Junior Orienteer

Welcome to the website of the Arctic Orienteering Club, based in Anchorage, Alaska. Orienteering is the sport of cross country navigation using map and compass. To some it is a competitive race while to others it is a chance to get out and explore the countryside, challenge the mind, and enjoy the company. Either way, you are welcome to participate. Training is part of our purpose, and beginners and young people are encouraged to take part.

The Arctic Orienteering Club is a sanctioned club of Orienteering USA and is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Questions about Mapping

The Arctic Orienteering Club board is trying to decide what sort of mapping projects to work on in 2017 and would like input from club members and meet participants. Orienteering maps can be expensive to create and maintain. Skilled “mappers” must be brought in to walk the terrain and make significant corrections and additions to existing topo maps and data. The board is considering several options and would like to know what is important to you.

Please take 5-10 minutes to answer this brief survey before our next board meeting on February 6th.


Ski-O Training Opportunity

Junior Nordic is celebrating the end of their first session by having all groups meet at Kincaid Park on Saturday, January 6th and doing a Ski-O course. Junior Nordic will use the course from 10:15-11:30, so you might not want to be out there with 300+ kids, but we will leave the course out for the rest of the day Saturday. The course is a Score-O format, meaning that you can choose the order that you do the controls. The Junior Nordic skiers have a 1 hour time limit, but feel free to take as long as you’d like. The course is intended to be at the beginner level.

There are two maps for the course: one using the club’s OCAD map as the base map, and another using a ski trail map. The main advantage of the ski trail map is that it shows the directions of one-way trails, which is important to know if you are not familiar with the Kincaid ski trails. Otherwise, the OCAD map is superior for navigation. Please look at the instructions on the control card before going out and use extreme caution if you decide to go backwards on any of the trails.

This course is for training purposes only. This is not a club event and you assume all risk by going out on it.

Orienteering Map
Ski Trails Map
Score Card

If anyone is interested in helping to take down the course Sunday morning/afternoon, please contact Art Harmon at 333-2422.

Minutes of Nov 3, 2016 Board Meeting

Arctic Orienteering Club
Board of Directors’ Meeting
November 3rd, 2016

Called to order at 7:15

Attending: Mike Robinson, Dela Grey, Lia Keller, Regan Sarwas, Ian Moore, Cory Smith, Lexi Hill, Art Harmon, Shelly Laws, Jill Follett

Minutes from August 16 approved

Old business

a. Mike will hold the meet director glasses for Joyce and Brian

b. Thank yous: Mike will check with Dan for the list, sign them at our next meeting.

c. Outstanding fees or bills: Lexi and Anne will wrap up MOA and BLM fees

i. Dan sent a message that we have $8900.00 in checking with no outstanding bills. If you need reimbursement, please contact him.

Coordinating volunteers

Art indicated needing a method to match volunteers with meet directors needing help. We also need a way to thank the volunteers.

a. Options discussed were signup.com, googledocs and/or volunteers (indicating if a novice or experienced) selecting a meet and the director will contact them.

b. Meet directors are encouraged to ask NOW if they will need help.

c. Jill encouraged a direct call to volunteers to make a personal connection.

d. We will have a specific proposal and possible “Pilot Project” at next meeting.

2017 Schedule

Reviewed and some changes were indicated.

a. Discussion about our involvement in the Big-O on May 2nd. Possibility of not having it one our events, but rather holding a meet on May 3 or the weekend.

b. Ski-O: Shelly would like to use the club’s gear for an ASD meet. We could tell members it is a training event providing the map on the internet.


a. Corey will provide a similar format and calendar to last year – possibility of adding a meet director training.

b. He indicated a high level of those attending meets after their training.

c. Idea of providing small ‘try it outs’ at meets (i.e., pacing in the woods, compass bearings, corridor maps)

d. Ideas discussed for helping racers move up a level


Fees will stay the same and the board agreed to continue the “First Time Free”

a. Mike will contact Trond about the Healthy Future’s grant for under 18.


a. Regan would like to move our documents from GoDaddy to GoogleDocs with a folder for each VP position.

b. Mike will look into Google for Non-Profits as it has many useful features.

