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Welcome to the website of the Arctic Orienteering Club, based in Anchorage, Alaska. Orienteering is the sport of cross country navigation using map and compass. To some it is a competitive race while to others it is a chance to get out and explore the countryside, challenge the mind, and enjoy the company. Either way, you are welcome to participate. Training is part of our purpose, and beginners and young people are encouraged to take part.

The Arctic Orienteering Club is a sanctioned club of Orienteering USA and is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Field Checking Maps

Meet directors must field check their course while preparing their maps. You are strongly encouraged to report any significant inaccuracies of the maps to the VP of Mapping for revisions as soon as they are discovered. If you can identify simple changes early enough, then it is possible that corrections can be made to the map before the meet.

You can use your smartphone and OCAD to help you with field vetting. This new method can provide more confidence to meet directors that controls are properly placed and/or to determine where we have issues with our maps.

This information was provided by Toby (VP of Mapping). He would love to show you how easy and helpful it is to use your smartphone to help field check your courses. Be sure to ask him about it at the next meet!

We would all really like your help to make our maps better. Please let him know when you find problems!

May 16 Orienteering Results

Wednesday, May 16, 2018
Campbell Airstrip Road, mile 2.2

Below are the results of the Arctic Orienteering Club’s May 16 orienteering meet in Far North Bicentennial Park in Anchorage. The meet started at the North Bivouac Trailhead off Basher Road. Ian Moore completed the most difficult course in the least amount of time to take top honors.

White Course (2.0 kilometers, 6 controls)


1. Jean Miller, Beth Elliott, and Svea Lunoe – 23:35
2. Maria Rienzi and Frank Witmer – 30:15
3. Jared Gardner, Andrea Gardner, and Calvin Gardner – 42:00
4. George Vaughan, Timothy Vaughan, and Evan Vaughan – 42:49
5. Kielee Backus, Mike Backus, and Megan Stoelting – 44:00
6. Andy Angel, Esther Angel, John Angel – 44:02
7. Erik Gorman and Hannah Gorman – 45:00
8. Suvan Schwoerer, Kai Schwoerer, Trogon Hauser, and Darcy Dugan – 58:39
9 (tie). Jekka Roder, Indigo Roder, Matteo Roder, and Leo Roder – 1:00:00
9 (tie). Chris Wood and Ivy Wood – 1:00:00
11. Laura Long, Brooke Long, Aly Long, Jackson Long, Bob Long, and John Long – 1:04:01

Yellow Course (3.3 kilometers, 9 controls)


1. Andy Olnes – 1:41:00
2. Joe Kurtak – 1:44:11


1. Kalen Ramey and David Stamp – 48:22
2. John Ramey and diane Ramey – 54:37
3. The Skinner Family – 1:08:31
4. Kevin Rice and Krista Rice – 1:10:00
5. Drew Gearhart and Charese Dekreon – 1:11:43
6. Vam Angel and Lunoe Family – 1:21:36
7. Terry Nunn and Jacob Nunn – 1:33:46
8. Mike Pollitt and Beth Fleischer – 1:34:00
9. Sam Buttner, Murray Buttner, and Jennifer Heller – 1:37:00
10. Dana May and Daniella May – 1:46:00
11. Ben Stedman and Lynn Spencer – 1:46:13
12. Erika Bennett and Keena Bennett – 1:50:00
13. Bob Bergeron and Giselle Bergeron – 1:50:44
14. Ben Nordstrom, Owen Nordstrom, Matthew Nordstrom, and Evan Nordstrom – 1:53:00
15. Kielee Backus, Megan Stoelting, and Mike Backus – 2:17:14

Orange Course (3.8 kilometers, 12 controls):


1. Springer Moore – 1:08:21
2. Brian Durrell – 1:19:45
3. Peter Johnson – 1:53:20
4. Chris Tomsen – 2:45:11


1. Ellyn Brown – 1:09:56
2. Marianne Pedersen – 1:13:10
3. Jill Follett – 1:22:02


1. Melanie Janigo, Jane Sauer, and Karen Bronga – 2:11:25
2. Isaac Bonney and Brian Bonney – 2:15:00

Green Course (4.9 kilometers, 15 controls):


