft, and there was discussion regarding moving the “Big-O” and the “High School O” to Wednesday evenings. Also, the decrease the time between the breaks we had in this years’ summer schedule (two weeks), to keep momentum going.

  7. Dan Billman:

    reported that the Muni is purchasing a new Lidar Imagry system for mapping, and that the front of the Chugach Range (and possibly more areas like around the Schools) will be possibly mapped. Ian may get a copy and run one map, and or play with the program. This system makes mapping much easier and is very accurate. If maps were made around the schools, they could be used for Orienteering!

Meeting adjourned at 8:52 pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Joyce Goodell, Secretary

Minutes also available as PDF.