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Welcome to the website of the Arctic Orienteering Club, based in Anchorage, Alaska. Orienteering is the sport of cross country navigation using map and compass. To some it is a competitive race while to others it is a chance to get out and explore the countryside, challenge the mind, and enjoy the company. Either way, you are welcome to participate. Training is part of our purpose, and beginners and young people are encouraged to take part.

The Arctic Orienteering Club is a sanctioned club of Orienteering USA and is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Lars Spurkland

o-photo32Friend and fellow orienteer Lars Spurkland passed away suddenly on Friday, December 12th. Lars loved the outdoors which showed through his participation and volunteerism in skiing and orienteering. He will truly be missed. Our condolences to his wife and family.

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Training Course at Far North

A training course of 14 controls is set starting at Mile 1.1 on Campbell Airstrip Road in FNBP. It uses area we don’t see in the summer near the creek for the first half and the second half is in the best running terrain on the map. A new trail near control 1 will make this a little confusing. A trail has been added but it is not well mapped.

Be cautious on trails!!! they are icy and extremely slick, The woods are great running so you may find the woods faster than trails.

The controls are close together to focus on quick route choice selection and paying attention to terrain.

The course is set using very strong handrails to follow to controls on most legs or good catching features. Look for them as you run between controls. Examples include the abandoned channel leading to control 2, the channels and hill toe leading into control 5, the ridge of hills leading into control 6, and the bluff leading to control 13.

This course will be up through Thanksgiving weekend. This is NOT a club event. This is an individual training opportunity, so proceed at your own risk.

Print the Map!

Have a great time!

Training Course at Elmore Ball Fields

Woo Hoo, there is another training course! Maybe no snow isn’t a bad thing?

This course starts at the Elmore ball fields. It has a remote start, about a half kilometer from the finish in the parking area. The woods are almost snow free. Running is good. The downed trees can have ice cover and are slippery.

The course is set to encourage you to think about route choices. Many legs have multiple routes between controls. Think about which may be faster, less prone to error, or more fun.

This course will be up through Thanksgiving weekend. This is NOT a club event. This is an individual training opportunity, so proceed at your own risk.

Print the Map!

Training Course at Ruth Arcand

UPDATE: this course will remain up through Thanksgiving weekend!

Instead of doing a snow dance today, head over to Ruth Arcand Park and practice your map reading skills!

There is a training course now set at Ruth Arcand. This is set as sprint training. Look for small, not standard, control flags.

The control features are not difficult to find. The orienteering skill for these is quick route choice and executing it as fast as you can and still be able to think. While you can use a compass, I recommend trying to do this without one. The area is very well mapped and not using the compass will help you focus on map reading.

Note the start and finish are not in the same place. Try it as a Night-O on your way home this week!

This will be out through next weekend (11/16/14). This is NOT a club event. This is an individual training opportunity, so proceed at your own risk.

Print the Map!

2015 Executive Board

The officers of the Club and three elected at-large Board members shall constitute the Executive Board.

Officers of the Club

The President shall coordinate the affairs of the Club and preside at meetings.
Trond B Jensen
Trond Jensen
344-2634 (home) 575-5706 (cell)
Orienteering runner since 1971, AOC club member since 2002, AOC board member since 2006 (VP events 2006-2008, President 2008-present).
Administrative Vice President
The Administrative Vice-President shall assist the President and shall assume the duties of the President in the President’s absence.
Dela Grey
Dela Grey
I got introduced to orienteering in the fall of 2005 and was hooked immediately. I have always loved maps, and am happy to have found a place where being a map geek is cool! If I ever take up running, I could become seriously competitive. For now, it’s just great physical and mental exercise in the beautiful outdoors. AOC Board member since 2012 (At-Large 2012, Admin. VP 2013 – present).
The Secretary shall maintain current records of the general affairs of the Club, including meeting minutes and correspondence. The Secretary shall keep the Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Incorporation, Bylaws, Policy Guidelines and resolutions in a binder, and may post any of these documents on the Club’s webpage.
Joyce Goodell
Joyce Goodell
Orienteer since 2000, Club member for 10 seasons, on the board for the past three years as Member at Large.
The Treasurer shall maintain accurate and current records of the financial affairs of the Club.
Dan Billman
Dan Billman
345-1749 (home) 644-2042 (work)
Dan Billman joined ARCT in the mid-1990s and has been a Board member most of the time since. He’s served as President, Vice President of Events, and the past 4 years as Treasurer. He loves to run in the woods.
Vice President of Media
The Vice President of Media shall promote the Club and specific events, including disseminating news of Club activities (newspaper and website), and contacting potential sponsors for donations.
Lia Keller
Lia Keller
Running around the woods in orienteering meets for the last four years. My boys used to be in backpacks, but now they run ahead to find the flags!