1. Cory Smith – 1:13:30
2. Brian Kirchner – 1:17:11
3. Dorn Van Dommelen – 1:19:39
4. Bill Johnson – 1:23:30
5. Eric Follett – 1:29:19
6. Mark Findlay – 2:52:22
7. Doug Poage – 2:59:00


1. Dela Grey – 2:10:04
2. Agie Kupilik – 2:17:00

Red Course (6.0 kilometers, 16 controls):


1. Ian Moore – 1:01:39
2. Peter Oswald – 1:20:00
3. Gary Snyder – 1:27:26
4. Bill Spencer – 1:43:26
5. Regan Sarwas – 2:12:19
6. Tom Bronga – 2:29:15


1. Jen Jolliff – 1:32:12

Steve Gruhn
Meet Director
Arctic Orienteering Club

This was a points race. Check out how you stand.

Please join us next Wednesday, May 23th for training and a traditional meet at Earthquake Park. Check the links for details.

P.S. We would love your feedback! If you have criticisms, praise, suggestions, comments, or whatever – please let us know.

Results for Abbott Loop Orienteering Meet

Wednesday, May 9, 2018
Abbott Loop Community Park

The first orienteering event of the season was held at the Elmore Trailhead to Bicentennial Park on Wednesday May 9. Over a hundred people made it out to compete on five courses starting with 1 km and 2 km for beginners (white and yellow course). Participants could practice their newly learned orienteering skills thanks to Marianne Pedersen and Mike Robinson for teaching quick introductions. The 4km intermediate level orange course had participants follow the many neighborhood trails to find controls slightly off trail, and the 5km (green) and 6km (red) courses were set for our growing crowd of expert orienteers. These courses led participants into some less traveled corners of Bicentennial Park away from trails where they could practice their navigation skills with map and compass. The meet was organized by Tobias Schwoerer and Agneta Kupilik .



1) Sam, Miriam, and Jennifer Buttner, 0:16:00; 2) The Skinner family, 0:26:00; 3) Kelly Carson and Rowan Tannkajtis, 4) 0:27:00; Scott, Trogan, and Quetzal Hauser, 0:28:50; 5) Barry Grufal and Carrie Hanson, 0:29:00; 6) The May family 0:35:00; 7) Timothy, Evan and George Vaughn, 0:37:00; 8) Vanessa Esther and Jon Angel, 0:38:52; 9) Conor, Sarah, and Elenor McClutcheon, 0:51:31; 10) Kim Perez, 0:46; 11) Darcy Dugan, Amy Seifert, Kai and Suvan Schwoerer, 0:52:30; 12) Chris and Ivy Wood, 0:54:00; 13) Sarah and Ellea Shine with Jekka, Matheo, Indigo, and Leon Roder, 1:15:00;



1) Ruth Kveruplassen 1:20:00;


1) Springer Moore, 0:27:20; 2) Holden Bren 1:17:00;


1) Ann and Mark Bruner, 0:34:20; 2) Joyce Goodell and Kathy Faryniarz, 0:36:54; 3) Ben, Owen, Matthew and Evan N. 1:16:00; 4) Matt, Oliver, and Elsa, 1:13:05; 5) The Lemons, 1:14:00; 6) Lisa, Asa, and Ezra Symonds; 1:33:00; 7) Noil and Marla Gubler, 1:33:00



1) Marianne Pedersen, 1:16:18;


1) Cory Smith, 0:59:52; 2) Trace Trudell, 1:24:00; 3) Dwight Iverson, 1:35:40; 4) Ivan Hodes, 1:56:00


1) John, Diane, and Kalen Ramey 1:21:19; 2) Brian and Isaac Bonney 1:41:50; 3) Colin Reedy and Sheryl Mohwinkel, 1:50:10; 4) The Crows, 1:50:53; 5) Lia, Trudy, and Kory Kellar, 2:05:00; 6) Melanie Janigo, Karen Bronga, and Jane Sader, 2:11:44; 7) Ross, Kena, and Erika Bennett, 2:17:00;



