2013 Executive Board

The officers of the Club and three elected at-large Board members shall constitute the Executive Board.

Officers of the Club

The President shall coordinate the affairs of the Club and preside at meetings.
Trond B Jensen
Trond Jensen
344-2634 (home) 575-5706 (cell)
Orienteering runner since 1971, AOC club member since 2002, AOC board member since 2006 (VP events 2006-2008, President 2008-present).
Administrative Vice President
The Administrative Vice-President shall assist the President and shall assume the duties of the President in the President’s absence.
Dela Grey
929-9930 (home) 242-4878 (cell)
The Secretary shall maintain current records of the general affairs of the Club, including meeting minutes and correspondence. The Secretary shall keep the Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Incorporation, Bylaws, Policy Guidelines and resolutions in a binder, and may post any of these documents on the Club’s webpage.
Kathy Farynairz
The Treasurer shall maintain accurate and current records of the financial affairs of the Club.
Dan Billman
Dan Billman
345-1749 (home) 644-2042 (work)
Dan Billman joined ARCT in the mid-1990s and has been a Board member most of the time since. He’s served as President, Vice President of Events, and the past 4 years as Treasurer. He loves to run in the woods.
Vice President of Media
The Vice President of Media shall promote the Club and specific events, including disseminating news of Club activities (newspaper and website), and contacting potential sponsors for donations.
Karen Bronga
Karen Bronga
I participated in my first orienteering event in 1984 and didn’t try again until around 1998. After taking my students to a fabulous Fall-O orienteering event, I got my whole family out to try it. Wednesday nights have pretty much been about orienteering ever since. I have hosted meets for the past 7 years, been the Vice President of events and currently I am the Vice President of Media for the club. I teach health at Scenic Park and Kasuun Elementary Schools.
Vice President of Equipment
The Vice President of Equipment shall store, care for and monitor the Club’s equipment, including providing forms and supplies for Club functions.
Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson
First discovered orienteering in 2006, and started going to meets regularly in 2007. AOC board member since 2011 (VP events 2011-2012, Vice President of Equipment 2012-present).
Vice President of Mapping
The Vice President of Mapping shall identify and review locations suitable for Club events and coordinate the preparation of suitable maps.
Tobias (Toby) Schwörer
Tobias (Toby) Schwörer
Vice President of Training
The Vice President of Training shall organize and direct the teaching of orienteering skills in schools, lectures and workshops.
Jen Jolliff
Jen Jolliff
Jen Jolliff has been an active member of the Arctic Orienteering Club since 1994. She’s been teaching orienteering to school children and adults in the Anchorage area for more than fifteen years and has served on the board as president, member at large and currently as VP of Education.
Vice President of Events
The Vice President of Events shall propose a schedule of events, secure permission from land owners, designate meet directors for events, and coordinate assistance and training for meet directors.
Jill Follett
Mike Robinson
Mike Robinson
Mike moved from Florida to Alaska on a whim almost 20 years ago and discovered his love of the outdoors. He likes orienteering because the running is optional but the thinking is not.
Vice President of Membership
The Vice President of Membership shall maintain an accurate and current list of members and interested non-members, and shall notify those whose membership has expired.
Andrew Lee

At-Large Board Members

The at-large members have no specific officer duties beyond the responsibilities of the Executive Board. Nevertheless, the at-large members are typically responsible for some non-official duties.

Member At-Large
Joyce Goodell
Joyce Goodell
Orienteer since 2000, Club member for 10 seasons, on the board for the past three years as Member at Large.
Member At-Large
Responsible for maintaining the club website.
Regan Sarwas
Regan Sarwas
345-1915 (home) 230-0433 (cell)
Regan followed his Alaskan bride to Anchorage in 1992. Once his three kids were mostly grown, he needed a new hobby and fell in love with orienteering in 2011. Being an engineer and a computer programmer, he enjoys the intellectual challenge of orienteering. As he nears 50, he also appreciates the fact that he has a lot of room for improvement in orienteering, despite the fact that his body is slowing down.
Member At-Large
Liason to Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson
Chris Tomsen