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Welcome to the website of the Arctic Orienteering Club, based in Anchorage, Alaska. Orienteering is the sport of cross country navigation using map and compass. To some it is a competitive race while to others it is a chance to get out and explore the countryside, challenge the mind, and enjoy the company. Either way, you are welcome to participate. Training is part of our purpose, and beginners and young people are encouraged to take part.

The Arctic Orienteering Club is a sanctioned club of Orienteering USA and is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

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Jodhpur Spring-O

Wednesday, April 2, 2014
Kincaid Park

Results from the Jodhpur Spring O at Kincaid Park. Distances are estimated distances traveled by the winners to collect all controls:

Long course length 12 kilometers


1. Trond Flagstad 44:30
2. Cory Smith 47:39
3. Gary Snyder 50:22
4. Ian Moore 53:46
5. Dan Billman 1:29:35
6. Bill Spencer 1:40 (control retrieval)


1. Tamra Kornfield 1:05:40
2. Lindsey Flagstad 1:10
3. Karen Bronga 1:18:40

Mid Course length 8 kilometers

1. Steve McKeever 1:13:35
2. Mick, Mike and Katie 1:13:50
3. Dwight Iverson 1:16:48
4. Joyce Goodell Equip. Malfunction

Short Course, length 5 kilometers

1. Ann Billman 26:45
2. Joel, Bev, Karli, Robyn, and Nowelle 28:50
3. Art and Andrew Harmon 34:57
4. Jose,Steve,Jordan and JJ 50:00
5. Linda and Talia Smith 53:19
6. Vebjorn, Springer, Askel, Jen, Hatcher, Niva, Trond 54:35
7. Annabel and Benji Uffenbeck 1:11:00

Earthquake Park-O

Thursday March 17 2014
Jen and Ian’s Earthquake Park Orienteering

Name Found Penalty Total Time
Cory Smith 24 0 24 0:42:30
Bill Spencer 24 0 24 0:52:27
Eric Follett 24 0 24 0:59:30
Bill Johnson 24 0 24 1:00:00
Dan Billman 23 0 23 0:55:00
Tom Bronga 23 0 23 0:59:30
Andrew Lee 24 2 22 1:01:00
Regan Sarwas 19 0 19 0:59:50
Ellyn Brown 17 0 17 0:51:45
Karen Bronga & Melanie Janigo 17 0 17 0:58:40
Libby Kugel 14 0 14 0:50:00
Ted Moore 14 0 14 0:55:30
Ginny Moore 14 0 14 0:56:05
Hans Arnett 17 4 13 1:02:00
Kelly Donnelly 17 4 13 1:02:00
Anne Billman 12 0 12 0:55:45
Michael Malvick 14 4 10 1:02:00
Joyce Goodall 13 4 9 1:02:00
Stephanie Kesler 8 0 8 0:59:40
Marilyn Watts 6 0 6 0:52:00
Springer Moore 5 0 5 0:40:00

Special Earthquake Park Orienteering


Earthquake Park 1964

Special Event 6pm Thursday, March 27th at Earthquake Park

Thursday is the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Alaska earthquake, the second largest ever recorded in the world. In west Anchorage a major earth slump during the earthquake created what is now known as Earthquake Park. Last summer the orienteering club created a brand new map of the park, and it seems fitting that its inaugural use should be on this significant anniversary.

If someone were to design an orienteering playground, this is it. This small map covers an incredible maze of small hills and ridges and more than three hundred tiny lakes. The vegetation is predominantly open runnable forest and in the summer there is a network on informal trails.

When we checked on Sunday, there was snow covering most of the ground, but it was consolidated and we could run on it in shoes without sinking in very far. Snowshoes would be an option, but not necessary unless something changes significantly before Thursday. All the lakes are frozen and the trails may or may not be the same as in the summer, so navigation will be really different from the next time we use the area.