1) Lorena Knapp, 1:51:50;


1) Dorn VanDommelen, 1:15:05; 2) Vern Randall, 2:02:00; 3) Mark Findlay, 2:03:40; 4) Stacey Moon, 2:23; 5) Joe Kurtak, 2:39:00;


1) Peter and Paul LaFrance, 1:18; 2) Susan Sherman and Elizabeth Wehner, 2:04:20



1) Jen Jolliff, 1:58:55;


1) Ian Moore, 0:59:06; 2) Peter Oswald,1:05:40; 3) Paul Carson, 1:47:45; 4) Regan Sarwas, 1:47:57; 5) Mike Robinson, 2:22:55


1) Nowelle and Bill Spencer, 1:44:20.

This was a points race. Check out how you stand.

Please join us Wednesday, May 16th for another traditional O at Campbell Airstrip road, mile 2.2. Check the links for details.

P.S. We would love your feedback! If you have criticisms, praise, suggestions, comments, or whatever – please let us know.

Meet Director Social -Thurs May 10th

If you are a volunteer or meet director for the club, or would like to be one, please join us from 7pm-8:30pm Thursday May 10th at Shelly Law’s new home at 7925 Jodhpur Street. We will have a discussion about how to design fun and interesting orienteering courses. Light snacks and beverages will be provided.

Elmore Meet! Wed. 9th

First Season Meet!
Wed. 9th – you may start anytime between 5:00 and 7:00, but you must finish by 9:00.
Courses will be 6km for red and 5km for green. Conditions are increasingly getting wetter with the ground thawing, so expect to get your feet wet.  The terrain is slow but orienteering should be fun as we kept the level of difficulty to ease us into the season.  We avoided major areas of downfall but there will definitely be some of that particularly on the red and green courses.
The orange course is little over 4 km. All control placements were electronically vetted, meaning they are all GPS checked for accurate placement.  So if you think you are smarter than the GPS let us know.
Expect controls on the red and green courses to be hung no higher than 3ft and between 3 and 5 ft for orange.
We did not see any wildlife or fresh signs thereof but the bears are out.
All courses are away from any salmon streams even though salmon are not yet a concern.
The start will be located in the NW corner of the parking lot for the Elmore Rd. Trealhead / Ballfields across from the intersection of Elmore Rd and Coventry Dr.
See you out there!

Orienteering Season is almost here!

Orienteering will start up again next week with two events. The first meet of the season will be on Wednesday May 9th in FNBP Abbott Loop Community Park.

The next evening on Thursday May 10th from 7pm-8:30pm we will have a volunteer / meet director social to kick off the season. If you are a volunteer or meet director for the club, or would like to be one, please join us at Shelly Law’s new home at 7925 Jodhpur Street. We will have a discussion about how to design fun and interesting orienteering courses. Light snacks and beverages will be provided.

Minutes of March 21, 2018 Board Meeting

Arctic Orienteering Club
Meeting of the Board of Directors
March 21st, 2018

Meeting called to order at 7:16.

Members present: Joyce Goodell; Mike Robinson; Lexi Hill; Dela Gray; Dorn VanDommelen; Eric Follet; Chris Tomsen; Toby Schworer; Mark Findlay; Andy Olnes; Lia Keller and Regan Sarwas.

Minutes from previous meeting were approved.

