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Welcome to the website of the Arctic Orienteering Club, based in Anchorage, Alaska. Orienteering is the sport of cross country navigation using map and compass. To some it is a competitive race while to others it is a chance to get out and explore the countryside, challenge the mind, and enjoy the company. Either way, you are welcome to participate. Training is part of our purpose, and beginners and young people are encouraged to take part.

The Arctic Orienteering Club is a sanctioned club of Orienteering USA and is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Board Meeting Minutes from December 2, 2015

Arctic Orienteering Club
Board Meeting: Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Meeting called to order at 7:25pm, at Billmans.
Members present: Trond Jensen, Regan Sarwas, Anne Billman, Dan Billman, Ian Moore, Eric Follett, Joyce Goodell, Lexi Hill, Chris Tomsen, Art Harmon and Cory Smith.

Review of October board meeting minutes, minutes approved.

Revision of 2016 schedule was presented. The schedule will not be included in the Runners Calendar. A couple changes were made. Chris suggested he and Ed Strabel team up for ideal in the Mat-Su area. Ian: a suggestion was made to have the annual meet earlier in the year to: 1) sustain the excitement of the season, and more people are around mid season.

The discussion that followed: Call it a “party”. Squeeze a 15 minute meeting during gathering. Add a couple more activities. Schedule it as a “Score-O” so everyone finishes at the same time. Good venues for this are Goose Lake; Storck Park; and Ruth Arcand. Dan suggested having a sub group party committee to plan the event. Lexi volunteered to head committee with Joyce, Anne and Jill F. to complete the committee. The requirements for annual meetings include By-laws; meeting be in the third quarter and election of officers. (we will include these req’s). A date for this event is tentatively 6-22-2016, for a “Solstice O”.

Ian reported Mapping: Discussion included map maintenance, the large amount of maps we have to manage, and the time involved for mapping. For making decisions on mapping we need a work group, developed from either within the club or outsource. Ian created (with Lidar) maps of several areal. He sees it as a good tool for defining contours and wilderness, but will need work for details. Structures, light poles, etc. need to be added manually.

For base maps, Lidar software is awesome for creating O maps with some vegetation. Undergrowth, marshes and manmade don’t show up so it needs to be added. This would be OK for areas that we don’t have yet, and we can add data. There is also software that can be added to make it more useful. Conclusion: Ians’ opinion is that between Lidar and Karttapullautin (http://www.routegadget.net/karttapullautin/) they’re good tools. He suggests we set up a trial meet possibly in the Eagle River area.

More mapping notes: Lidar creates the image and contours and if we use OCAD we need to draw the vegetation. There are several helpful tools available – Open Orienteering Mapper (free mapping) that reads OCAD, and purple pen.

Steps to make map: Lidar makes base map. Size it. Download – Open Orienteering Mapper. Then field checking, then drawing parking lots, fences, trails, etc. Ian will work on the process for making maps.

Updating current maps: Ian will work on Storck Park and Kincaid. Eric would like to help at Kincaid with his GPS hat. For the Big-O, Regan will help in the area around the stadium as many things there have changed and need to be mapped. Any people interested in mapping and improving certain areas contact Ian.

Sharing our Trail Data with outside interests when our map information is asked for: Discussion included what do we actually want to share? Possibly just map contours and trails; not vegetation; wipe out indistinct trails. In this area, we may have a potential to gain fees, as this data is valuable. Sharing our maps with the Muni could possibly benefit our club. We could use this as a way to negotiate future trail user fees for our club. How about something like a 10 year waiver for OAC trail fees through the Municipality.

OUSA recharter fees. The fees have had an increase of approximately $790 a year. This could possibly be less if we don’t own the Big-O and the High School-O since they are ADS events. We will check with Mike on this. A motion was made and approved to pay the OUSA recharter fee of $2000 up to $2500 was made and approved. This is an increase of 100% in fees. Our club could apply for a hardship. AOC cannot take advantage and benefit from OUSA’s activities because of our location. Dan and Trond will apply for the hardship.

The Board approves a check for $1661 for Muni Park user fees. Ann motions, Regan seconded.

Shelly put on an “O” meet at Kincaid for the Dimond and West ski team. 100 kids participated, and all enjoyed it. Map costs came to $31.30. Lexi moved we pay Dan for the maps. An agreement was made that in the future, please send board E-mail for prior approval for expenses to putting on individual events if you want to get reimbursed. Regan seconded. Approved for AOC to pay for maps.