UA Ski support letter

While the entire board supports the cause, it was decided to not use the AOC mailing list as it is not directly related to orienteering.


a. Trailer: Declined as the possible liability and members not having correct hitches.

b. Regan will buy folding tables.

c. Electronic punch: tabled


a. What do we want for our club in the future (New maps? National meet?)

b. We have money and need to decide how it can best be used.


a. Girl scout encampment on June 2-3, volunteers needed as it is worthwhile

b. Find a way to work with the boy scouts and provide training.

c. Mike would like to have more outreach to groups that overlap with our members by attending their board meetings

d. Find a way to increase attendance by younger community members

Runner’s Calendar

Mike and Ruth will provide printing for the schedule cards and also submission of calendar to the Runner’s Calendar.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50.

Minutes are also available as a Microsoft Word Document

2017 Executive Board

The officers of the Club and three elected at-large Board members shall constitute the Executive Board.

Officers of the Club

The President shall coordinate the affairs of the Club and preside at meetings.
Mike Robinson
Mike Robinson
Mike moved from Florida to Alaska on a whim over 20 years ago and discovered his love of the outdoors. He likes orienteering because the running is optional but the thinking is not.
Administrative Vice President
The Administrative Vice-President shall assist the President and shall assume the duties of the President in the President’s absence.
Dela Grey
Dela Grey
I got introduced to orienteering in the fall of 2005 and was hooked immediately. I have always loved maps, and am happy to have found a place where being a map geek is cool! If I ever take up running, I could become seriously competitive. For now, it’s just great physical and mental exercise in the beautiful outdoors. AOC Board member since 2012 (At-Large 2012, Admin. VP 2013 – present).
The Secretary shall maintain current records of the general affairs of the Club, including meeting minutes and correspondence. The Secretary shall keep the Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Incorporation, Bylaws, Policy Guidelines and resolutions in a binder, and may post any of these documents on the Club’s webpage.
Joyce Goodell
Joyce Goodell
Orienteer since 2000, Club member for 10 seasons, on the board for the past three years as Member at Large.
The Treasurer shall maintain accurate and current records of the financial affairs of the Club.
Dan Billman
Dan Billman
345-1749 (home) 644-2042 (work)
Dan Billman joined ARCT in the mid-1990s and has been a Board member most of the time since. He’s served as President, Vice President of Events, and the past 4 years as Treasurer. He loves to run in the woods.
Vice President of Media
The Vice President of Media shall promote the Club and specific events, including disseminating news of Club activities (newspaper and website), and contacting potential sponsors for donations.
Lia Keller
Lia Keller
Running around the woods in orienteering meets for the last four years. My boys used to be in backpacks, but now they run ahead to find the flags!
Vice President of Equipment
The Vice President of Equipment shall store, care for and monitor the Club’s equipment, including providing forms and supplies for Club functions.
Regan Sarwas
Regan Sarwas
345-1915 (home) 230-0433 (cell)
Regan followed his Alaskan bride to Anchorage in 1992. Once his three kids were mostly grown, he needed a new hobby and fell in love with orienteering in 2011. Being an engineer and a computer programmer, he enjoys the intellectual challenge of orienteering. As he nears 50, he also appreciates the fact that he has a lot of room for improvement in orienteering, despite the fact that his body is slowing down.
Vice President of Mapping
The Vice President of Mapping shall identify and review locations suitable for Club events and coordinate the preparation of suitable maps.
Ian Moore
Vice President of Training
The Vice President of Training shall organize and direct the teaching of orienteering skills in schools, lectures and workshops.
Cory Smith
Vice President of Events
The Vice President of Events shall propose a schedule of events, secure permission from land owners, designate meet directors for events, and coordinate assistance and training for meet directors.
Lexi Hill
Vice President of Membership
The Vice President of Membership shall maintain an accurate and current list of members and interested non-members, and shall notify those whose membership has expired.
Art Harmon
Art Harmon
Art loves the thrill of the “hunt” and sharing that love with others, especially children.

