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Welcome to the website of the Arctic Orienteering Club, based in Anchorage, Alaska. Orienteering is the sport of cross country navigation using map and compass. To some it is a competitive race while to others it is a chance to get out and explore the countryside, challenge the mind, and enjoy the company. Either way, you are welcome to participate. Training is part of our purpose, and beginners and young people are encouraged to take part.

The Arctic Orienteering Club is a sanctioned club of Orienteering USA and is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Earthquake Park Orienteering Results

Wednesday, May 20, 2015
Earthquake Park

There were over 150 competitors, including several dozen by first time orienteers, on the 5 traditional orienteering courses prepared at Earthquake Park.

The ground was dry, the brush was thin, and the mosquitoes were non-existent providing excellent orienteering opportunities. The excitement for the evening was provided by a new born moose calf (and mom) that decided to nest for the evening on one of the controls used in the red and green courses. Despite the unexpected wildlife challenge, Jen Jolliff and Ian Moore lead all finishers in the red course.

Congratulation to all the first time orienteers that came out to give orienteering a try. We hope to see you again at future meets.

Special thanks to Dan Billman and Lia Keller for helping sign up competitors, Jenny Redick for collecting finish times, Jen Jolliff for providing training to several dozen first time orienteers, and Dwight Iverson for picking up controls.

Red (3.5 km with 23 controls)


1) Ian Moore 44:24, 2) Cory Smith 45:29, 3) Bill Johnson* 50:49 4) Trond Jensen 51:20, 5) Art Harmon* 52:15, 6) Dan Billman* 52:25, 7) Toby Schwoerer*, 53:18, 8) Gary Snyder 54:11, 9) Mike Robinson 1:01:55, 10) Bill Spencer 1:03:10, 11) Tom Bronga 1:07:52, 12) Dwight Iverson* 1:09:22, 13) Steve Gruhn 1:09:50, 14) Brad Cruz 1:19:38, 15) Doug Poage 1:55:00


1) Jen Jolliff 1:03:15


1) Lorena Knapp and Lars Gange 1:21:08

Green (3.1km with 19 controls)


1) Eric Follett* 51:25, 2) Tom Livingston 1:19:30, 3) Ivan Hodes* 1:36:18


1) Dela Grey* 1:19:00, 2) Anne Billman* 1:28:00, 3) Shelly Laws* 1:35:20, 4) Karen Bronga 1:37:30


Ted and Ginny Moore: DNF, Kimberly Babos and Krystian Parron: DNF

* Indicates competitors that had additional course knowledge (regarding the moose and a missing control) that not was available to the other competitors

Orange (2.4km with 14 controls)


1) Philip Stutzer 34:27, 2) Charles Machado 38:57, 3) Toni Fuerer 40:00, 4) Andrew Arbaugh 1:12:00


1) Greta Yarbrough 1:21:06


1) Jessie and Dave Donahue 35:04, 2) Darren Hull and Aaron Routen 35:52, 3) Liam, Natalie and Russell Hood 37:40, 4) Libby Kugel and Elizabeth Knapp 42:20, 5) Vanessa Angel, Andrew Angel, Fede Aldelas, and Alex Caldelas 50:08, 6) Kenneth Mandt and Anna Ivanova 53:20, 7) Sasha Clark, Olga and Ian vanTets 55:27, 8) Zach Fitz-Enz and Tom Haydock 1:00:00, 9) Katie, Ted and Donna Cahalane 1:07:34, Tobyn and Wendy Shaw No Time

Yellow (1.8km with 12 controls)


