Using Route Gadget

screenshot.20Route Gadget is a fun way to compare your route choices with other orienteers.  It is also a great way to see how you could improve, and to answer questions like Was it faster to go left or right around the lake?

Anyone can use Route Gadget to see the route choices of the Red course racers (just skip down to the section Comparing Routes). In order to add your route all you need is your memory, so it is best to enter your route as soon as you can – meet directors will usually have the map available within 24 hours of the meet.  Route Gadget works best if you have split times at each control.  You can also import GPS tracks from a forerunner, or any device that can export a GPX file. (See the Route Gadget help if you want to use this feature).

To start, click on the link at the bottom of the results page for your meet, or select your meet from this list.

Route Gadget requires Java to run, so it won’t work on most mobile devices, including iPhones. It also doesn’t seem to be fully functional on a Mac. Even if it does run on your computer, you will probably get security warnings, or suggestions to download or upgrade Java on your computer.  Hopefully any messages will be helpful and direct.  If not, then cross your fingers and click randomly.  If you are one of the lucky ones, your browser window should look like something like this:



Adding Your Route

Put a check mark in the Draw your route box at the top right: screenshot.4

Choose your class/course (i.e. White, Yellow, etc.).  If your course is not listed email the meet director.


When you select the course, the map will update with the controls, and you will have a collection of boxes for entering your split times.


If you can’t see the whole course, you can move around by dragging (click-move-release) the map with your mouse.  You can also zoom in/out with the + and – buttons on the right edge.

Type in your name where it says Your Name.

Enter your split times in the boxes for each leg.  If you are missing a split time, you can estimate it, or leave it blank and Route Gadget will distribute your time between the legs.  If all you know is your finish time, just enter that in the last (FIn) box.  NOTE: the split times are cumulative, and must be minutes (no hours) followed by seconds.  For example, if it took exactly 25 minutes to get from the start to the first control, enter 2500 in the first box.  If it took 40 minutes and 25 seconds to get from the first control to the second control, enter 6525 in the second box (25 minutes + 40 minutes = 65 minutes, and 00 seconds + 25 seconds = 25 seconds).  Seconds must be between 00 and 59,.  Be prepared for some advanced math if you collect lap times instead of split times.

The example below is for a sprint course, so the split times are much shorter than for a traditional meet:



Next you need to draw you route on the map. Pan and/or zoom to the first leg of the course.  This leg should be highlighted with a purple line over the pink course lines.  The purple line will change to red as you click to add points along the route you ran.  You do not need to click on the start, but you do need to click on a control in order to start the next leg.


If you make a mistake, click the undo button at the top right


When you finish the leg, click on the control, and start the next leg.  continue until you get to the finish, then click Save Route.



Success!  Click the link to view your route on the map.


Comparing Routes

First choose the class/course


Then click on up to 10 competitors from the list


Then click on View Routes at the bottom right to see the routes of the competitors you selected.



Click View Animation, and then Start, to see your favorite orienteers compete head to head.


If you select the check box labeled by control, then the competitors will wait at each control for everyone to catch up before racing to the next control.

Have Fun!!