Old Business discussed:

  1. Two club members need to do a fiscal audit of our finances. Lexi and Andy will do this;
    contact Eric F for items to review.
  2. Stolen Equipment: Regan has not re-ordered anything yet-he will replace tubs, tables,
    controls and any other items that were stolen.
  3. Waiver for Review: Do we need to change anything? Add Safety information, change fees?
    We will go to web site to review the form.
  4. Schedule review: Leave august 15th meet for training, or Fun-O, something light for casual orienteers not going to Whitehorse meets. Much discussion and moving of meets. Chris is looking to add a weekend meet in June. We already have lots of meets assigned.
  5. On Attack Point: we will check with Ian and post pre and post-meets around the NA
  6. Ways to Promote NAC: Eric is willing to organize some sort of “medal” to acknowledge our competitors and placements at the NAC meets. Earlybird deadline is 3-31. Mike will send out blurbs everywhere and will also contact the group via E-mail as a reminder. The question was brought up about possibly funding someone to go to the meet-like an 18-24 year old. Eric sort of nixed it. Dorn sees a need to develop more young people. Lexi suggests putting up a flyer at early meets to see if someone is interested. Mike suggests individuals contribute to a fund to sponsor someone. Lexi, Mike and Chris are interested in this.
  7. Boy scout Camporee is May 5th. Mike will send out an E-mail to the group involved next
    week (Wed the 28th).
  8. Mapping: Lots of discussion. Toby is interested in long term, strategy (for a big meet)
    development; fundraising. Save our funds and develop the club further. We should pay attention to Whitehorse-how did they achieve this? Eric suggests a “cheap” map of ER. The board is hesitant to committing to bring up mappers and spend large amounts of funds without a clear idea in mind. A motion was proposed by Mike: Hold off on mappers this year and for Eagle River. The majority was in favor. Mike also proposed late fall ER practice meet. Eric is willing to scout ER, and put trails on the map, but will find out how that would affect an “A” meet in the future. Eric says OCAD open orienteering map making is free, but it does not set courses. OCAD 2018 is costly, and doesn’t see going this route, but Dorn has OCAD and says it’s “One Stop Shopping” and can make maps quickly UAA has it and Toby, Dorn and Lexi can possibly use it for our advantage. They will pursue map making with OCAD. Lexi volunteered to purchase the $50 OCAD map license to practice with it.
  9. Risk Management Plan: Action Items that got positive results:
    1. Safety Notebook
    2. General safety information for participants on our Website
    3. Meet Director to carry a phone, and put number on the map
    4. It is recommended to have a second person during the meet
    5. Have whistles, possibly bear spray, and purchase an air horn
    6. Review our First Aid Kit

    All Items will be review later, and we will begin with implementing some of the items.

  10. Meet Fees: Discussed and proposed: $10 Adult meet fee; $75 Individual; $110 family; board members are free, but encouraged to pay.
  11. Regarding Pick/Click/Give to raise money. The cost to post this is $290, and then they
    take 7%. Deferred to next year.
  12. We are working on a mailing list for volunteers/directors. Im not sure who it is though. 🙁
  13. Regarding chapters in Mat-Su and Fairbanks-Mike has checked into it, and will pressure further.


  1. 4.1 Shelly-Nothing planned or set yet. Mike will talk with Shelly
  2. 4.2 Regan: 90% of it is still intact. Dorn says this might be a good Eagle Scout Project for consideration. The Trails are changing, and the map needs to be improved. Dorn will try to generate an OCAD of the area.
  3. Announcements: Palmer Library has Geocaching project. Someone there (not Pete) is interested in orienteering.

No meeting is scheduled until end of the season. Meeting was adjourned at 9:30pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Joyce Goodell, Secretary

Minutes are also available as PDF.

April 8th Deadline!!

Early Registration for NAOC 2018 is April 8th

Save some money by registering by March 31st for the North American Orienteering Championships in Whitehorse, Yukon CA August 17-24. Registration and a lot of other information is available on the event website – http://yukonorienteering.ca/naoc2018/

  • You can choose to compete in your age group or to participate in the open category. The open category allows you to select whatever level course you want. Competing in your age category would determine what course you select (i.e. how long and how difficult).
  • You can register for all events as a package or select individual events. Note that the fees are listed in Canadian dollars
  • You can select the courses you want to compete in for each event or you can skip this step for now. The Canadians use a number scale for technical difficulty (TD1~white, TD2~yellow, TD3~orange,TD4~green,TD5~red) as well as course length as indicated by RWT (recommended winning time) to create the categories for each event. It can be confusing but at this point you can register without selecting specific courses.
  • For club association, select ARCT (Arctic OC). For IOF Federation select USA.
  • You will need to select SI Rental for electronic punch unless you already own one.