Income: Dan will find the paperwork to re-apply for the Healthy Future Grant. Trond will handle the Conoco Phillips grant paperwork.


  • OUSA AED offer: It was decided not to participate in the purchase of an AED for the club.
  • AK Safe trails: It was decided not to support the safe trails initiative
  • Art has an incomplete but useful Excel spreadsheet database of the AOC members. We will use it for help with finding meet directors. Regan will put this data on the protected area of our website.

Next Meeting scheduled for Wednesday 2-3-16. Discussion on Mapping, Schedule

Meeting adjourned at 9:29pm

Minutes respectfully submitted by Joyce Goodell, Secretary

Minutes also available as DOC.

Board Meeting Minutes from November 4, 2015

Arctic Orienteering Club
Board Meeting: Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Meeting called to order at 7:20pm, at Billmans.
Members present: Ian Moore, Cory Smith, Joyce Goodell, Ann Billman, Shelly Laws, Trond Jensen, Della Grey, Lia Keller, Art Harmon, Dan Billman, Jill Follet, and Chris Tomsen.

2016 Schedule was presented by Ann B. There are 4 proposed Ski-O’s. An idea to revise the names of the “O”s was brought up so people know what type of “O” it is.

Several meets still need directors. There was a discussion to re-arrange the schedule dates to maximize beginner turnout; also keeping in mind timing of event with terrain/snow/foliage and downfall issues. Several members are in favor of bringing Crevasse Morraine. It was discussed that if we do have an “O” at Storck park, set it as an “advanced” course. Lexi volunteered to set a Mountain “O” at Hatcher Pass, and a date of early to mid July was suggested. Ann will work up another draft of the schedule, and E-mail to board members for input.

Map Making: Possibly using “Lidar” to make base maps of the MatSu areas, and work with Ed Strabel. Maybe make a map with him, to help promote Orienteering in the MatSu area. Chris will attend the MatSu Ski Club meeting and talk with Ed regarding mapping and promoting “O”s in the valley.

Dan B proposed the idea of a MatSu Club and an Anchorage O club. Possibly put on weekend events so people of all areas can attend. Anyway, lets get the dialog going in this direction.

Trond proposed expanding maps around schools like Hanshew. Cory has worked with the O’Malley map area. More possibilities could be Bowman and Huffman elementary’s.

Develop a sub group to get new mapping started. Ian will get a sample of the “Lidar” and see how it will work out. We will follow up at December meeting.

Regarding electronic punching: Some saw no benefit; some thought it was fun. The Pros: it was a success for advanced courses; and the data information was fun the Cons: clunky gear; no validation when punching; didn’t use it enough; adds more work for the meet director, and participants need more exposure for evaluation. We will see if we can borrow it again for the early season so we can take advantage of the traditional meets.

LaTouche Pediatrics wants to sponsor an event. The discussion that followed included what expenses we need to think about: meet fee permits; trail “head” per person cost; mapping costs. Our cost per meet was estimated at 3-4$ per person. We also could ask sponsors to advertise AOC in their offices. Lia will investigate what LaTouche is willing to donate to sponsor a meet.

Shelly will set the Sprint course at Kincaid for her Ski for Kids and keep it up for a few days. The map will be posted online on our website.

Action issues for next meeting:

  • 2016 Schedule
  • Base map from Lidar to be presented by Ian
  • Mapping for 2016-we do have money for the Swiss guys

Meeting adjourned at 9:04

Minutes submitted respectfully by Joyce Goodell, Secretary

Minutes also available as DOC.

Klutina Orienteering Results

Sunday, September 20, 2015
Klutina Drive, Pia North and South Maps

The club wrapped up the 2016 season with a beautiful day of orienteering on the eastside of Anchorage in the foothills of the Chugach. There was close competition among the men in the middle of the pack on the expert Red course, while the women competitors had a strong showing on the Green and Orange courses.

Thanks to Ruth Kvernplassen and Mike Robinson for hosting this meet.