Vice President of Equipment
The Vice President of Equipment shall store, care for and monitor the Club’s equipment, including providing forms and supplies for Club functions.
Regan Sarwas
Regan Sarwas
345-1915 (home) 230-0433 (cell)
Regan followed his Alaskan bride to Anchorage in 1992. Once his three kids were mostly grown, he needed a new hobby and fell in love with orienteering in 2011. Being an engineer and a computer programmer, he enjoys the intellectual challenge of orienteering. As he nears 50, he also appreciates the fact that he has a lot of room for improvement in orienteering, despite the fact that his body is slowing down.
Vice President of Mapping
The Vice President of Mapping shall identify and review locations suitable for Club events and coordinate the preparation of suitable maps.
Ian Moore
Vice President of Training
The Vice President of Training shall organize and direct the teaching of orienteering skills in schools, lectures and workshops.
Anne Billman
345-1749 (home) 903-4779 (cell)
Vice President of Events
The Vice President of Events shall propose a schedule of events, secure permission from land owners, designate meet directors for events, and coordinate assistance and training for meet directors.
Kathy Farynairz
Mike Robinson
Mike Robinson
Mike moved from Florida to Alaska on a whim almost 20 years ago and discovered his love of the outdoors. He likes orienteering because the running is optional but the thinking is not.
Vice President of Membership
The Vice President of Membership shall maintain an accurate and current list of members and interested non-members, and shall notify those whose membership has expired.
Art Harmon
Art Harmon
Art loves the thrill of the “hunt” and sharing that love with others, especially children.

At-Large Board Members

The at-large members have no specific officer duties beyond the responsibilities of the Executive Board. Nevertheless, the at-large members are typically responsible for some non-official duties.

Member At-Large
Lexi Hill
Member At-Large
Liason to Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson
Chris Tomsen
Member At-Large

Prior Executive Boards

Annual Meeting Door Prizes

The Orienteering Club thanks the following shops for donating door prizes for our Annual Meeting

Alaska Mountaineering & Hiking
Great Harvest Bread Company
Skinny Raven
The Sports Shop

These stores are awesome. Please show your support for those that support orienteering in Alaska!

Individual donations:

  • Healthy Futures – enabling children to orienteer for free
  • BP Fabric of America Fund nominated by Kyle Sanford
  • The Dekreon family
  • Stephanie Kesler

and everybody else making individual donations to the Arctic Orienteering Club

Bill’s Blood Moon Orienteering Meet

Wednesday, October 8,2014
APU Campus and Russian Jack Park

A 45 minute Score-O format with 20 points/min penalty for late returns. Only 6 teams* braved the cold waters of University Lake to collect the 50 point offered for a short wade to an offshore control. No beaver bites were reported.

Competitor Score
Andrew Lee 530
Regan Sarwas 490
Tom Bronga 440
Steve Gruhn 410
Ellyn Brown 400
Mike Robinson 370
Jen Jolliff, Ian and Springer Moore 360
Eric Follett 350
Karen Bronga 350
Erik and Nischa Carlson 260
*Art and Andrew Harmon 220
Joshua Wilson 180
Ivan Hodes 170
Conner Chamberlin 140
*Charese Gearhart-Dekreon and Drew Dekreon 130
*David Nowelle and Wendy Spencer 120
*Carissa Anderson, Sarah and Michell Boelter 120
*Nate Anderson 110
*Ruth Kvernplassen and Molly Eastman 110
Hatcher Smith, Verjorn and Aksel Flagstad and Will Simpson 80
Robin Ruckhaus 80
Kevin Gonzue 60
Kevin Shepeski 60
Ethan Chamberlin 60
Steven Carraway 60
Linda and Talia Smith, Lindsey and Nive Flagstad 60

P.S. We would love your feedback! If you have criticisms, praise, suggestions, comments, or whatever – please let us know.

Eric & Jill’s Fall-O

Sunday, September 28, 2014
Service High School

It was another beautiful day for a long Fall-O.
Times are given in hr:min.

Red course 8.9 km, 20 controls


1. Ian Moore 1:45; 2. Trond Jensen 1:54; 3. Tobias Schwoerer 2:02; 4. Steve Gruhn 2:22; 5. Dan Billman 2:54 6. Regan Sarwas 3:01

Green course 6.2 km, 14 controls


1. Gary Snyder 1:25


1. Ellyn Brown 1:54; 2. Anne Billman 2:04; 3. Lexi Hill 3:13

Orange course 4.6 km, 11 controls


1. Dela Gray 1:42


1. Ariel Hippe and Shelly Laws 1:29; 2. Mark and Emma Kroloff 1:48

Yellow course 3.4 km, 9 controls


1. Kathy Faryniarz 1:26; 2. Stephanie Kesler 1:57


1. Sienna Noffsinger, Cindy and Trond Jensen 0:58; 2. Molly and Howard Connelly 1:24; 3. Chase Quinn, Sydney Jones, Jacob Sanchez, Jacob Jerne, Manuel Camerene, and Laura Henshaw 1:26;
4. Penny Gage, Paul Moughamian, and Jayme Schroeder 1:31; 5. Logan and Jill Follett 1:33; 6. Springer Moore and Jen Jolliff 1:37; 7. Lia, Trudy, Duke, and Kincaid Keller 1:39; 8. Barbara Brown and Tim Wiepking 2:18; 9. Michael, Xander, and Kielee Backus 2:22

White course 2.9 km, 8 controls


1. Thad and Nick Rodamaker 1:13; 2. Vebjorn, Nira, and Aksel Flagstad and Hatcher Smith 1:14; 3. Bree Hitchcock, Noah and Ellen Schmittinger 1:35; 4. Grant and Cooper Chiacehia, Wyatt Flotre, and Matt Sorich 1:41; 5. Linda and Talia Smith, Shannon, Tovin, and Anabel Uffenbeck 1:54.

This was a points meet. Check out how you are doing in the season standings

This meet is in Route Gadget! Use Route Gadget to improve your orienteering by comparing your route choices with other orienteers.

P.S. We would love your feedback! If you have criticisms, praise, suggestions, comments, or whatever – please let us know.