At-Large Board Members

The at-large members have no specific officer duties beyond the responsibilities of the Executive Board. Nevertheless, the at-large members are typically responsible for some non-official duties.

Member At-Large
Jill Follett
Member At-Large
Shelly Laws
243-1274 (home) 230-2639 (cell)
Member At-Large
Liaison to Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson
Chris Tomsen
Chris Tomsen

Prior Executive Boards

Training Opportunity

If you are looking for a fun fall training opportunity, Bill Spencer has set a training course at Ruth Arcand Park just for you! The course will only be available this weekend (Oct 15-16), so act now!

Just print the map, then head over to Ruth Arcand and have a good time.


This is not an official club sponsored event, so you accept all the risk involved. Also, please be respectful of the equestrian center and other park users.

Update: Controls 30 and 43 are missing (probably attacked by a moose). Don’t spend too much time looking for them, but if you find them in another spot, please let us know.

Fall-O Results

Saturday, September 10, 2016
Klutina Drive

The Arctic Orienteering Club celebrated the end of the season with an afternoon of orienteering on the east-side of Anchorage in the foothills of the Chugach mountains. While the courses were long, the 44 participants were treated to fantastic weather, no bugs, and beautiful Fall vegetation. Ian Moore won the season finale on the expert course and Jen Jolliff had the fast time among the women. The meet was preceded by the annual membership meeting and followed by an after-party at a nearby home.

Thanks to Mike Robinson & Ruth Kvernplassen for designing and setting the courses; Cory Smith for checking controls before the meet; Steve McKeever, Jaime Bronga, Tim Samuelson for taking down controls down; and Karen & Tom Bronga for hosting the end-of-season party.

Red, 6.9 km, 22 controls


1) Ian Moore, 1:04:36; 2) Gary Snyder, 1:25:50; 3) Dan Billman, 1:48:35; 4) Mike Hendricks, 2:01:30


1) Jen Jolliff, 1:47:00; 2) Brittany Hippe, 3:00:40


1) Ariel Hippe & Shelly Laws, 3:20:35

Green, 5.5 km, 18 controls


1) Brian Durrell, 1:36:13; 2) Daniel Baird, 2:11:20; 3) Mark Findlay, 2:55:20


1) Anne Billman, 1:58:49


1) David & Diana Evans, 1:18:17; 2) Erik & Mischa Carlson, 2:09:58

Orange, 4.4 km, 16 controls


1) Ted, Ginny & Springer Moore, 1:52:40; 2) Karen Bronga & Jamie Lang, 1:59:46; 3) Drew Dekreon & Charese Gearhart-Dekreon, 2:33:38

Yellow, 3.4 km, 14 controls


1) Sienna Noffsinger, Sultana Noffsinger, Cindy Jensen & Trond Jensen, 1:07:42; 2) Carrie Whitman, Dela Grey, Lexi Hill & Baird Carlson, 1:28:43; 3) Barbara Brown, Tim Wiepking & Connie Quinley, 1:46:53

White, 2 km, 13 controls


1) Lia, Trudy, Kincaid & Duke Keller 0:30:42; 2) Andrew Harmon & Owen Lovejoy 0:39:00; 3) Arthur Harmon & the littlest Harmon, 0:42:00

This was the last meet of the season. Thanks for supporting orienteering, and we will see you next year.

P.S. We would love your feedback! If you have criticisms, praise, suggestions, comments, or whatever – please let us know.

Lost and Found

The following items were left behind at meets this year and have yet to be claimed.