Red, 6.2km, 14 controls


1) Ian Moore,55:15; 2)Cory Smith,1:01:15; 3)Kimball Forrest,1:15:22; 4)Regan Sarwas,1:40:14; 5)Bill Johnson,1:40:20; 6)Dan Billman,1:41:21; 7)Steve Gruhn,1:49:39; 8)Art Harmon,1:59:46


1)Dwight Iverson and Greg Encelewski,3:00:30

Green, 4.2km, 12 controls


1)Eric Follet,1:21:22


1)Ellyn Brown,1:05:018; 2)Anne Billman,1:09:29:07; 3)Dela Grey,1:19:40


1)Karen Bronga and Luke Kikukawa,2:11:14

Orange, 3.8km, 12 controls


1)Tom Livingston,1:23:40; 2)Chris Tomsen,2:01:00


1)Oda Fossam,54:20

Yellow, 3.4km, 12 controls


1) Steve McKeever,1:41:20


1) Kath Faryniarz,1:21:20


1)Roan Hall and Reilly Hall,1:19:00; 2)Jess Austin, Robin Holmes and Cassy Friederich,1:26; 3)Hatcher Smith, Springer Moore and Andrew Harmon,1:51:20

White, 1.7km, 12 controls


1)Trudy, Kory, Lia, Kincaid and Duke Keller,30:00; 2)Kathy and Tyler Stewart,45:00; Corin and Jen Harmon,1:00:00 3)Elliot Adema, Guy Edema, Suvan Schwoerer and Toby Schwoerer,1:16:00; 4)Talia, Hatcher and Linda Smith,1:20:20

This was a points race. See how you stand in the season points.

Red and Green courses are available in Route Gadget. Use this cool tool to compare your splits with other contestants. Could you improve your route choice?

P.S. We would love your feedback! If you have criticisms, praise, suggestions, comments, or whatever – please let us know.

2016 Executive Board

The officers of the Club and three elected at-large Board members shall constitute the Executive Board.

Officers of the Club

The President shall coordinate the affairs of the Club and preside at meetings.
Trond B Jensen
Trond Jensen
344-2634 (home) 227-5086 (cell)
Orienteering runner since 1971, AOC club member since 2002, AOC board member since 2006 (VP events 2006-2008, President 2008-present).
Administrative Vice President
The Administrative Vice-President shall assist the President and shall assume the duties of the President in the President’s absence.
Dela Grey
Dela Grey
I got introduced to orienteering in the fall of 2005 and was hooked immediately. I have always loved maps, and am happy to have found a place where being a map geek is cool! If I ever take up running, I could become seriously competitive. For now, it’s just great physical and mental exercise in the beautiful outdoors. AOC Board member since 2012 (At-Large 2012, Admin. VP 2013 – present).
The Secretary shall maintain current records of the general affairs of the Club, including meeting minutes and correspondence. The Secretary shall keep the Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Incorporation, Bylaws, Policy Guidelines and resolutions in a binder, and may post any of these documents on the Club’s webpage.
Joyce Goodell
Joyce Goodell
Orienteer since 2000, Club member for 10 seasons, on the board for the past three years as Member at Large.
The Treasurer shall maintain accurate and current records of the financial affairs of the Club.
Dan Billman
Dan Billman
345-1749 (home) 644-2042 (work)
Dan Billman joined ARCT in the mid-1990s and has been a Board member most of the time since. He’s served as President, Vice President of Events, and the past 4 years as Treasurer. He loves to run in the woods.
Vice President of Media
The Vice President of Media shall promote the Club and specific events, including disseminating news of Club activities (newspaper and website), and contacting potential sponsors for donations.
Lia Keller
Lia Keller
Running around the woods in orienteering meets for the last four years. My boys used to be in backpacks, but now they run ahead to find the flags!

Vice President of Equipment
The Vice President of Equipment shall store, care for and monitor the Club’s equipment, including providing forms and supplies for Club functions.
Regan Sarwas
Regan Sarwas
345-1915 (home) 230-0433 (cell)
Regan followed his Alaskan bride to Anchorage in 1992. Once his three kids were mostly grown, he needed a new hobby and fell in love with orienteering in 2011. Being an engineer and a computer programmer, he enjoys the intellectual challenge of orienteering. As he nears 50, he also appreciates the fact that he has a lot of room for improvement in orienteering, despite the fact that his body is slowing down.
Vice President of Mapping
The Vice President of Mapping shall identify and review locations suitable for Club events and coordinate the preparation of suitable maps.
Ian Moore
Vice President of Training
The Vice President of Training shall organize and direct the teaching of orienteering skills in schools, lectures and workshops.
Cory Smith
Vice President of Events
The Vice President of Events shall propose a schedule of events, secure permission from land owners, designate meet directors for events, and coordinate assistance and training for meet directors.
Anne Billman
345-1749 (home) 903-4779 (cell)
Lexi Hill
Vice President of Membership
The Vice President of Membership shall maintain an accurate and current list of members and interested non-members, and shall notify those whose membership has expired.
Art Harmon
Art Harmon
Art loves the thrill of the “hunt” and sharing that love with others, especially children.