1) Mischa Carson 19:04, 2) Andrew Arbaugh 31:00


1) Linda Smith 19:00, 2) Carey Johnson 35:02, 3) Kathy Faryniarz


1) Michaela Struck and Malia Klein 23:14, 2) Frances Wang, Ethan Machado and Charles Machado 23:26, 3) Sultana & Siena Noffinger and Cindy & Trond Jensen 25:24, 4) Ian & Olga vanTets and Sasha Clark 26:03, 5) Vasily and Katerina Soloview 26:38, 6) Charese Gearhart-Dekreon and Drew Dekreon 27:28, 7) Jill and Logan Follett 29:56, 8) Kenneth Mandt and Anna Ivanova 35:21, 9) Katelyn Egeland and Jacob Mathiesen 40:00, 10) Jared and Andrea Gardner 42:50, 11) Kimberley Babos and Krystian Parron 45:43, 12) Meera Narayanan and Sandra Graham 49:00, 13) Springer Moore, Hatcher Smith, Aksel, Vebjorn and Trond Flagstad 49:40, 14) Shawn, Claire & Jessie Horning and Liam & Finn Albertson 49:48, 15) Steve Sandberg, Robert Johnson, Gideon Zaugg and Bryant Manwaring 1:56:15

White (1.1km with 10 controls)


1) Andrew Arbaugh 14:00, 2) Ivan Hodes 16:40, 3) Michael Hiden, DNF


1) Barbara Thurston 22:17


1) Frances Wang, Ethan Machado and Charles Machado 13:00, 2) Julie and Kylie Harley 14:00, 3) Laurie and Tracy Lingnau 17:00, 4) Lia, Trudy, Duke and Kincaid Keller 18:26, 5) Vanessa & Meredith Duhrsen 19:30, 6) Wescott, Anne Marie, Reed and Carter Bolt 19:58, 7) Jessie and Sophie Tidler 20:07, 8) Al, Simon and Maggie Mitchell 21:00, 9) Meera Narayanan and Sandra Graham 22:00, 10) Denise, Joshua, Malice and John Petrash 23:18, 11) Nat, Lauren, Gavin, and Davis Trager 27:30, 12) Grace & Eli Hanneman and Hazel & Shalimar Pedersen 32:46, 13) Niva Flagstad and Linda & Talia Smith 33:43, 14) Kenneth Mandt and Anna Ivanova 37:48, 15) Trogon, Quetzal and Becky Hauser 38:28, 16) Jerry and Marcia Laycock 45:50, 17) Sidbjorn, Rory and Kristina Kvernplassen 52:00

This was a points meet. Check out how you are doing in the season standings. NOTE: due to the unfair competition in the green and red courses, no season points are awarded on those courses for this meet.

The red course is available in Route Gadget (Thanks Ian), if you would like me to add other courses, send me an email.

P.S. We would love your feedback! If you have criticisms, praise, suggestions, comments, or whatever – please let us know.

Mirror Lake Orienteering Results

Wednesday, May 13, 2015
Mirror Lake Middle School

There was good competition on all five courses at Wednesday’s orienteering meet at Mirror Lake Middle School on Eklutna, Inc. land. Cory Smith, Eric Follett, and David and Diana Evans won the Expert, Expert-Short, and Intermediate Courses, respectively. 69 people started courses, and 63 finished.

Thanks to Eklutna, Inc., for land access and Art Harmon for picking up controls.

Red – Expert, 6.8 km, 14 controls


1) Cory Smith, 1:08:08; 2) Bill Spencer, 1:22:02; 3) Mike Robinson, 1:25:32; 4) Trond Jensen, 1:25:47; 5) Bill Johnson, 1:28:05; 6) Art Harmon, 1:31:12; 7) Steve Gruhn, 2:12:12

Green – Expert, Short, 5 km, 8 controls


1) Eric Follett, 1:15:23; 2) Brian Durrell, 1:16:22; 3) Daniel Baird, 1:23:00; 4) Chris Tomsen, 2:43:26


1) Jesse, David, Colleen Donahue, 2:06:20; 2) Carey Johnson, Jill Follett, 2:43:43