The event will be a score-o format, with a mass start at 6:00 PM and a one hour maximum time limit. Although I usually have a strong preference for traditional format events, I think that with the current conditions and daylight the score-o format is going the be the best option, and it will also provide some opportunity for socializing before and after the event. BYOB.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Trond’s Hillside Ski-O

Wednesday March 19 2014
Hillside Ski Trails start from Abbott Road Trailhead

51 people enjoyed fresh snow and sunny trails during Trond’s Hillside Ski-O from the Abbott Road Trailhead. Cory Smith posted the fastest time on the long course and Bill Johnson was the fastest on the short course. Allie Phillips and Kalen Ramey won the team category for the long course and Joyce Goodell, Kathy Farynairz and Linda Cresap won the short course

Thanks to the following volunteers for helping put on this meet: Lindsey Flagstad for general support. Trond Jensen for map assistance and Cory Smith for picking up the controls. ConocoPhillips for printing of maps

Long Ski-O, 6.8 km, 16 controls


1) Cory Smith, 0:34:20; 2) Gary Snyder, 0:42:54; 3) Andrew Lee, 0:47:23; 4) Chris Clark, 0:53:00; 5) Tom Bronga, 0:53:14; 6) Regan Sarwas, 0:54:10; 7) Ben Stedman, 1:09:00


1) Allie Phillips, Kalen Ramey, 1:04:35; 2) Gunnar Knapp, Elizabeth Knapp, 1:11:17; 3) Karen Bronga, Rosalyn Singleton, 1:24:50; 4) Meghan Holtan, Rachel Samuelson, 1:25:50; 5) Aubrey Smith, Mark Burcar, DNF; 6) Jason Roda, William Yeo, DNF

Short Ski-O, 4.7 km, 10 controls


1) Bill Johnson, 0:44:20


1) Stephanie Max, DNF


1) Joyce Goodell, Kathy Farynairz, Linda Cresap, 1:08:00; 2) Jessie and Dave Donahue, DNF; 3) Julie Shays, Dave Paulieh Ruday, DNF

Ski-O, 1.4 km, 7 controls


1) Andrew and Art Harmon, 0:23:52; 2) Heidi and Amy Schumacher, 0:27:45; 3) Hatcher Smith, Vebjorn Flagstad and Linda Smith, 0:31:00; 4) Quetzal and Scott Hauser, 0:42:00; 5) Rosie, Grace, Patrick and Heidi Conway, 0:46:30; 6) Annabel and Benji Uffenbeck, 0:59:00; 7) Talia Smith, Kevin, Darby and Erika Downs, Niva and Lindsey Flagstad, 1:05:00; 8) Orion and Erica Jensen, no time

Training Course Available

Controls for a 4km Snow-O (ski or snowshoe) are available in the NE corner of Far North Bicentennial Park. The best access is via Klutina Drive or Tikishla St. in east Anchorage (near Tudor & Muldoon). The controls will stay up until March 14th. This is NOT a club event. This is an individual training opportunity, so proceed at your own risk. The course crosses the dog mushing trails in places so be cautious. Please note that the controls closest to private land have been taken down. The unavailable controls have been obscured with a large X on the map. The controls can be done in any order.

Training Snow-O Map


Tom and Karen’s Ski-O Adventure Meet

Wednesday, March 5, 2014
Far North Bicentennial Park

The fresh snow made for a beautiful and challenging night of orienteering. The only participant to complete the long course was Gary Snyder. He was able to find all 15 controls in just over 2 hours. Lindsey Flagstad was quickest on the medium route, while Regan Sarwas dominated the short course with a time of 37:42.

Thanks to Regan Sarwas for mapping help and Bill Johnson for offering to take down controls.