At-Large Board Members

The at-large members have no specific officer duties beyond the responsibilities of the Executive Board. Nevertheless, the at-large members are typically responsible for some non-official duties.

Member At-Large
Jill Follett
Member At-Large
Shelly Laws
243-1274 (home) 230-2639 (cell)
Member At-Large
Liason to Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson
Chris Tomsen

Prior Executive Boards

Mirror Lake Orienteering Results

Saturday, September 5, 2015
Mirror Lake Middle School

Near perfect fall conditions greeted the orienteers who came to Mirror Lake for this traditional meet. Lots of beautiful fall colors, no bugs, and very little brush made excellent orienteering. On the most difficult Red course, Cory Smith earned an 13 minute victory over Kimball Forrest, finishing in 1hour 20minutes and 29 seconds.

Thanks to Jen Jolliff and Ian Moore for hosting this meet.

Red, 7.7km, 18 controls


1)Cory Smith,1:20:29; 2)Kimball Forrest,1:33:52; 3)Regan Sarwas,1:39:23; 4)Bill Johnson,1:52:33


1)Ellyn Brown,1:51:12;

Review the electronic splits online.



1)Brian Durrell,1:30:11; 2)Dick Hawkins,1:59:18; 3)Dwight Iverson,3:08:43


Dela Grey,DNF


1)Karen Bronga and Luke Kikukawa,2:16:10; 2)Jill Follett and De Lewis and Chris Zafren,3:08:31; David and Jessie Donahue,DNF

Review the electronic splits online.



1)Jeremy Hohnson,1:56:00; Ivan Hodes,DNF; Chris Tomsen,DNF


1)Agneta Kupilik,1:31:00; 2)Lexi Hill,2:01:07; 3)Linda Smith,2:19:35



1)Lexi Hill, Currie & Baird Whitmore and Erik Carlson,1:16:40; 2)Art Harmon, Andrew Harmon, Jessica Jensen, Samantha Jensen, Holly Jensen, Hatcher Smith, Talia Smith and Springer Moore,1:25:03; 3)Frank Witmer, Rienzi Witmer and Maria Witmer,2:48:14



1)Andrew Harmon,20:40; 2)Ivan Hodes,22:00


1)Springer Moore and Hatcher Smith,37:00

This was a points race. See how you stand in the season points.

Red and Green courses are available in Route Gadget. Use this cool tool to compare your splits with other contestants. Could you improve your route choice?

P.S. We would love your feedback! If you have criticisms, praise, suggestions, comments, or whatever – please let us know.

Results of Earthquake Park O-bamarama

Wednesday, September 2, 2015
Earthquake Park

Near perfect conditions greeted the 70 orienteers who came to Earthquake Park for this traditional meet. Lots of sunshine, no bugs, and very little brush made the conditions almost too easy for this hardy crew. On the most difficult Red course, Ian Moore earned an eight minute victory over Trond Flagstad, finishing in 36:20. The closest race of the day came on the Green course, where Brian Durrell edged Darren Hull by a mere one second for the victory.

This meet was put on by Cory Smith. Thanks to Trond Flagstad for picking up the controls. Thanks to Resource Data, Inc for printing the maps.

Red, 3.3 km, 22 controls


1) Ian Moore, 0:36:20; 2) Trond Flagstad, 0:44:37; 3) Gary Snyder, 0:46:55; 4) Regan Sarwas, 0:47:34; 5) Art Harmon, 0:50:10; 6) Dan Billman, 0:57:23; 7) Tom Bronga, 1:00:15; 8) Kimball Forrest, 1:03:29; 9) Bill Johnson, 1:05:04; 10) Steve Gruhn, 1:11:40; 11) Dwight Iverson, 1:13:35


1) Brittany Hippe, 1:15:49


1) Bill Spencer and David Spencer, 0:46:57; 2) Ariel Hippe and Shelly Laws, 1:18:30

Green, 2.5 km, 19 controls


1) Brian Durrell, 0:48:17; 2) Darren Hull, 0:48:18


1) Ellyn Brown, 0:52:53; 2) Karen Bronga, 1:17:14


1) Glenn Fish and Joanna Fish, 1:00:00

Orange, 2.5 km, 16 controls


1) Jeremy Johnson, 0:37:00; 2) Toni Fuerer, 0:59:48


1) Lexi Hill, 1:15:08; 2) Michelle Semerad, 1:41:10


1) Jaime Bronga, Elizabeth Knapp, David Stamp, 1:05:00; 2) Ian van Tets, Olga van Tets, Salina Parret, 1:15:00; 3) Jill Follett and De Lewis, 1:20:18