Orange – Intermediate, 4.5 km, 11 controls


1) David, Diana Evans, 1:00:35; 2) Nic Sedenquist, Heidi Hilmes, 1:25:28


1) Agneta Kupilik, 1:32:48; 2) Dela Grey, 1:38:02


1) Dwight Iverson, 1:49:11

Yellow – Advanced Beginner, 2.5 km, 10 controls


1) Mischa Carlson, 0:38:20


1) Kathy Faryniarz, 0:46:47; 2) Giselle Bergeron, 0:53:38; 3) Joyce Goodell, 1:03:19; 4) Linea Shaw, 1:15:01


1) Teal, Sophia Ehmann; Kinzie Gates, 1:00:09; 2) Charles, Ethan Machado; Frances Wang, 1:01:22; 3) Hatcher Smith; Springer Moore; Vebjorn, Aksel, Trond Flagstad, 1:04:01; 4) Tobin Shaw; Conner Ehmann, 1:17:16; 5) Jennifer, Andrew Harmon; Jessica, Samantha Jensen, 1:30:25; 6) Barbara Brown; Tim Wiepking, 1:57:20

White – Beginner, 1.9 km, 12 controls


1) Charles, Ethan Machado; Frances Wang, 0:37:18; 2) Robert Johnson, Josh Bailey, Bryant Manwaring, Gideon Zaug, 0:39:44; 3) Kaleb Jones, Kreed Jones, 0:49:12; 4) Linda, Talia Smith; Niva, Lindsey Flagstad, 1:18:00; 5) Team Oistad, 1:20:00

This was a points meet. Check out how you are doing in the season standings

P.S. We would love your feedback! If you have criticisms, praise, suggestions, comments, or whatever – please let us know.

Pre-registration Required for Upcoming Events

ExclamationPoint-main_Full As a condition of land use, Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER) and Eklutna Native Corporation (Mirror Lake) require us to submit participant information to them. Every adult (18 or older) must pre-register 2 days before the event in order to participate.  You can pre-register once for all events with our fast and easy on-line form.  The deadline for the first event is May 11, 2015, so do not delay. Register today!


Tuesday, May 5, 2015
Kincaid Park

Over 40 participants enjoyed this Score-O style meet, starting from the Kincaid Chalet. They used the same course that approximately 900 Anchorage School District students used earlier in the day. Steve Gruhn had the highest point total of the day, scoring 880 out of a possible 1160.

Thanks to the Anchorage School District Physical Education Department, Kathy Farynairz and Regan Sarwas for their assistance in putting on the meet.

30 controls; 1 hour time limit

Points are out of a possible 1160


1) Steve Gruhn, 880; 2) Mike Robinson, 730; 3) Tom Livingston, 610; 4) Brian Durrell, 590; 5) Darren Hull, 450; 6) Sam Scotchmer, 440; 7) Chris Pike, 390; 8) Mark Findlay, 330; 9) Dick Sheasley, 250


1) Elissa Brown, 620; 2) Lorena Knapp, 610; 3) Dela Grey, 570; 4) Kerri Hull, 520; 5) Ruth Kvernplassen, 220; 6) Jennifer Harmon, 150; 7) Greta Yarbrough, 140


1) Bill Spencer, Nowelle Spencer and Ella Nash, 650; 2) Rianne and Benton Campbell, 590; 3) Mike Schroeder and Abby Laing, 520; 4) John Bauer and Beth Taylor, 510; 5) Kathy Farynairz and Joyce Goodell, 470; 6) Fred and Laurel Stutzer, 430; 7) Cory Smith, Talia Smith and Julia Oswald, 310; 8) Ian and Olga van Tets, 290; 9) Carl Oswald, Elias Oswald, Hatcher Smith and Andrew Harmon, 270; Gil Kruschwitz and Kris Selman, 140

The next meet will be Wednesday, May 13th at Mirror Lake Middle School. Starts from 5-7pm.

P.S. We would love your feedback! If you have criticisms, praise, suggestions, comments, or whatever – please let us know.