Nike Dri-Fit purple shirt

Nike Dri-Fit purple shirt

Misc. lost and found

Misc. lost and found

  1. Nike Dri-Fit Exercise shirt
  2. Water bottle
  3. Water bottle
  4. Bear bell
  5. Camera lens sun shield

If any one of these is yours, please contact Regan (rsarwas@gmail.com). These items will eventually be recycled if not claimed.

Minutes of Aug 16, 2016 Board Meeting

Arctic Orienteering Club
Board of Directors’ Meeting
August 16th, 2016

Call to Order at 7:24 pm

Meeting held at Trond and Cindy Jensen’s home.

In attendance: Trond Jensen, Lia Keller, Dan Billman, Ian Moore, Cory Smith, Dela Grey, Lexi Hill, Regan Sarwas, Shelly Laws, Jill Follett, Anne Billman

1. Annual Meeting

After considering the potential weather, how to attract the most people to the annual meeting, likelihood of meet participants coming to an evening meeting after an afternoon run, the opportunity to socialize and celebrate our orienteering season, the moist condition of people after running an orienteering course, the meet director’s obligations, the availability of indoor venues for a meeting, and the proximity of an indoor venue to socialize, the Board decided on the following events, schedule, and locations.

Annual Meeting: 12:00 to 12:30, at the meet start area east of Klutina Drive. Coffee and donuts – Anne (after-the-fact) will take care of coffee and donuts.

Business: Elections of next year’s Board members, sign-up of meet directors and volunteers, meet director thank-yous (glasses), cumulative season point awards.


Starts between 12:30 and 1:30, must be finished by 4 pm. The meet will be a traditional meet. The meet will be the season championship race.

Social Event

Start between 4 and 4:30 pm, at the Brongas’ home. Announcement of race winners. Pizza and beverages. Dan and Shelly will bring beverages. Pizza provider – TBD. Encourage attendees to bring snacks to share.

2. Incoming Board of Directors Nominations

Trond Jensen is stepping off of the board.

Anne Billman is stepping off of the board.

Mike Robinson has agreed to be nominated to serve as President. All other existing Board members are willing to continue serving in their present positions. Lia will issue a call for nominations and a call will be issued during the meeting.

Anne will help the next Events VP by acquiring permits and Certificates of Insurance.

Discussion of the need for a volunteer coordinator. Agreement to enlist Art Harmon to fill that role. Lexi will investigate some software that helps sign up volunteers. Shelly’s daughter Brittany has offered to help round up volunteers.

3. Potential Bylaws Change

We continued the discussion of changing the club bylaws to allow the annual meeting to be held at any time of the year, rather than just during the third quarter. The purpose of the Annual meeting was discussed (to elect the Board of Directors, to change the bylaws, …). The term of Board members is tied to the elections, so there was discussion about needing to change that also. Regan Sarwas will draft proposed changes and send to the Board, then revise for voting at the annual meeting.

4. Meet Schedule

Trond reported that he has received feedback about the number of traditional meets (too few) and lack of competitive meets.


  • VPs of Events were unable to find enough meet directors to fill all vacancies.
  • Possibility of filling some of those vacancies if the need had been advertised.
  • Errors by meet directors required throwing one meet out of the season points pool.
  • Error by meet directors in not providing full range of courses needed to be used for season meet standings.
  • The opportunity to use the same course for two different classes (e.g., red and green) if participants specify which class they will run in.
  • Need to use meet directors capable of putting on a quality traditional meet for those meets rather than for simpler ‘fun-only’ meets.
  • Appeal of traditional meets to good navigators that can’t sprint/run.
  • Beginner orienteers probably don’t care/understand/notice whether meets are traditional or ‘fun’ because it’s all challenging and new.
  • When scheduling, make as many as possible traditional meets. Fill meet director roles for traditional meets as a priority.
  • Fill summer meet director positions before filling winter and other pre-season meets.
  • For some venues (Abbott Loop), having a remote start for more difficult courses would improve the quality of the courses.
  • Anne will try to check on permitting constraints at UAF experimental farm/Bradley-Keppler Lakes/Crevasse Moraine area.
  • Board members want the record to show that the cupcakes made by Sultana and Siena Noffsinger were excellent.

