Board Meeting Minutes – February 18, 2015



Meeting called to order at 7:50pm.
Members present: Mike Robinson; Trond Jensen; Dan Billman; Regan Sarwas; Lia Keller; Anne Billman; Chris Tomson; Lexi Hill

  1. 2015 Season Readiness
    1. Schedule
      1. Class-room training (scheduled for 4/28) cancelled. Instead there will be training before specific events
      2. iSportsman may cost $10/person/year. Chris to continue to liase with JBER for alternatives to access and permits
      3. Need back-up venue for Fossil Creek (6/3): Back-up #1 – Pia’s, back-up #2 -Abbot Loop Community Park
      4. Future agenda item: fee structure for 2016+
    2. Equipment
      1. Mike will update SAR sheet in meet boxes and circulate text to board members for review
      2. Do we need to update our SAR procedure?
        1. Print safety info on map
        2. Encourage everyone bring a cell phone
        3. Table discussion for next board meeting
  2. 2015 Strategy: “Better Promote Our Sport”
    1. Bring a buddy
      1. Free for buddy (1 time)
      2. Free season pass drawing (one ticket for each buddy brought)
      3. Acknowledge and award best buddy bringers (o-glass)
      4. Schedule card w/buddy system details for folks to hand out to potential buddies (Mike will make cards)
    2. Training
      1. Training schedule: not yet ready.  Idea is to have event(s) with experienced orienteers to teach newbies. Anne to develop training schedule for presentation at next board meeting.
    3. Promo materials
      1. Wallet cards with schedule (see 2.1.4 above)
      2. Have flyers to promote future events; post at earlier meets, other running events, AMH, etc.
      3. Market a specific event to a specific group (e.g. road runners, trail runners, mnt. runners, etc.). Mike will incorporate this info on schedule spreadsheet and send out for board review and comments.
      4. Have a long white course (example: Kincaid chalet to Jodphur to Little Campbell Lake and back to chalet).  Advertise to e.g. TNR and pub runners.  Lia will contact pub runners and TNR
  3. New business (as time allows)
    1. Summer intern (Dan)
      1. Tasmanian orienteering events used “interns” from Denmark to help out with events etc.  Dan thinks Alaska would be of great interest to European interns.
      2. Need well layed out plan and schedule.  Not able to do this for 2015, but 2016 would be possible.
      3. What to use intern for? Setting up training events, perform trail mapping, course vetting, etc.
      4. What is cost to AOC? Intern would pay own travel; AOC would pay for room and board and some stipend(?)
      5. What are the liabilities?
      6. Dan will contact his Danish connection for more details
    2. Policy regarding misplaced or missing controls  (tabled for future board meeting)
    3. FNBP Trails (tabled for future board meeting)
  4. Next meeting April 1st, 7:00 pm

Meeting Adjurned 9:50 pm