Joyce & Kathy’s Spring-O

Wednesday, April 29, 2015
Alaska Pacific University

The first Orienteering meet of the season was held at APU Wednesday, April 29. 76 people showed up to participate in Joyce & Kathy’s Spring O. A short introduction to Orienteering training was held before the meet by Anne Billman and Jill & Eric Follett. The overall points winner was Cory Smith with the maximum total of 910, collecting all controls.



1) Lex & Nick Treinen, 880; 2) Bill & Carey Johnson, 480; 3) Scott & Jane Berglund, 430; 4) Springer & Ian Moore, Hatcher Smith, Andrew Harmon, 430; 5) Denette Romano, David Rodriguez, Rachel Hightower, 380; 6) Tom Haydock, Zach Fitz-Eng 290; 7) Oliver & Agreta Kupilik, 260.


1) Ellen Brown, 810; 2) Karen Bronga, 580; 3) Dela Grey, 500; 4) Elissa Brown, 470; 5) Giselle Bergeron, 440; 6) Anne Billman, 430; 7) Pam Butcher, 280.


1) Cory Smith, 910; 2) Trond Jensen, 800; 3) Darren Hull, 750; 4) Art Harmon, 680; 5) Tom Bronga, 650; 6) Steve Gruhn, 640; 7) Bill Spencer, 620; 8) S. Wheaton, 620; 9) Joel Ricter, 590; 10) Phillip Stutzer, 540; 11) Eric Follett, 540; 12) Brian Durrell, 530; 13) Dan Billman, 470; 14) Ivan Hodes, 430; 15) Chris Tomsen, 410; 16 Joe Thomas, 270

White Course


1) Sara & Mike Braniff; 2) Rise Smith, Janetta Smith, Maureen Peterson; 3) Linda & Talia Smith; 4) Heidi Schulz, Judy Kepus, Mathilde Lalude; 5) Joe Thomas Family; 6) Beth Bragg, Sharon Stockard; 7) Becky, Scott, Trogon, Ketzel Hauser, Clayton & Glenn Steer; 8) Jen Burn, Amy Bock; 9) Dawn Burns, Ryan McCuller


1) Elissa Brown; 2) Keri Hull; 3) Amy Bock


1) Ivan Hodes; 2) Kurt Carlson

Special thanks to Anne, Jill and Eric for training. Thank you to Art for help at the sign up table. Also thanks to Bill Spencer for attempting to vet the flagged meet! It was a great success with so many new people coming to try Orienteering!

P.S. We would love your feedback! If you have criticisms, praise, suggestions, comments, or whatever – please let us know.


Dear Orienteering Friends,

Orienteering is one of the best ways to enjoy what Alaska has to offer in the summer and we invite you and your friends to come out and orienteer. How?

Bring-a-Buddy – bring your friends to orienteering. The best way to get started with orienteering is to go with a friend. We always have experienced orienteers on hand to help you get started, refresh your memory, or hone your skills. The first opportunity for you this season is Intro to Orienteering on Wedensday, April 29th.

To encourage you to bring a friend the club has a new program. Everyone who brings a first time orienteer gets one ticket for each new orienteer. At the meet, drop the tickets into the box for a prize drawing.

At the end of the season we will award the best buddy bringers. The person with the most tickets will win a free season pass for next season. In addition we will draw four winners at random from the total number of tickets. These four winners will get special orienteering club glasses. Note that you must be present at the annual meeting to win.

To make it even better, first time orienteering is free. We have wallet cards and calendars available at the events. Grab a few and hand out to your friends.

Remember, as usual, kids under 18 are free, thanks to a grant from Healthy Futures.

Hope to see you this summer.
The Arctic Orienteering Club Board

Hillside Training Course

There is a short orienteering score-O out of the Hilltop parking lot set up for training. It will be up until Monday (4/27) evening if anyone wants to get out and get in a little navigation practice before the first meet. It is mostly white and yellow with a couple of orange controls thrown in. Map is attached. Scale is 1:5000.