Minutes of January 17, 2018 Board Meeting

Arctic Orienteering Club
Meeting of the Board of Directors
January 17th, 2018

Members present: Chris Tomsen; Dorn VanDommelen; Dela Grey; Eric Follet; Toby Schworer; Mike Robinson; Art Harmon; Mark Findlay; Andy Olnes

Corrections to December Minutes

  1. Add Mark Findlay to attendees
  2. #4 Correct sill to still
  3. #7 Replace ‘No decision was made at this time.’ with ‘Club does not include in regular schedule but willing to add if someone volunteers to put one on.’
  4. #10 Add to end ‘Club may want to try to establish a Mat-Su chapter.’


  1. Lexi absent so discussion on finalizing season schedule will wait until next meeting.
  2. Championships in Yukon Aug 17th. Send out announcement to club membership. Should club pay/support 18-25yr old to compete? Hold an Alaska championships at the meet, i.e. recognize the top Alaska competitors.
  3. Meets in Alaska for possible outside visitors. Some but not a lot of interest on Attack Point forum. August 15th too close. August 8th HS-O maybe too hard to reschedule. August 11 EQ Park? August 12 Mountain-O?
  4. BSA Camporee May 5th. Dorn working on BSA permitting/insurance. Club volunteers Eric, Chris, Mike, Regan, and Lexi. They will work with Dorn to define activities & events. Hold club event later in day.

Risk management plan

  1. No one had read it, no comments in google document. People thrown off by size, hard to distinguish between plan itself, practices/policies for consideration & appendix. Concern about being proscriptive, is there liability if we fail to follow set policies?
  2. Discussed how to proceed. Break it into three separate docs: the plan itself; recommendations to consider about policies/practices; appendix/supplemental stuff. Deadlines for people to comment and discussion on recommendations


  1. Mappers this summer. 7km to map ER + ERNC + SW Ruth Arcand. $14k for labor and car rental, probably come in lower. CSP board okay with mapping ER. Need to double check with ERNC – Mark will initiate contact. If ERNC ends up no-go, look to another area of
    Mat-Su. Maybe save 10% for mapping in Mat-Su?
  2. Mapping software. Need to standardize mapping and course software. Nice if could use tablet to correct maps / vet courses in field. OpenOrienteering does not import LIDAR or set courses. You can use QGIS to convert LIDAR for import into OpenOrienteering. OCAD12: mapping client ~$700, course setting client ~$60. Toby will look at demo, firm up budget. Eric will check with Ian about what he uses now and his thoughts on OCAD12.

Audit committee report

  1. Should be done annually at end of year. Two members, not president or treasurer. Mark volunteered, need one more.

Kids Run Free

  1. Want to do again this year if we can get sponsors. Eric will look at cost, i.e. permit fee per start. Sponsors about $1300 last year ConocoPhillips, HealthyFutures, Dekreons

Set up mailing list for meet directors & assistants & volunteers

Pick Click Give

  1. $250 application – one time or each year? % take by program? Eric willing to donate $125. Probably worth trying, Mike will get more info.

Club chapters

  1. Mat-Su? Fairbanks? How to other clubs handle it?


  1. Training

Next meeting March 1-10

Minutes are also available as Word Doc.

Make sure your passport is valid!

The 2018 North American Orienteering Championships are being held in conjunction with the Canadian Orienteering Championships in Whitehorse, Yukon CA from August 17-24. That’s practically in our neighborhood! This is great opportunity to combine a vacation with some excellent orienteering.

  • Check out the website for tons of information – http://yukonorienteering.ca/naoc2018/
  • Save some money with Early Bird registration by March 31st
  • You can enter a competitive age-group category or an open category for events
  • We will build a gap in our season schedule to accomodate the championships
  • We are working other ways to support club members who are planning to attend