Training Course at Ruth Arcand

UPDATE: this course will remain up through Thanksgiving weekend!

Instead of doing a snow dance today, head over to Ruth Arcand Park and practice your map reading skills!

There is a training course now set at Ruth Arcand. This is set as sprint training. Look for small, not standard, control flags.

The control features are not difficult to find. The orienteering skill for these is quick route choice and executing it as fast as you can and still be able to think. While you can use a compass, I recommend trying to do this without one. The area is very well mapped and not using the compass will help you focus on map reading.

Note the start and finish are not in the same place. Try it as a Night-O on your way home this week!

This will be out through next weekend (11/16/14). This is NOT a club event. This is an individual training opportunity, so proceed at your own risk.

Print the Map!