Download the map here.

This is NOT a club event. This is an individual training opportunity, so proceed at your own risk.

Help Girl Scouts Learn Orienteering

Would you like to help introduce 30-40 Girl Scouts to orienteering? Their biennial Encampment is coming up Friday and Saturday, June 5 & 6. Arctic Orienteering Club members participated in 2013 and the young girls had a great time. Orienteers will once again help girls learn how to read maps and possibly (depending on age of group) how to use a compass. Session times will be 9:30 – 11:45 AM and 2:15 – 4:30 PM both days. If you are available for one session or all day, either Friday or Saturday (or both!), contact Dela Grey at georangerdel@yahoo.com or 929-9930.

Five Types of Learning Opportunities in 2015!

A. Meet Director Training

Audience: Anyone wanting to learn more about course setting or any of the steps taken to host a meet, plus all 2015 meet directors

When: Wednesday, April 22, 2015; 6 to 8:30 pm
Where: Billman home – 9700 Prospect Drive, Anchorage
Special enticement: Dinner (pizza) and beverages!!
RSVP to Anne Billman, 345-1749 or dnabillman@alaska.net

B. Intro to Orienteering

Instruction will be offered once per month at regular summer meets

  • April 29 – APU
  • May 20 – Earthquake Park
  • June 17 – Far North Bicentennial Park, Mile 2.2 of Campbell Airstrip Road
  • July 8 – Ruth Arcand Park
  • August 5 – UAA

Instruction (outdoors) from 5:30 to 6 pm – then questions, register for a course, and go orienteering for 30-60 minutes

Bring: good walking shoes, long pants, other clothes to keep you warm or cool and dry during instruction and orienteering, small pack or pockets for your valuables, bug dope, a whistle

Optional gear: pepper spray, water, snacks, compass

Questions, or if you think you’ll want someone to accompany you or your group, call Anne Billman 345-1749 or dnabillman@alaska.net

C. Introduction to Using a Compass for Orienteering

Same format as the Intro to Orienteering: 5:30 to 6 pm, outdoors, then test your new skills

  • May 27 – Far North Bicentennial Park

Bring a compass if you have one, or borrow one there

Questions? Call Anne Billman 345-1749 or dnabillman@alaska.net

D. Learn by Teaching Others

There’s no better way to solidify what you know than to teach it to others! You don’t need to be an expert to teach beginners. Call Anne Billman to discuss opportunities. 345-1749 or dnabillman@alaska.net

  1. Teach or help with the Intro to Orienteering instruction. We will be keeping it simple! Course outline, materials, and support are provided. Dates above. Looking for volunteers to lead instruction on April 29, July 8, Aug 5. Looking volunteers to circulate among instructees during class to help – all dates, especially April 29. Then, go do your own course, or accompany a beginner for a while.
  2. Accompany a newcomer on all or part of his/her course. We would like to have several people available after each instruction to help newcomers get started on the right (or left) foot. There is time to do your own course beforehand.
  3. Teach the Intro to Compass course
  4. Set up an intermediate-level training exercise. This could be done at any meet or as a stand-alone event, especially in July. We have lots of ideas, and you probably have some, too. Examples: set up a pace-counting exercise; teach about ‘flow’ through a control; teach about handrails, catching features, reorienteering yourself, coarse-scale vs fine-scale navigation; do some armchair orienteering exercises; ‘shadow’ an intermediate orienteer that want to take it to the next level. Curious? Enthusiastic? Again, limited expertise is needed.
  5. Help at a meet. Many tasks are simple. There is typically opportunity to do a course yourself at the same meet.

E. Intermediate-Level Training Exercises

Stand by for details…

Offer to host one! See #4 above.

Call Anne Billman 345-1749 or dnabillman@alaska.net