Short Course


1) Regan Sarwas, 37:42; 2) Bill Johnson, 56:00


1) Joyce Goodell, 1:18


1) Art Harmon, Niko Pennino, Mark Eggener, 59:00; 2) Leslie Tose, Dwight Iverson, Courtney Brown, 1:20; 3) Tim Wiepking and Barbara Brown, 1:28

Medium Course

1) Lindsey Flagstad (9 controls), Jessie Donahue (9 controls), Pete La France (9 controls), Leslie Kroloff and Jill Folette (5 controls)

Long Course

1) Gary Snyder, 2:04

Minutes of February 12, 2014 Board Meeting

Arctic Orienteering Club
Board Meeting Minutes Feb. 12, 2014

The first Board Meeting of 2014 was held at Karen Bronga’s house. Members present were Lexi Hill, Joyce Goodell, Kathy Farnyiarz, Della Grey, Regan Sarwas, Trond Jensen, Mike Robinson, Karen Bronga, Jen Jolliff.

Meeting called to order 6:25pm.

A brief ski report from Trond: he has found good skiing almost every day during the snow drought. Go Trond!

2014 Schedule Report from Mike and Kathy:
Toby’s Ski O is postponed/cancelled due to snow conditions. We discussed permitting for field training VS “formal meets”. Should casual meets be left off the event calendar to avoid permitting/fees?

A proposal was made to divide the events and only put the official events on the calendar and use a separate format (perhaps e-mail, Facebook) for “training” or vetting new maps.

Jen expressed concern that no meets are scheduled on JBER. It was stated that there may be increased military activity on base limiting our use, so may be harder to schedule meets. Also Access to base- Lexi suggested possibly the opportunity to sign people up for JBER meets at a previous meet/class training event using internet access on site.

There was discussion about eliminating Crevasse Moraine-it has had low attendance and is difficult to set up. Also, UAF may increase fees significantly. We may look at a fall “camp out” meet out there, starting at a different venue. Possibly the weekned of 9/13 or 14.

Ian and Jen may put on a special meet at Earthquake Park on the 50th anniversary of the GF earthquake for 3-24. Go big- advertise, ADN, news, Chamber of Commerce. It also depends on weather this early in the season. Karen will do the media, Jen will check into the city’s plan for the anniversary.

Kathy and Mike are getting all permits in order. BLM-Mike was having a bit of difficulty with the permit- looks like we didn’t either get one last year or pay for it so we were in arrears and will cost us more this year. Mike will pay the fee for last year. Much more discussion of meet planning, moving things around. Details of Hilltop “restrictions” were noted- IE: no controls on certain structures, port-a-potty, parking. Also, there may be some for Ruth Arcand, Kincaid. These details and restrictions need to go to meet directors setting meets up in these areas.

Toby is extremely busy this year and has no time for club issues. Trond will ask Ian if he will help with changes that need to be made on FNBP maps. Also, we will ask Eric Follet if is available for helping with maps. Lexi stated someone was asking if we could publish our maps. We have decided that this is one of our assets, and it is our property that we have paid for and should be semi-protected. It is available to meet directors on our website.

Dela on Land and Trails:
Working on a standard for planning meets at Crevasse M? Some new trail possibilities may be out there.

FNBP: re: Polar Bear Trail- it is located from the intersection of Black and Brown Bear over to the Homestead Trail. This is an unauthorized trail. There is also a new trail behind APU that bikers are using. At this time, there will be no movement from us on trails. AOC will let the muni decipher the action plans.

Follow up/Stratigy:

  • Discussion about mapping
  • Sprint Races
  • Events free for 1st timers at Orienteering/ place sign at meets Jen will work on promoting orienteering to the community Partnering with other clubs for events:
    1. National Ski-O
    2. JBER
    3. Add in with mt. runners and Mt.-O

The Next meeting will be about the third week of April. Meeting was adjourned at 8:05pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Joyce Goodell, Secretary

2014 Schedule

The 2014 Orienteering season begins March 5th with the first of three Ski-Os.  Check the events page for more details.

Please note that due to the volunteer nature of the club, last minute changes may still happen, so be sure and check the web site before heading out to a meet, or sign up for our email notices.

Training events have not yet been scheduled, but have no fear, there will be plenty of training opportunities offered again this year!