Adjourned at 9:31 pm

Minutes respectfully submitted by Anne Billman, September 2, 2016

Minutes are also available as a Microsoft Word Document

Geolog-O Results

Wednesday, August 31, 2016
Earthquake Park

53 people came out for the glorious end-of-August weather at Earthquake Park, enjoying warm sunshine and almost no bugs. The meet included traditional red, green and orange courses, as well as a Geolog-O that tested participants’ navigation, map reading, and knowledge about Earthquake Park (supplemented by the “Inside the Slide” informational signs). Cory Smith bested the field in the Red course by more than 4 minutes; Brian Durrell was fastest on the green course and Jeremy Johnson on the orange. Hilary Hanson and the Hodes family were just 10 points shy of perfect 170-point scores on the Geolog-O.

Thanks to the following volunteers for helping put on this meet: Lexi Hill as Meet director, Corrie Whitmore, planning and ground truthing the courses; setting Geolog-O course controls, manning the table, buying and bringing the snacks. Regan Sarwas, fixing the map, vetting the courses, setting almost all the controls on the day of the meet(!!), helping set up the tables and returning to take down controls; Mischa and Erik Carlson, taking down controls (thanks to Regan, Mischa and Erik, all were down by 9:30!!!)

Red, 3.1 km, 15 controls


1) Cory Smith, 0:33:25; 2) Ian Moore, 0:37:55; 3) Toby Schwoerer, 0:39:13; 4) Gary Snyder, 0:39:26; 5) Daniel Baird, 0:47:30; 6) Mike Robinson, 0:47:28; 7) Dan Billman, 0:49:05; 8) Art Harmon, 0:51:03; 9) Andy Olnes, 3:08:30


1) Jen Jolliff, 0:56:09


1) David and Jessie Donahue, 1:09:18; 2) Erik & Mischa Carlson, 1:15:19

Green, 2.3 km, 12 controls


1) Brian Durrell, 0:38:27; 2) Dorn Van Dommelin, 0:45:38; 3) Steve Gruhn, 0:47:49


1) Anne Billman, 0:50:42

Orange, 2.6 km, 14 controls


1) Jeremy Johnson, 0:32:45; 2) Springer Moore, 1:12:33; 3) Steve McKeever, 1:25:08


1) Russell & Liam Hood, 0:47:52; 2) Ros Singleton & Hannah Huggins, 1:10:30

Geolog-O, 1.6 km, 11 controls (placed by points; time used to break ties in points)


1) Alaric Baird, 120 pts (0:57:35); 2) Hugh Hanson, 80 pts (1:21:05); 3) Springer Moore, 70 pts (0:24:00)


1) Hilary Hanson, 160 pts (1:12:57); 2) Jennifer Gastrock, 150 pts (1:02:30)


1) Ivan, Lumi and Olivia Hodes, 160 pts (0:56:30); 2) Laura, Brooke and Aly Long, 150 pts (0:54:00); 3) Mike & Ben Pollitt, Beth Fleischer, and Helen and Connor Matchett, 150 pts (1:14:23); 4) AJ, Mary Kate, and Joe Seeber, 150 pts (1:23:21); 5) Jennifer Harmon & boys, 120 pts (1:24:00); 6) Maria, Gianna, Meg, Teresa and Chris Seeber, 120 pts (1:26:40); 7) Thomas Roman & Family, 10 pts (1:38:00)

This was the last points race of the season. Check out how you stand.

Join us Saturday September 10th for our Classic Fall-O and winner-take-all season championship races. Check the link for details.

P.S. We would love your feedback! If you have criticisms, praise, suggestions, comments, or whatever – please let us know.