Yellow, 2 km, 13 controls


1) David Snyder, 0:39:15; 2) Ivan Hodes, 0:59:00


1) Jessica Austin, 0:40:00


1) Keri and Kaelynn Hull, 0:53:48; 2) Steve Ohms, Sebastian Reed, Landon Shultz, 0:54:50; 3) Elias Oswald and Hatcher Smith, 0:59:47; 4) Mary Alice Donaldson and Logan Follett, 1:01:20; 5) Joyce Goodell and Kathy Faryniarz, 1:03:05; 6) Jen Jolliff and Springer Moore, 1:11:27; 7) Aksel Flagstad, Trond Flagstad and Vebjorn Flagstad, 1:30:30

White, 1.1 km, 8 controls


1) Brooke, Rob Long, Laura Swagger, 0:27:00; 2) Carl Oswald, Julia Oswald and Talia Smith, 0:31:40; 3) Duke Keller, Kincaid Keller, Lia Keller and Trudy Keller, 0:31:50; 4) Annabel, Shannon and Torin Uffenbeck, 0:54:10

The next meet is this Saturday (9/5) at Mirror Lake.

This was a points race. See how you stand in the season points.

P.S. We would love your feedback! If you have criticisms, praise, suggestions, comments, or whatever – please let us know.

Volunteering Opportunities

From the Meet Director regarding the upcoming 9/2/15 Earthquake Park Meet:

– I am looking for some helpers:
— someone to help at the registration table (or a few people to trade shifts)
— At our last Earthquake Park meet we had a control taken down, so I’d like someone to make sure they are all up just prior to the meet.  If someone wants to come early (mid-afternoon) and run a course, let me know.  They can still count in the result
If you can help, please contact the Meet Director

Results from the Goose Lake Score-O

Wednesday, August 19th, 2015
Goose Lake

The Arctic Orienteering Club held their annual meeting and Score O meet Wednesday evening at Goose Lake with 30 controls spread throughout the APU/UAA campuses and Russian Jack Park. 75 runners and strollers enjoyed the evening sunshine. Ian Moore lead the men with 570 points with Gary Snyder hot on his heels with 540, Anne Billman was best women with 320 points followed closely by Sarah Freistone with 290. Numerous teams and many munchkins rounded out the field. Several competitors even braved a swim in University Lake to cut distance off their routes. Quick running but soggy maps resulted.


Ian Moore 570, Gary Snyder 540, Cory Smith 480, Nathaniel Knapp 460, Peter,Denis and Paul LaFrance 460, Mike Robinson 460, Regan Sarwas 450, Tom Bronga 420, Jeremy Johnson 420, Trond Jensen 410, Art Harmon 390, Steve Gruhn 380, Dan Baird 330, Anne Billman 320, Sarah Freistone 290, Brittany and Ariel Hippe, Shelly Laws 280, Dan Billman 280, Doug Watts 270, Dylan Watts 270, Jill Follett and De Lewis 250, Karen Bronga 240, Springer Moore, Hatcher Smith and Andrew Harmon 210, Terry Pauls 210, Steve McKeever 190, Charese Gearhart-Dekreon and Andrew Dekreon 180, Andrew Dougherty, Anne Ritter 170, Ryan Wise? 160, Ian and Olga van Tet 150, Ryan Bergerson and Jamie Gorman 150, Rob, Laura and Brooke Long 150, Lindsey and Aksel Flagstad 140, Carson, Kayne, Claudine, Bill, and Sheryl 140, Verjorn and Trond Flagstad 140, Dela Grey 130, Lexi Hill 130, No Name 130, Michelle Semerad 120, Ruth Kvernplassen 110, Tyler and Wendy Shaw 110, Lia Keller, Trudy Keller and Duke Kincaid 100, Linda and Talia Smith 100, Glenn, Marc and Joanna Fish 90, Jennifer and Corin Harmon 90, Anne and Elliot Adema, Dary and Suvan Dugan 80, Tobyn Shaw 70

P.S. We would love your feedback! If you have criticisms, praise, suggestions, comments, or whatever – please let us know.

Annual Meeting on Wednesday

The Arctic Orienteering Club is having the 2015 annual meeting on Wednesday, August 19th at Goose Lake Park Pavilion. The meeting will begin after the Score-O and refreshments.
We hope you can stick around for this short (and fun) meeting (see the agenda for details). Did I mention there would be free Pizza and refreshments?